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Baked French Toast- N2MCC1


Welcome to week 1 of 2014’s New To Me Cooking Challenge!
I’ve made this Baked French Toast 2x already. Once was for Christmas Day breakfast for the family and then again for Hub’s and I on New Year’s Day! I played around with the recipe both times… but this recipe was my favorite.
I used sourdough bread because I like the flavor, it’s nice and dense, and has a great thick crust. I saw some recipe that used French bread or baguettes. I also used day old bread both times. This was to help it absorb the egg mixture better.
Speaking of egg mixture, I’ll probably add a 5th egg the next time I make this. It ended up being a little dry.
In the recipe I used 1 tablespoon cinnamon/ sugar mixture. I keep a container of cinnamon & sugar in my pantry… I use it All. The. Time. For everything. It’s basically 3 parts sugar to 1 part cinnamon, but when I make it, I just dump some sugar in the container and then add cinnamon a little at a time until I get it to the cinnamonyness (NEW WORD!) that I want.
I’m thinking I might leave the flour out of the topping next time. I really like it when the brown sugar gets all melted and sticky, and the flour added in kind of changes that…
I said bake to desired doneness because how long you cook this will depend on how you like your French Toast. Hubs likes his soft and a little squishy. I like mine well done and almost crispy. I think I cooked this dish for about 30 or 40 minutes.
Happy Making!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Chocolate Chip Snicker Doodle Scones!!

The original version of this recipe comes from Taste Of Home. It was called Cinnamon Chip Scones… but you know I can’t leave a recipe well enough alone. 😉
I actually made these for one of Hubs’ work buddies who loves Snicker Doodles and didn’t get any of the cookies I made last week (or was it the week before?). Unfortunately for him… he was out in the field all week and didn’t get to taste the deliciousness of these awesome scones. Lucky for me though!
This dough is a little different from my other scone recipes as it doesn’t use any eggs. I thought it was going to be weird, but the only problem was that the dough didn’t stick together real well at first. I had to knead it a few times, but it ended up being perfect. The finished product was nice and moist, not dry at all! The cinnamon & sugar coating on top gave it a kinda crunchy outer layer, and the melted chips inside made these perfect!
Make these Chocolate Chip Snicker Doodle Scones!
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!
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Cinnamon Apple Hand Pies!!

Oh. Em. Gee. Really, that’s all I can say.
I adapted this recipe from SmittenKitchen’s homemade PopTart recipe.
I used a round biscuit cutter because I couldn’t get the dough to roll out into a rectangle. I’m a little challenged when it comes to dough rolling. I also added the (Empire variety) apple slices and reduced the amount of filling.
I didn’t get my edges sealed quite enough on some of the pies, so the filling leaked out a little. I also didn’t make the holes big enough, so my pies got a little more puffy then I wanted.
I’m not sure how long I actually baked these for, because I forgot to write it down. I think it was closer to the 15 minute mark.
Other than those few small things… these are so yummy! They’re also going to be the last apple recipe for the year, I’m all apple-ed out. 😉
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
Click here to make THIS recipe!
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Apple Cinnamon Muffins

I made these muffins on Sunday after a (slight) disaster trying to make Bourbon Apple Cinnamon Rolls… read that post here.
They’re simple, and slightly adapted from AllRecipes, which happens to be one of my favorite places to go when I want to make something but don’t know what.
I made 6 large muffins & 12 regular muffins. You could easily do all one size.
This recipe went off with out a hitch. no problems at all.
I only put a middle layer of strudel in the large ones, but I had a bunch leftover, so the next time I make these I’ll be putting it in the middle of ALL of them. I’ll also probably add more apple slices.
There wasn’t exactly enough. I used Empire apples, but that’s just because I had them on hand. Substitute your favorite variety if you’d like.
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
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