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Jager Bomb Whoopie Pies!!

Jager Bombs where one of the shooters I served the most when I worked at the bar. I’m not sure why… jittery and drunk never seemed like a good combination to me. And I don’t particularly like the way Red Bull tastes.
BUT the cupcake version of this recipe is the most viewed post on my little blog, so I figured it was time to try another Jager Bomb recipe.
Do you ever bake something and think it’s a disaster, but it ends up… well… not? ‘Cause that’s what happened with these Jager Bomb Whoopie Pies.
I had a heck of a time with these things. Firstly… I didn’t grease AND flour the first round well enough, and some of the cakes stuck to the tins a little bit. Not bad enough to ruin them, but enough to make them look messed up. I solved that problem by just putting the filling on the “ugly” sides!
The cake portion was from a recipe in the Boozy Baker cookbook. If you like baking & booze, you should buy it! I use it a lot. I adapted the Jager Honey Bunt cake recipe. It’s feaking delish. I should have realized when I was making it that this recipe is like (what I think of as a) Spice Cake. It’s got warm flavors. Does that make sense? At any rate I can’t wait ‘til the Christmas season so I can make mini Bundt cakes for my Christmas gifts.
I adapted the filling recipe from a combination of the Wilton Whoopie Pie Filling recipe & my Red Bull Buttercream recipe. It worked out really well. This recipe made juuuuuust enough for all the pies. I used about a ½ tablespoon for each mini & 1 ½ tablespoons for each regular sized pie. I did have a little problem with it being too warm. My house was around 70-72 degrees, and it was a smidge too warm for the filling. I couldn’t get it to stay put on the cakes, it kept sliding off, and looking all melty. So… what I did was put some filling on top of each cake, then put them in the fridge for a few hours, THEN squished the sides together. I also kept them in the fridge before Hubs brought them to my tasters.
I had to keep reminding myself that Whoopie Pies aren’t supposed to be pretty. They’re supposed to be messy and junk. Overall they came out better than I thought. Hubs asked me to keep some for him, and my tasters didn’t complain. So I guess that’s a win.
Happy Baking.
-Hey Waitess!!


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Jagermeister Oatmeal Cookies & Candy Bar Red Velvet Cookies!

Sunday Bakery this week was a two-fer. As in, I made 2 different kinds of cookies! What can I say; I like a little variety in my snacking. Or maybe I had some redic craving leading up to today’s baking extravaganza.
I actually started prepping the Jager Oatmeal cookies on Saturday morning by measuring out the raisins & cranberries, then pouring Jager over them until they were drowning in it. Then I covered the container & let them soak for a few hours (or 6), until I made the cookie dough. Drain the Jager from the raisins & cranberries before you add it to the dough. You can brush some of the leftover on the cookies about 2 minutes before they finish baking. I made this dough Saturday night because I knew it had to chill for an hour… so I didn’t think making it the night before would be a big deal.
The flavor from the Jagermeister isn’t too strong. It’s barely noticeable, but (IMO) in a good way. You can tell that these aren’t regular oatmeal cookies, but the Jager flavor isn’t punching you in the face. Know what I mean?
The recipe was adapted from one on AllRecipes. CLICK HERE to check out my version.
Hubs LOVES Red Velvet cake. For everyday eating it’s too rich for me. But sometimes… a girl just wants some rich chocolaty goodness. And sometimes, a girl just wants that chocolate flavor in an awesome red cookie filled with chunks of her favorite candy bars. And some chocolate chips. Because that’s how I roll.
I’ve been dying to try red velvet cookies for a while. I had a few issues though… I really like chewy cookies better than crunchy or cakey cookies, and I really wanted to make them from scratch!
I slightly adapted my cookie dough recipe from one I saw on Unpampered Chef & How Sweet It Is. They use the same recipe… and I’m not sure who get the “credit”. I froze the candy bars after I cut them up, while I was getting the rest of the dough together. It was a little sticky at first, and kind of hard to manage. I ended up chilling it for an hour and that helped! Keep it in the fridge between batches.
Check out MY RECIPE!
I strongly urge you to go make either of these cookies right now. 😉
Happy Sunday Bakery!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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More Sugar Cookies!!

Because… I wanted to try this recipe. And my new cookie cutters. And some different boozy icing. And because I love sugar cookies. And… If you know me,  you know I’m sort of a political junkie, and with the Republican Convention this week and the Dems coming up, I saw these Republican & Democrat cookie cutters I had to buy & try them! I made some footballs too.
Dough Notes:
  • The dough recipe is from Brown Eyed Baker! It’s delish.
  • I did have to double her recipe, because there wasn’t enough dough for my purposes (tons of cookies for multiple people).
  • I made it Saturday night and left it in the fridge until Sunday, when it was time to bake.
  • Not too sticky… unless you leave it out of the fridge for too long.
  • Cut your cookies from cold dough!
  • I baked mine for about 7 minutes… but I also roll them out pretty thin.
  • This dough spread a little bit more than the Sugar Cookies I made 2 weeks ago, but they’re still very good.
Icing Notes:
  • I used the same icing as the other sugar cookie recipe, just changed the booze… Jager in the brown footballs, Kahlua in the red icing, and Caramel Bailey’s in the blue
  • The red icing was made with Wilton Red No Taste gel food color. Buy it. The regular red stuff is gross. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.
  • I made the recipe 3 times, 1 brown, 1 red, 1 blue.
  • The white “laces” on the football, and the white stripe & stars are made with white “candy melts”.
  • I iced the footballs, then the red halves, then the blue.
  • Next I melted the “candy melts” in the microwave following the directions on the package.
  • Pipe the laces/ lines & stars let them harden then press them gently into the cookie icing. That will help keep it in place. A few of mine fell off before I figured that out.
*Random Thought:  I bought some bag stands a few weeks ago, and I hate them. Maybe hate is a strong word, but I  don’t like them. I’ve been using cups. I have some 16oz tumblers that I “acquired” from the restaurant I used to work at. Put the appropriate coupler and decorating tip on your frosting bag, put it in the cup, and fold the top of the bag over the edge of the cup for easy filling!*
Sadly… I forgot to do a few things yesterday while I was baking and decorating. That includes taking pictures, and counting how many cookies I actually got. OOPS. It sucks ‘cuz this would have been an awesome “tutorial/ how I managed to pull this off” type of post! Damn my forgetfulness and ADD!
Short post today is ‘cuz I didn’t have internet access last night, and I’m about to lose it again. Even the smallest storm knocks out my service. Thanks a lot Verizon. If I had man-junk I’d tell them to “suck it”.
Happy Sunday Bakery! Yes, I know today is Monday… but I baked yesterday. Shush.
-Hey Waitress!!
Recipe HERE!
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Red Headed Sl*t Cupcakes

If you’ve never had a Red Headed Slut you don’t know what you’re missing! I demand you have one. Right. Now.  At the bar I used to work at we made it as a shooter (1 oz Jager, 1 oz peach schnapps, and 2 oz cranberry juice), but I’ve seen it made with more (or less) cranberry. This is the ONLY way I’ll drink Jager. Although I did enjoy (eating) the JagerBomb cupcakes. Hmm, maybe the ‘Meister is starting to grow on me?
I used a variation of the recipe from the Cookies & Cream cupcakes, and just changed around some of the liquids. Sadly, the cake flavor is kind of unremarkable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, just not as Slutty as I hoped for. I got the idea to soak the cranberries from a blog post about rum raisin oatmeal cookies (which I put on my “to bake” list). Although I would soak them overnight if possible! I forgot to do it last night…
Don’t over-fill your cupcake tins! I filled the first batch 3/4 full, and they ended up overflowing so badly the edges burnt, and I had to trim them off. Not pretty. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the picture. Filling the liners 2/3 full will definitely be enough. I baked mine for the full 20 minutes.  They’re a bit brown on the bottoms… not burnt, just brown.;)  They’re very moist, and are sticking to the liners pretty bad. I’m not sure how to fix that…
I used a regular old average buttercream recipe. The cupcake were supposed to be Red Headed, but I only had the burgundy gel food color (which turned out hot pink!). Awkward. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I seemed to have beat the frosting too long, it started getting a little odd-looking. That’s the only way I can describe it. It seemed unfluffy, or slightly liquidly. It wasn’t bad enough to remake, just something to think about for next time. Maybe I’ll need a bit more powdered sugar?
That’s all for tonight… I’m off to have a RHS and a cupcake. Hehehe.
Happy Sunday Cupcakery,
-Hey Waitress!!
Red Headed Slut Cupcake recipe
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