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Chalkboard Doors & New Doorknobs!

Have I mentioned that Hubs and I moved into our new house last month? Haha, OK, I know I have. I can’t help it! I’m so freaking excited! Or… I was excited. until we moved in. Then it hit me. we’re responsible for this. For ALL. Of. It. For that crack in the ceiling (Hubs insists it’s not serious), and the ugly paint. For the mismatched fixtures, and old flaking gold door knobs. For floors that need to be refinished, and landscaping that needs help! It’s all on us now.
Talk about freaking out!
To help myself through it… I thought I’d chronicle all the “home improvements” we do! If you know us in real life you know that neither of us is particularly “handy. This is probably going to be interesting.
One thing I’ve always wanted in my kitchen/ pantry area was a chalkboard. A big one for my dinner menu, grocery list, and random tic-tac-toe. 😉 At first I was going to just hang up a few chalkboards in the kitchen… but I thought that might be kind of boring. Instead I was going to paint a big thick strip across the wall, but I’m practically incapable of drawing a straight line AND I plan on changing out the deep red paint for a brighter red. Then, one day, it hit me! Paint the pantry door! GENIUS!? I think so.
But there’s a problem… that UGLY gold doorknob. It HAS to go. But how do I get it off? There are no screws! Seriously, I had to google it. This site had the best answer. This video helped too!
So, after the HOUR (maybe 30 minutes) it took me to get that doorknob off I sanded the door with a fine grit sandpaper to get the shiny finish off. Then I sanded it w/ a fine grit sandpaper, and used a foam roller to put on a coat of primer. Then 3 coats of chalkboard paint. 3 coats!
The last step for the door was to “prep” it for writing. This was a suggestion online to help prevent the chalk from scratching the paint. What I did was using the long side of a piece of chalk rub it all over the finished door, then wipe it off with a slightly damp towel.
I let each coat dry for 24 hours before adding the next. And then let 24 go before I installed the new door knob. Which I did backwards. I put the latch in backwards and could figure out why the door wasn’t closing right… DUH.
After I finished the pantry door I noticed that the door to our family room & master bedroom/ bathroom looked crappy (and had an ugly gold doorknob). It had to be fixed! So I took that doorknob off and turned that door into a chalkboard too! Only this time, I did both side and the edges. We leave it open 90% of the time and I thought it looked funny with only one side painted. I followed the same process as the first door, but I did one side and an edge, then the other side and an edge. Did that make sense?
This whole project went super smooth! Until I peeled the painter’s tape off and a bunch of the chalkboard paint came too! Drat. I’m not sure why it happened, I think I might have let the paint get to clumpy along the edge of the tape? Whatever the reason I just touched it up with some paint, and you can’t even tell!
I’m pretty proud of myself. I mean, seriously, I can change doorknobs now! BAM!
Oh, and my husband looks sexy mowing the lawn. He used to do it when we lived in VA, but for some reason… it’s much sexier when it’s OUR lawn. 😉
Until next time,
Hey Waitress!!
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