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Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes AND Adult PB&J Cupcakes

It’s been about a year since I started blogging about baking. So I decided to “celebrate” by baking my favorite cupcakes for the month of January.  I didn’t bake the weekend of the first… I was “baked out” from all those Christmas cookies! And I was too lazy to post these Caramel Chocolate cupcakes from last week. Er… Honestly…  I got distracted by some online shopping. THEN A Memory of Light came out (Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson).  I’ve waited (what feels like) forever for the book to come out, so I HAD to read and finish that…
Any ways… Last week I made Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes. Because, seriously… you can’t go wrong with chocolate cake (with Bailey’s), and caramel buttercream (with caramel Bailey’s)! I used the Milky Way Cupcakes recipe and subbed regular Bailey’s (I didn’t have enough caramel Bailey’s for the cupcakes & the frosting).
I used my new silicone liners for the first dozen. I was hoping that they wouldn’t, but the cupcakes stuck to the silicone pretty bad… I think it might have been because they are so moist? *shudder* I hate that word. I’m planning some experimenting with them in the near future. 😉
This week I did a different version of the Adult Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcakes. I modified the Peanut Butter Cupcake recipe (so I could use the vodka), and the frosting recipe from the first version of the Adult Peanut butter & Jelly Cupcakes.
I skipped filling them with the Reese’s Cups this time because it I don’t think it was necessary last time. Make sense? This peanut butter cupcake tastes great without the added Reese’s. I filled the cupcake  liners practically all the way full… and they rose up JUST like I wanted them to! I love when that happens.
The buttercream frosting wasn’t as fluffy as I wanted, and I had a bit of trouble getting the taste JUST right. I think it might still need some tweaking… maybe another tablespoon of peanut butter next time…
Happy Sunday Bakery!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Kahlua Caramel KitKat Cupcakes

After spending a whole afternoon (last week) browsing new (to me) cupcake recipes, and adding a bunch of them to my favorites, I realized something… Not only am I obsessed with adding alcohol to my baked goods, but I also like any cupcake that’s got the word “candy” or “cookie” attached. As a secret fat kid, I decided to combine two of my favorite things (alcohol and candy) into this delish cupcake!
Next came the tough part, choosing my booze and candy. After tons of internal debate I ended up with Kahlua & KitKat. I was inspired by a Mocha KitKat cupcake that used coffee (but no booze). What goes better with coffee than Kahlua!? It also used KitKat Bites, which my grocery store doesn’t carry.
 I really wanted to do a “from scratch” chocolate cake, and I found the original version of this recipe at restlesschipotle.com. She used Caramel Vodka (yuuum), which my local liquor store doesn’t carry. The only caramelly (haha NOT a word) liquor they had was this Bailey’s. I figured, what the heck, why not? Originally, there was supposed to be 12 ounces of bittersweet chocolate chips. I don’t like bittersweet chocolate so I would have used semi-sweet anyways. 12 ounces seemed like a lot of chocolate, especially when you add the KitKat’s in. I ended up coarse chopping some leftover Baker’s chocolate squares, and some Nestle chocolate chunks. I had planned on adding the KitKat in whole, but it stuck up way too much! So I froze them overnight, cut them in half and stuck them back in the freezer, in between batches. I don’t know if sticking them in the freezer makes a difference, but it kept me from excessive “snacking” while baking.
The buttercream is my standard recipe… I got about half way through frosting the cupcakes and realized, somehow I didn’t have enough for all 30! I’ve never had that problem before. Maybe I over frosted?! I was also out of unsalted butter. WTF!? I stopped frosting, and made another batch (halved, and with salted butter), then mixed the leftover from the first batch of frosting with the new frosting. So maybe you should consider making more frosting, or frosting your cupcakes less.
Basically… this cupcake was an episode of “what I don’t have (or can’t find)”. Moral of the story: give yourself time to find the booze and keep extra supplies on hand…
-Hey Waitress!!
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Maple Bacon Whiskey Cupcakes

Did you know Mark Twain and Clark Gable where both whiskey drinkers? I found that out while I was trying to find a name for these little guys. Maple Bacon Whiskey cupcakes get kind of annoying to say (and type). Anyways…
A tweet (Real men eat cupcakes: Butch Bakery revs up the classic confection with bacon and liquor inspired treats http://fxn.ws/wqsUzO) from FoxNews inspired this weeks Sunday Cupcakery. No joke… these ar definitely “manly”, and probably a bit seasonal too. I think they’d be good in the Fall. was that random? Side note- I’m addicted to social media, and I’m ok with it.
I searched the net, and found a few recipes. Most of the used shortening (gross) or bacon fat (grosser). A lot of them also just used plain vanilla or white cake… which wouldn’t have enough booze flavor for me. About to give up, I stumbled on MyDysfunctionalKitchen‘s bacon beer cupcake! TAH-DAAAAH! just what I wanted, except I changed the Guinness to Jameson’s and made my own buttercream. 
 As usual, I ended up with extra cupcakes (32, instead of 24)… so fill your tins up 3/4 and bake slightly longer if you only want 24. I’m not sure why but the middle of these “caved-in”.  I’m wondering if I should have whipped the egg whites before mixing them in?So, for some cupcake camo I  filled the divot in with extra frosting.
I used a basic buttercream frosting recipe. I ended up using about 3.5 cups of powdered sugar, and it came out nice and fluffy. There wasn’t much whiskey taste… but just the hint was enough for me. Don’t forget to save a few slices of bacon to garnish them with!
Happy baking.
-Hey Waitress!!
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Purple Haze Cupcakes

For the cupcakes I used a recipe from Sweet Tooth that was original for Blue Moon (not my favorite, but it’s OK). I didn’t use any “zest”. Mostly because I’m not sure how to “zest” a raspberry… I also made my frosting instead of using the one on there. Have I mentioned that I don’t like cream cheese frosting!? The recipe makes 24 (or 27 if you’re me) cupcakes. I baked the first 12 for the full 18min and they came out a little brown on the bottom. Not burnt, mind you, but too brown to be perfect. I had kind of a ditzy day and I got new cupcake tins, so… oops. The next batch went in for 14 minutes and came out perfect!
The ganache came from Lulu’s Sweet Secrets. It originally called for 45 grams of Raspberries. UGH… grams?! The grams:cup conversion on my phones was 1g=0.19c. And I was not about to measure that. I ended up using 1/2 raspberries… just because. They also suggested that you put it in the fridge for 45 minutes- 1 hour… but I’m impatient, and I didn’t copy that down in my directions. Haha, another oops. I cored them using a paring knife, and filled them using a spoon.
The Purple Haze & Raspberry frosting was a guess. I used the Guinness buttercream as a starting point, and figured out that to reduce beer you need to BOIL it (not simmer it forever). So I boiled, and boiled, and boiled, and finally it was reduced. As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been particularly ditzy today, so I have no idea how long it took to boil down. I also didn’t measure how much I had ended up with. Sorry. I’d guess that it was less than 1/4 cup.  After letting that cool, I stirred it into the chopped & thawed raspberries. Everything else was normal.  I’ll most likely add a touch of blue food coloring (to make them purple), but it’s a pretty pink color. I forgot to take pictures of it… Sorry again! I also forgot to put the tops back on before I frosted them. Bummer.
I used frozen raspberries in the ganache and frosting because I have this weird phobia of uncleaned produce, and raspberries are wicked hard to wash. I had to have faith that the company I bought them from cleaned them well. I know… I’m weird and you’re judgemental. I topped these little guys with a raspberry & drizzled them with leftover ganache.
For shiz… this cupcake has got my brain juices flowing. I’m soooo pumped about all the awesome flavors I can use with this recipe! Wild Blue (blueberry), Harpoon Raspberry UFO, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde… just to name a few. Basically, I think this would work with ANY fruity beer. I don’t drink beer very often, but when I do… it’s fruity, or a Hefewizen (there are like a million ways that word is spelled, and I have NO IDEA which is correct), or it’s a fruity Hefewizen. My favorite beer is Harpoon Raspberry UFO, but it’s seasonal and I can never find it. Hence the Purple Haze…
NomNom Lovies,
-Hey Waitress!!
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