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Homemade Cookie Dough “Oreos”

I’m posting Cookie Dough “Oreos” today. Yup. Chocolate cookies with (edible) raw chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiched between them!
Did you know Oreo makes these now?! Or at least they make Oreos that are supposed to taste like cookie dough. Of course, I had to try them. They’re actually pretty good, but I don’t think they tasted like cookie dough. More like coffee/ mocha/ brown sugar. They’re good, but I think I prefer regular Oreos.These Cookie Dough Oreos inspired my very own version of the treat.
I used the same Chocolate Roll Out Cookie recipe that I used when I made Homemade Oreos, except I used regular cocoa powder. I also used the same small round cutter.
Then I made THIS Cookie Dough (it’s the same one I use for EVERYTHING). Obviously I didn’t use the bite sized candies.
I made both cookie doughs the night before, and kept them in the fridge until I was ready to use them.
After I got all the chocolate cookies cut out and baked I set them out to cool on wire racks.
Next I divided the chocolate chip cookie dough into 48 balls. You can probably do this by dividing the dough in half, then in half again, and again, and again… get my drift? Then I shaped each ball into a disc the same size as the chocolate cookies.
This is where I ran into a problem… my cookies wouldn’t stick together! It was kind of tragic. But lucky for me I had some chocolate candy melts sitting around. I melted some, then drizzled it over the bottom of the chocolate cookies and stuck the cookie dough to that! I WIN!
Store these in the fridge and try not to eat them all. It’s going to be difficult.
Happy baking & making!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Homemade Copycat Oreos and SnickerDoodles!

I love Oreos. They were my favorite snack when I was a kid. Mom used to keep them in this Tupperware (actual Tupperware) container, and about halfway thru the bag they’d start to get a little stale… because that was before they made the bags that seal themselves. But honestly… I still eat my Oreo’s a little stale.
These… are not stale. And they’re not quite Oreos. My cookie is a little sweeter and not as crunchy and the cream isn’t as sturdy. It kinda squishes out when you bite into the cookie. I think that because the cookies aren’t crispy it makes the cream seem less sturdy. Does that make sense?
The cookie is adapted from a chocolate roll out recipe on AllRecipes (and the same recipe I used to make the cookies last week). I used a small biscuit cutter to cut ut my cookies, so they’re slightly bigger than regular Oreos.
The Oreo Cream recipe is from FoodNetwork.com. Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve NEVER used shortening before? It always kind of grossed me out. I’m not really sure why… I think ‘cause it’s like a giant tub of fat/ grease. Kind of like the drippings from bacon. :::Shudder::: I got over it ‘cause I couldn’t find an Oreo Recipe that DIDN’T use it. I assumed it was important.
Hubs told me this homemade version is better than regular Oreos. I like them the same. Click HERE to see my RECIPE!

I also made these Snicker Doodles (w/ Snickers!) from Picky Palate.
I changed 2 things:
1) I used 12 fun sized Snickers
2) I keep a cinnamon & sugar mix in the pantry (it’s probably ¼ cinnamon & ¾ sugar). I used a tablespoon to scoop the cookies, rolled them into balls, then tossed them in the mixture.
They are aaaaaaah-maaaaaaaazing.
You should go bake one (or both) of these recipes. Right. Now.
Happy Baking.
-Hey Waitress!!
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Cookies & Cream Cupcakes II

January has been my month to “tweak” some of my favorite recipes. This week I picked these Cookies & Cream Cupcakes. I used boxed mix in the original version, but this time I really wanted to make it “homemade”. (Blog Post Here)
When I made these the first time, I layered the crushed Oreo’s in the bottom, this time I stirred them into the batter… I wanted cookies in EVERY bite!
Instead of using the mini Oreos in the frosting I saved 10 (ok, ok, it was 9 because I ate one) of the Double Stuf cookies for the frosting.
I also used a bit of milk, and less vodka in the frosting… it tastes great with all vodka (and no milk) if you want, but I think the milk helps make the buttercream a little fluffier. Or that could be all in my head, I’m not really sure. 😉
This version is definitely my favorite of the two. I like that the cake is moist, but still pretty firm. And the extra cream from the Double Stuf Oreos in the frosting is perfect.
Lastly… I’d like to point out how ADORBS those cupcake liners are! I love penguins! They’re made by Reynolds (like the tin foil), and they’re “no fade”. AND I found them at the grocery store! Woot!
Happy Baking!
 -Hey Waitress!!
Cookies & Cream Cupcakes II recipe
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Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Oreos, and…

Lately, I’ve got bored with my Sunday Bakery. Crazy, right? Mostly, I’ve got the urge to get more creative. I noticed my cupcakes are pretty average looking. So, I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of the month to COOKIES! All kinds of cookies. Starting with Sugar cookies, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Oreo’s.
Add that to the fact that I recently bought a bunch of awesome cookie cutters… And you get a ton of iced sugar cookies in various shapes. Seriously, I bought a West Virginia one (for my husband, a huge WVU fan), football (because it’s almost football season, oh joy), and some Greek letters (we’re both products of the college Greek System). With the random combination of those shapes I ended up with over 70 cookies! Yikes.
This was the first time I ever made my own icing for sugar cookies. It was definitely an adventure. I used a small writing tip to pipe the edges, then piped some more in the middle and spread it around with the back of a spoon. All the colors I used where Wilton food color gel. I made the posted recipe 4 times. Twice for the brown, once for the blue, and once more for the yellow… (added 8/14- I forgot to mention I made 1/2 the recipe in “plain white” for the WV’s and the football “laces”)
I made both types of dough saturday night, then refrigerated them overnight. It was a good thing too because it took me forever  to ice these bad boys. THEN it took another 6 hours for it to dry.
The Stuffed Oreos are straight from Picky Palate. However, I used less than a tablespoon of dough, and baked them for 10 minutes. I used Double Stuff Oreos, made 30 cookies, and had a lot of dough left over. Which was ok… because I just baked it into regular chocolate chip cookies.  As a side note- You should really spend some time browsing the Picky Palate dessert section. It’s heavenly.
Not too much to say about the baking yesterday… tomorrow I’ll post my attempts at fondant and modeling chocolate! Which I plan on putting on the Peanut Butter & Coco Krispie Treats I made today! Muhaha! When I get bored, I get a little crazy.
-Hey Waitress!!
check out the Sugar Cookie & Amaretto Icing recipe!
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