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New To Me Cooking Challenge Wks 22-25 (June)

Week 22- BBQ Chicken Roll Ups (no recipe)
So… this was one of those items that came out just OK. Not great, but not bad either.
I actually made these because I  couldn’t think of anything that I REALLY wanted to eat.
I made these 2 ways… one with refridgerated dough sheets (Pilsbury), and the other with homemade pizza dough. I used my slow cooker BBQ chicken recipe, cut in half. Basically, when I make the BBQ Chicken I always have a ton left over, and I thought this would be a quick and easy way to use it up.
I  laid out the dough flat, covered it with the shredded chicken, then rolled it up. I baked both of them in the log shape. After it’s done baking I sliced them into “pinwheel” slices.
The Pilsbury one worked, but the pizza dough didn’t cook all the way through. Soooo… that’s why there’s no recipe link for this week.
There are a few things I’ll do different if I use the pizza dough for this recipe again. I might precut the “pinwheel” shapes, for one.
Week 23- Salted Pretzel Rolls
Oh. Em. Gee. I love these pretzel rolls. Seriously. Love. They’re pretty much soft pretzels, only in roll form. I put a pile of slow cooker pulled pork on one this week. The extra rolls are def being turned into cheeseburger buns and grilled cheese sammiches. No joke. The only downfall to these delish things is the calories (about 294 per roll). **Insert sad face here**
The recipe is slightly adapted from Bake Your Day.
Did you know that if you boil 3 quarts of water then toss ¾ cup of baking soda into that water it’s going to fizz up (almost double), pour over the sides of your pot (which you thought would be large enough), and make quite a mess of your electric stove top? Because it will. Not that I found THAT out the hard way or anything. 😉 I ended up starting the boiling over again, and only used 2 quarts of water & ½ cup baking soda. No overflow the second time around! I should mention that my rolls didn’t get a pretty all-over brown, I think they needed more splashing in the pot while they boiled!
Other than that… the only thing I would do different is to make these smaller. Maybe do 10-12 instead of 8, because they are pretty big (and calorie filled).
Week 24- Spicy Sausage Dip & Baked “Pita” Chips
Not much to say about the Challenge for this week. I was feeling REALLY lazy on Sunday, and Hubs requested “snack food” to nibble on while he was watching the final day of the US Open (golf). Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like golf? Just in case you wanted to know.
I made the sausage dip and didn’t really think about how much it would actually make. HA! It was a huge bowlful, but totally worth it. The recipe was adapted from the Velveeta website.
The “pita” chips are actually flatbreads cut into pieces and baked. I’m totally addicted to the Stacy’s (brand) Pita Chips, and wanted to make some with fewer calories and no preservatives. These are close, but def not the same. It’s close, and probably worth it because (assuming I did the calorie count right) there are almost 30 calories less in the ones I make. The Pita Chip recipe was adapted from All Recipes. OH, the picture has a bit of coarse sea salt sprinkled on top to make the chips look prettier.
Week 25- Taco Buttermilk Biscuit Bread
Ok… I know you’re probably thinking “ANOTHER quick bread? Seriously?”
Well… Yes. I made another quick bread. I had a couple of different reasons. 1: I love bread. 2: Hubs was gone all week on a business trip, and I didn’t want to cook a full meal for myself. 3: I love bread.
The dough recipe was adapted from Two Peas & Their Pod. Not that I have a problem with plain bread, but I figured if I was going to use it for the New To Me Challenge I needed to change it up a little bit. So I added some homemade taco seasoning and Jalapeno cheddar cheese to it!
Hubs likes spicy food so I figured that this would be right down his alley when he gets home. The taco seasoning & jalapeño cheddar add a nice flavor, and just a little kick. I think next time I might add more seasoning (maybe another tablespoon) and probably a little bit of hot sauce to give it an extra kick for Hubs.
Confession: after I tried a slice I really wanted to turn it into French toast and have some steak and eggs. Fat kid in the house.
After I baked this loaf up… I realized that I had a TON of buttermilk leftover. What’s a girl to do?
Bake another loaf! Only this time I used some homemade Italian seasoning and sharp white cheddar cheese. It was just as good. It wants to be eaten with a HUGE plate of chicken parm.
The before and after pictures are of the Italian Herb & Cheddar Bread because I forgot to take some of the Taco Buttermilk Biscuit Bread!
That wraps up my New To Me Cooking Challenge for June!
Happy Cooking/ Baking/ Making/ Eating!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Boozy S’mores Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes

I L.O.V.E. S’MORES. Seriously… I have an unholy love for them. I’m pretty sure if I could only eat one dessert type food for the rest of my life, it would be a S’more. Or some variation of a S’more.
This recipe happened when I noticed the cookie dough I used to make the homemade S’mores (a few weeks ago) doesn’t have eggs. Do you know what that means?! That means I can eat it raw! RAAAAAW!
Ok… Confession time. I also really love raw cookie dough. And I love stuffing cookie dough into things. Haha, that sounded bad! I meant to say that I love stuffing cookie dough into other food!
The cookie dough recipe came from Add A Pinch. I doubled it. If you don’t want to make the garnish, only make half the amount I did. Unless you want to eat the rest… it would go great in some chocolate fro yo. Or by the tablespoonful with a glass of milk. Or you could just skip the milk and the spoon….
The chocolate cake recipe is my favorite boozy chocolate cake. I can’t remember when the first time I used it was, or who the “credit” should go to. I’m sure it’s on one of the other posts. I did have to bake these for the full 20 minutes, usually I only bake it for 17. I think it was because of the frozen centers.
The Boozy Fluff Buttercream is the same one I used on the S’more Cupcakes, AND the Boozy S’mores Cupcakes. It’s perfect. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that is uses 4 sticks of butter. FOUR! Eeek.
I made the “garnish” because I had a TON of cookie dough leftover and I really didn’t want to eat all of it by myself… I figured I’d share the love. 😉
Check out the recipe for these cupcakes HERE!
Then check out the Vodka S’mores Brownies, the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes, or Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes that I made!
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Overly Complicated Chambord Black & White Bars

Do you ever have an idea for something but by the time you actually make it, it’s so complicated (and it shouldn’t be) that you know you need to redo it?! That happened to me yesterday when I made some Chambord Black & White Bars. They ended up being overly complicated, and (while still tasty) not worth the effort.
I baked each layer of the bar separate, then made a whipped white chocolate ganache for the middle (to hold the layers together). Sadly… when I tried to “flip” the brownie layer on top of the blondie layer it fell apart! I guess that’s what happens when you bake a fudgey brownie in a 11X15 jelly roll pan instead of a 9X13 pan like you’re supposed to! Then, after I put the brownie layer back together (sorta), I had to cover up the ugliness so I made a chocolate ganache to go on top. The chocolate ganache on top was too much. I used semi-sweet chocolate, and it overpowered the raspberry flavor from the Chambord.
Oh, and I should mention that I only have one jelly roll pan so I had to wait for both layers to cool completely before I could take them out of the pan.  I also had to chill the white chocolate ganache before I could whip it. Talk about time consuming…
Next time I’m going to make the brownie & blondie batter at the same time, and (possibly) swirl them together before baking. I’ll also leave out one of the ganache flavors (or maybe marble them together). If I end up using the chocolate ganache I’ll most likely switch to milk chocolate.
So, I guess it’s back to the drawing (or cutting) board!
Happy Baking!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Jagermeister Oatmeal Cookies & Candy Bar Red Velvet Cookies!

Sunday Bakery this week was a two-fer. As in, I made 2 different kinds of cookies! What can I say; I like a little variety in my snacking. Or maybe I had some redic craving leading up to today’s baking extravaganza.
I actually started prepping the Jager Oatmeal cookies on Saturday morning by measuring out the raisins & cranberries, then pouring Jager over them until they were drowning in it. Then I covered the container & let them soak for a few hours (or 6), until I made the cookie dough. Drain the Jager from the raisins & cranberries before you add it to the dough. You can brush some of the leftover on the cookies about 2 minutes before they finish baking. I made this dough Saturday night because I knew it had to chill for an hour… so I didn’t think making it the night before would be a big deal.
The flavor from the Jagermeister isn’t too strong. It’s barely noticeable, but (IMO) in a good way. You can tell that these aren’t regular oatmeal cookies, but the Jager flavor isn’t punching you in the face. Know what I mean?
The recipe was adapted from one on AllRecipes. CLICK HERE to check out my version.
Hubs LOVES Red Velvet cake. For everyday eating it’s too rich for me. But sometimes… a girl just wants some rich chocolaty goodness. And sometimes, a girl just wants that chocolate flavor in an awesome red cookie filled with chunks of her favorite candy bars. And some chocolate chips. Because that’s how I roll.
I’ve been dying to try red velvet cookies for a while. I had a few issues though… I really like chewy cookies better than crunchy or cakey cookies, and I really wanted to make them from scratch!
I slightly adapted my cookie dough recipe from one I saw on Unpampered Chef & How Sweet It Is. They use the same recipe… and I’m not sure who get the “credit”. I froze the candy bars after I cut them up, while I was getting the rest of the dough together. It was a little sticky at first, and kind of hard to manage. I ended up chilling it for an hour and that helped! Keep it in the fridge between batches.
Check out MY RECIPE!
I strongly urge you to go make either of these cookies right now. 😉
Happy Sunday Bakery!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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