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Winter’s Warrior (Winter’s Saga #4) & Cold Days (Dresden Files) book “reviews”

Winter’s Warrior (Winter’s Saga #4), Karen Luellen- 4 of 5 stars

Liked it a lot! Until this book the series had a very Frankenstein feel to it… now the religious undertones are coming out a bit more than in the previous books. It’s not overwhelming, tho. Ther’es a good mix of romance (a little cloying at times) and action. I think this series is YA, and probably geared toward girls (d/t the romantic aspects). Over all I really enjoy the series, I love the strong characters, and how closely knit the family is. Alik is really stepping up and developing into an awesome character! And The “new” villain is excellent… I’m interested to see how Dr. Williams is portrayed in the next book. I know he’s still evil and all that, but… **SPOILER** he did “save” Meg, and it seemed like he really wants the family connection with her **SPOILER OVER** Finally, I’m very excited to see how Danny fits into the family, and can’t wait for the next book.

Cold Days (Dresden Files), Jim Butcher 5 out of 5 stars

I know, I know, I gush over and over again about the Dresden Files. I can’t help myself. Harry is one of my favorite characters in literature. I love Jim Butchers writing, in that there are enough twists to keep me interested, but it’s not over complicated. The characters continue to develop and grow. They story line hasn’t gotten stagnant like so many long series do (Sookie Stackhouse books). Umm… I don’t want to give anything away… So If you haven’t read Cold Days, go do it now, then come back and read my “review”.

So did you read it? Good. I was dumbfounded that Jim Butcher turned Molly into the Winter Lady! seriously, I hope she and Harry don’t “do it”. Charity would kick his ass. Not to mention I really hope that he would finally “get with” Karen. I mean, their sexual tension is KILLING ME. I was thrilled with seeing the regular crew get together… and my curiosity about MAc is peaked. WHAT is he!?

As usual with the series there are some things that got a smidge repetitive (I think there was mentioning of the Blue Beatle complete with description, again). My only other complaint is that I miss Mister. Is that weird? Oh well.

I’ve totes been slacking on reviews… and my only excuse is that I haven’t been reading any new books. I’ve been re-reading the Wheel of Time Series (Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson) in anticipation of the last book coming on next month. Seriously this series is my FAVORITE “High Fantasy” series ever. EVER. I love it more than LOTR or the Hobbit, more than Chronicles of Narnia… So I’m practically wetting myself in anticipation, and these are the only 2 new books I’ve read since I started the re-read… however Dad got me a KindleFire for my birthday so There will be LOTS of books in the upcoming year!

Happy Reading.

-Hey Waitress!!

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Book Quotes

I feel like I’ve been away from the blog for too long. Sadly, its due to a lack of interesting things to say. I (re)started writing because, generally, I find myself pretty amusing. Not so much lately. It’s kind of depressing me to be honest. I’ve got 5 or 6 good drafts going, but I can’t seem to want to finish them. It’s kind of tragic. So, in an effort to motivate myself to start writing (about things other than my weekly baking adventures), I’m posting my favorite highlights from my Kindle. Some may be funny, some may be sad, but in general every quote “says” something to me. Thats the great thing about books… they can speak right to your soul. I also put in the Kindle location.

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world , the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog. A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground… He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer; he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert, he remains… he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens. -Sen G. Vest, 1870” from Watchers, Dean Koontz. Loc 8604-14

“Tis not the concern of a day, a year, or an age; prosperity are virtually involved in the contest, and will be more or less affected, even to the end of time, by the proceedings now. Now is the seed-time of continental union, faith, and honor.”  from Common Sense, Thomas Paine. Loc 258-60

“In serving dumb creatures, you are ennobling the human race.” from Beautiful Joe, Marshall Saunders. Loc2650-51

“‘Your man Jesus seems to me a bit of a son of a bitch when it comes to women, was he ever married?’… ‘No, but his girlfriend was a whore.'” from The Dark Tower V, Stephen King. Loc 9126-29

“Vas’y plus fort, mon petite cochon d’amour!”… “Do it harder, my little love pig!” from Bloodsucking Fiends, Christopher Moore. Loc 481-82

“Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.” from The Name of the Wind: Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One, Patrick Rothfuss. Loc 12535-36

“We love what we love. Reason does not enter into it. In many ways unwise love is the truest love. Anyone can love a thing because. That’s as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect.” from The Wise Man’s Fear: Kingkiller Chronicle: Day Two, Patrick Rothfuss. Loc 1162-65

“It’s the questions we can’t answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think. If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question and he’ll look for his own answers.” from The Wise Man’s Fear: Kingkiller Chronicle: Day Two, Patrick Rothfuss. Loc 11209-10

“It’s my New England sarcasm coming out in full force. Folks that don’t come from that region have a difficult time truly understanding what is being said to them. Many will find it an abrasive form of communication. It is, without a doubt, an acquired mode of information dissemination.” from Zombie Fallout, Mark Tufo. Loc 3596-98

“In their selfishness & greed, they see free people as their oppressors. They wish to have a leader who will cut the taller plants so the sun will reach them. They think no plant should be allowed to grow taller than the shortest, and in that way give light to all. They would rather be provided a guiding light, regardless of the fuel, than light a candle themselves.” from Wizard’s First Rule, Terry Goodkind. Loc 3177-79

“Lazy people don’t think for themselves; they only think about themselves.” from Blood of the Fold (Sword of Truth #3), Terry Goodkind. Loc 1493-94

“Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie.” from Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth #5), Terry Goodkind. Loc 5429

“Like  hounds at a feast, people gather ’round the table of tyranny, eager for the tasty scraps tossed on the floor. Not everyone will wag their tails for a tyrant, but most will, if he first makes them salivate with hate  and gives license to their covetous impulses by making them feel it is only their due. Many would rather take than earn. Tyrants make the envious comfortable with their greed.” from Soul of the Fire, Terry Goodkind. Loc 6233-36

“To truly love someone, you must revel in their existence because they make life all the more wonderful.” from The Pillars of Creation, Terry Goodkind. Loc 10404-5

“Mercy grants value to the life of a killer, while, at the same time, it strips away the value of the life of the innocent victim.” from Naked Empire, Terry Goodkind. Loc 7263-64

“All that could be hoped for was for each generation to be raised to be sensible enough to learn from the past, not to lose sight of the things that mattered, and to understand why they mattered.” from Confessor, Terry Goodkind. Loc 3663-64

“The wind is filled with music. New breezes chase the night. Away we run beneath the sun, whirling, feather light.” from The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West, Mary Stanton. Loc 2043-45

“My vengeance shall be slow and involve paper cuts, many papercuts.” from Shatter (Children of Man #1),  Elizabeth C. Mock. Loc 3970

“An errand is getting  tank of gas or picking up a carton of milk or something. It is not getting chased by flying purple pyromaniac gorillas hurling incendiary poo.” from Blood Rites (Dresden Files #6), Jim Butcher. Loc 157-58

“I’ve noticed that people get the most irrational whenever family was around- while simultaneously losing their ability to distinguish reason from insanity. I call it familial dementia.” from Blood Rites, Jim Butcher. Loc 1705-7

“When you do something stupid and die, it’s pathetic. when you doe something stupid and survive it, then you get to call it impressive or heroic.” from Dead Beat (Dresden Files), Jim Butcher. Loc 7698-99

“Everyone is down on pain, because they forget something important about it: Pain is for the living. Only the dead don’t feel it.” from White Night (Dresden Files), Jim Butcher. Loc 4599-4600

“Faith is about what you do. It’s about aspiring to be better and nobler and kinder than you are. It’s about making sacrifices for the good of others- even when there’s not going to be anyone telling you what a hero you are.” from Changes (Dresden Files), Jim Butcher. Loc 3467-68

“It was never too late to learn something. The past is unalterable in any event. The future is the only thing we can change. Learning the lessons of the past is the only way to shape the present and the future.” from Ghost Story, Jim Butcher. Loc 4066-67

“There was a time when men believed that ‘the good’ was a concept to be defined by a code of moral values and that no man had the right to seek his good through the violation of the rights of another.” from Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand. Loc 11127-28

“To live, man must hold three things as the supreme and ruling values of his life: Reason- Purpose- Self Esteem. Reason, as his only tool of knowledge. Purpose, as his choice of the happiness which that tool must proceed to achieve. Self-Esteem, as his inviolate certainty that his mind is competent to think and his person is worthy of happiness, which means: is worthy of living.” from Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand. Loc 23342-44

“Words can be like X-rays, if you use them properly– they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.” from Brave New World, Aldous Huxley. Loc 911-12

“…We can’t live our lives by ‘what if’ and ‘if only’. We can only do the best we can to the best of our ability based on what we know. That’s why the truth is so important.” from The First Confessor, Terry Goodkind. Loc 3859-60

“But she was too big to be a thief, too honest to be an assassin, too intelligent to be a wife, and too proud to enter the only other female profession generally available.” from The Light Fantastic, Terry Pratchett. Loc 2247-48

“The truth isn’t easily pinned to a page. In the bathtub of history the truth is harder to hold than the soap, and much more difficult to find…” from Sourcery, Terry Pratchett. Loc 2765-66

“Genuine anger was one of the worlds great creative forces. But you had to learn how to control it. That didn’t mean you let it trickle away. It ment you dammed it, carefully, let it develop a working head, let it drown whole valleys of the mind and then, just when the whole structure was about to collapse, opened a tiny pipeline at the base and let the iron-hard stream of wrath power the turbines of revenge.” from Wyrd Sisters, Terry Pratchett. Loc 4150-53

“When you don’t know what to do, do what’s right and do what’s  in front of you. But not necessarily what’s right in front of you.” from The Black Prism (Lightbringer), Brent Weeks. Loc 1765-66

“Put on some armor. Just remember what’s armor and what’s you, so when it’s time to take it off, you can.” from The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer), Brent Weeks. Loc 2609-10

“Idealists mature badly. If they can’t outgrow their idealism, they become hypocrites or blind.” from The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer), Brent Weeks. Loc 9182


The End.

-Hey Waitress!!

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The Dresden Files 8-13

I’ve finally finished my re-read of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher! And I enjoyed it as much the 2nd time around as I did the first. So, now it’s time for the rest of the Overly Simplified Plot Summaries and a favorite quote from each book!
Proven Guilty
  • Harry’s job this book is to figure out why the Summer & Winter Courts (Faerie) aren’t going to war with the Red Court (vampires), find out why there’s a new source of Black magic in Chicago, and help Molly from going “bad”. Movie monsters are coming to life at a horror movie convention. The Fae courts are going to war, because their Power is out of balance! Harry fights the movie monsters, gets kidnapped, escapes. Meanwhile the Carpenter house was attacked, and Molly taken by more movie monsters. Harry and crew go to the heart of Winter to rescue Molly, and realized they’ve been tricked into distracting Winter (by the Lady of Summer). Molly has magic, and turns herself over to the White Council, who don’t execute her, as long as Harry trains her. Murphy gets demoted.
  • “I got the sneaking suspicion that the vampire was a couple of Peeps short of an Easter basket.” -Harry
White Night
  •  “Suffer not a witch to live” Someone’s killing minor practitioners and making it look like suicides. Witches are disappearing with a man who looks remarkably like Harry (but it’s not). HArry tracks Grey Cloak, and finds out he’s working with a vampire. Some of the disappeared witches are safe (hidden by Thomas on his boat). Harry & crew battle some vampires. Harry wins.
  • “Nothing like a nightmarish near-death experience to make you appreciate the little things in life, like cleanliness. And not being dead.”
Small Favor
  • Harry & the Carpenters get attacked by some Gruffs (Summer Fae enforcers). There’s also chaotic magic afoot. Harry runs into Queen Mab (Winter), who “asks” him to protect Marcone. Harry ends up at a safe house belonging to Marcone, and finds Hendricks & Gard (who is wounded) there, they get attacked by some Denarians. They escape, and go to the Carpenter house, where Micheal will hide them for the time being. There is a War Council and Ivy & Luccio are coming to town. They also recovered one of the Denarian silver pieces. Murphy saves Harry’s ass from a Gruff, and he agrees to include her in the mission to rescue Marcone. Harry has to go to Union station to get some blood samples Gard was storing there, he takes Michael & Mouse. They get attacked by some Hobbs and the biggest Gruff. Everyone gets out! Including Ivy, Kincaid, and  Luccio. Harry has a meet with the Denarians at the Shedd Aquarium, shenanigans ensue, Ivy gets captured. Harry realizes his blasting rod is lost. The crew goes to a meet with the Denarians on a deserted island in Lake Michigan. Oh… the Knights of the Cross are in town, and Micheal is severely wounded. Harry has a guardian angel. Mab mind fucked Harry, but returned his rod.
  • “I’m not really sure where He stands on the Harry Dresden issue, and as a result my theological stance has been pretty simple: I try not to get noticed by anything Godly, godly, or god-ish. I think we’re all happier that way.”
Turn Coat
  • Morgan’s on the run from the White Council and comes to Harry in desperate need of help. He’s been accused of murdering a Senior Council member. There’s a Skin Walker in town, and HArry is severely disturbed when he looks at it with his Sight. The Alphas get hurt helping Harry fight the Skin Walker. Harry goes to a night club, gets hassled by Madeline Raith, then by Luccio (she thinks Morgan still wants to kill Harry). Harry enlisted the crew for help, including Murphy, Thomas & Molly, they take Morgan to a secret hideout, and it gets discovered by a bad guy. Thomas disappears while they’re all escaping. Binder gets taken downtown to the police station. Harry needs more power, so he performs a gnarly spell on the mysterious island in Lake Michigan, and names the spirit there Demonreach. Harry calls all the bad guys (including the White Council) to the island for negotiations. Something bad happens. Later, Harry finds the traitor in the WC who framed Morgan. The traitor escapes, and almost kills Harry. Morgan sacrifices himself to save Harry. Cristos wins the Senior Council seat because it was rigged by the Merlin to prevent a fight within the council. McCoy and Harry are quietly dredging up support in their fight against the Black Council, and now call themselves the Grey Council. Thomas was tortured by the Skin walker and has given in to his inner demon.
  • “You,” Madeline said, her voice hollow and wheezing, “are like a bad case of herpes, wizard.  You’re inconvenient, embarrassing, no real threat, and you simply will not go away.”  
  • Susan and Harry have a daughter (Maggie)! She got kidnapped by the Red Court vampires. They blow up Harry’s office building, right after they attack Harry, Susan, and Martin. Harry goes to the White Council for help, but the Red Court duchess is there making a peace treaty, and the council won’t help him. Harry is implicated in th bombing of his building, and the FBI search his apartment. His mother left him a magical “map” through the Ways of the Nevernever. After some investigation Harry winds up going to see Odin (yes, the god). It’s discover that the Red Court is using Maggie to start a bloodline curse. While staking out Rudolph’s house Harry& friends get attacked by the Eebs, and an “Ick”, later the Eebs bomb Harry’s apartment, and Harry breaks his back saving the neighbors. He does something very desperate for help. Susan gets arrested, Harry goes to the FBI building to “rescue” her, there’s another Red Court attack. Harry & Susan win a fight against them in the Nevernever. Back in Chicago, HArry & friends get ready to go save Maggie. There’s a HUGE FIGHT, and all three Swords of the Cross are involved. I’m not saying any more because this is an awesome fight, and you really need to read it, I’ve already spoiled enough of the book!
  • “You don’t take your cat with you when you go bird shopping. Not because your cat isn’t polite, but because he’s a cat.”
Ghost story
  • Harry’s in the In-between, not alive but not dead either… His friends are barely holding it together. Molly’s gone off the deep end. He needs to figure out who killed him, and keep all his friends safe. Mort’s helping im as much as possible. Harry finds out he knows his killer. Corpsetaker is the super bad guy, and she/ he/ it has kidnapped Mort. To save everyone, Corpsetaker and  Molly battle for Molly’s Mind. Harry helps. Eventually he has flashbacks and remembers his death. Uriel (the angel) shows HArry all his loved ones, so he can “move on”. He wakes up on Demonreach being cared for by Mab.
  • This was  least favorite Dresden book, so far. I don’t feel like spending too much time on it. I’m not sure what my issue is with this particular book, but even reading it the second time, I’m just not thrilled with it. Maybe it’s because I liked Changes so much, this book felt like a bit of a let-down.
  • It was never too late to learn something. The past is unalterable in any event. The future is the only thing we can change. Learning the lessons of the past is the only way to shape the present and the future.”

People I love. I mean, I like them all (for the most part), but I’m particularly fond of:

  • Harry. Obviously. I enjoy that Butcher isn’t afraid to let him “grow up” and change. I love his sarcasm, and the chivalry… I don’t find it to be chauvinistic at all, but I know some people do. I enjoy Harry’s “Old Fashioned” ways.
  • Bob. He’s a horny air spirit stuck in a skull, with a sense of humor, forced to do the bidding of whoever possesses him. whats not to like!?
  • Michael, Molly and the Carpenter family. Their Faith is a really great addition to the overall story, I feel like Michael balances Harry’s dark side. I like seeing Molly develop emotionally along with her magic.
  • Marcone. He’s a “bad” guy, heartless while running the Mafia, with a stong honor code and a soft spot for kids.
  • Toot-Toot. How can you dislike a pizza-loving Farie who leads the “Za Lord”‘s army and cleans the apartment?
  • Butters. He’s a coward, but still manages to be there to patch up Harry and the crew.
  • Morgan. He’s a good guy, a stickler for the rules, who dislikes Harry. By his end, he sacrifices himself to save the person
    he most dislikes.
  • Mouse is a dog with Foo ancestors, the ability to detect supernaturals, the ability to comprehend speech and emotions, who scares the crap out of Vampires and the Fae. I want one!
  • Mister is a typical self obsessed cat  except he’s slighty smaller than a mountain lion.
 Other neat peeps: The Alphas, Thomas, Kincaid, Ivy, McCoy, Mort, Sanya …
Honestly… I don’t love Murphy. She’s Ok.
 I also don’t LOVE the bad guys. The real bad guys. They’re all good characters, but (obviously) I wouldn’t want to drink a beer at McAnally’s with them.
OVERALL likes:
The  storylines
Magic (not only Harry’s, but the Fae & vampires, too)…
McAnally’s Pub
I really think you should read this series!
-Hey Waitress!!
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The Dresden Files Books 1-7

Sometime around the middle of last month I spent my entire book budget for March. Yes, I have a budget. If I didn’t… We’d be broke. Because I spent it all, I either a)needed to find a free book or b)start re-reading some of the ones I have! I browsed the free books on Amazon for (what felt like) forever, and (eventually) gave up on option A. Despondent, I started looking through my Kindle Archived Items and found (again) Storm Front, by Jim Butcher!
I could go on and on about the million reasons I LOVE this series… but we’d be here forever, and my attention span won’t let me write that many words! So… I’m splitting it up. Sorta.
Starting with “overly simplified plot summaries” and a quote for each of the first 7 books.
Storm Front
  • People murdered by having their hearts ripped out. The drug Third Eye gives regular people the Sight. Third Eye created by creepy bad guy to get rid of Marcone. Dresden gets rid of creepy bad guy, and is saved by Morgan.
  • “HARRY DRESDEN—WIZARD Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties, or Other Entertainment”    
Fool Moon
  • Wolves. All sorts of Wolves. Gore Galore!
  • Harry refuses to give a pretty woman information that he considers dangerous. One of Marcone’s henchmen turns up dead, surrounded by wolfish prints. FBI comes in to investigate. Murphy arrests a dangerous man, who wrecks havoc in SI, and escapes. Murphy arrests Dresden who escapes. Dresden, Murphy, and the Alpha’s go to Marcone’s estate to save him from aforementioned escaped bad guy, who isn’t the only bad guy there.
  • “So there I was being strangled by a ranting, half-naked madman in the middle of the woods, with a she-werewolf dangling from a rope snare somewhere nearby.”    
Grave Peril
  • Michael and Harry fight tortured ghosts. The Nightmare is torturing them, and gets a hold of a retired police officer, and Murphy. The Nightmare gets Charity. Then he gets Harry, who needed to be saved by his Fairy Godmother, so he could save Charity.  Harry & Michael go to a Vampire party, find Susan (his girlfriend), who shouldn’t have been there. Harry barely escapes (leaving Susan behind).  There’s  a rescue mission to save Susan (but she’s changed). They destroy the Nightmare, escape, and start a war with the Red Court.
  • “So really, it was just as well that Godmother had caught up to me, in spite of my best efforts to avoid her. I’d hate to find out that the universe really wasn’t conspiring against me. It would jerk the rug out from under my persecution complex.”
Summer Knight
  • Harry’s former lover Elaine comes back. She’s working for the Summer Fae. The Winter Queen owns Harry’s debt. Someone kills the Summer Knight which causes a shift in the balance of power between Summer & Winter Fae (in favor of Winter). There’s a missing half Fae girl. Harry gets taken prisoner of the Summer Lady & the winter Knight. Toot Toot and his fellows help save the day.
  • “I stretched out my hand, adrenaline and pain giving me plenty of fuel for the magic, and called, ‘Ventas servitas!’ Wind leapt out in a sudden spurt, seizing the Unraveling and tearing it from Aurora’s fingers, sending it spinning through the air toward me. I caught it, stuck my tongue out at Aurora, yelled, ‘Meep, meep!’ and ran like hell.”    
Death Masks
  • Susan comes back. Harry is challenged to a duel with a Red Court Vampire to end the war. A person has contracted every disease known to man, and died from it (duh!). Harry is contracted to find the Shroud of Turin. The Knights want him to stop. Their job is to stop the Denarians (30 demons who possess people by using silver coins), who also want to Shroud, so does Marcone. Harry gets captured & tortured. He gets away (with help). The Duel goes sorta badly. The Denarians want to release a plague at the airport. They don’t. Some interesting and sad  stuff happens. The world is saved. without thinking Harry picks up one of the Denarian’s coins.
  • “Thus do I strike a blow for anarchy whenever the mood takes me.” 
Blood Rights
  • Harry saves a litter of Tibetan temple puppies, and accidentally keeps one (Mouse!). He accepts a job working on a porn set. The movie producer is cursed. There’s a Black Court attack, and Harry is forced to flee with some White Court vampires.  One of which is his half-brother (Thomas). They have the same mom. Harry figures out the pattern of the curse, and tricks one of the white court vampires into defeating it. Harry & friends wipe out a Black Court nest. His hand is severely damaged.
  • “An errand is getting a tank of gas or picking up a carton of milk or something. It is not getting chased by flying purple pyromaniac gorillas hurling incendiary poo.”
Dead Beat
  • Marva will set Murphy up unless Harry finds The Word Of Kemmler for her. Kemmler is a dead, but formerly VERY powerful necromancer. His bad ass appretences are trying to raise the Darkhallow on Halloween, and Harry needs to stop it. Harry meets Sheila, and developes a crush on her. The necromancers are raising zombies and calling ghosts. Harry gets deputized as a Warden. Sheila isn’t who Harry thinks she is. Harry gets captured and tortured by a Denarian. He gets saved by Butters & Mouse. He rides Sue the T-Rex to stop the Darkhallow!
  • “When you do something stupid and die, it’s pathetic. When you do something stupid and survive it, then you get to call it impressive or heroic.”
I gave all these books 4 out of 5 stars… and will “review” the series after I finish re-reading them…
-Hey Waitress!!
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