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Peanut Butter Cookies

This is a recipe my mom sent me. I halved the original recipe…  and it still made 13 doz cookies. 13 dozen! I also used Light brown sugar, instead of regular brown sugar (because that’s what I had in the house) and added the Reese’s Pieces.

I “basted” and “glazed” approx 1/2 the cookies with Jager or Kahlua… but I couldn’t taste either, so I didn’t include it in the recipe.

They came out nice and chewy, delish!

enjoy… nom nom nom.

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Thank You…

For  all the people who made me who I am today… THANK YOU.
To Mom- 
For keeping a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food in my belly (even when I was a bratty teenager). Thank you for working 2 jobs while raising us and going to school, you taught me determination. Thank you for NOT taking advantage of the system, and teaching me how to work for what I want. From rescuing squirrels and pigeons, stray cats, a dumpster dog,  and a worm infested Pitty mix you taught me responsibility and instilled a love of animals that will last me til the day I die.
To Dad- 
Where do you think I got it from, Father? And by it, I mean  sarcasm. You changed the way I thought about music. Without your hundreds of CD’s I’d still be listening to Billy Ray. ugh. You showed me The Beastie Boys (Ill Communication- Sabotage), The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and soooo many more amazing bands. You bought me my first “Parental Advisory” CD’s (Limp Bizkit, and Blink 182), which I hid from Mom, and only listened to in headphones. For introducing me to the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres. Through Robert Jordan, Tolkien and the rest of them,you gave me a place that I felt safe, worlds to explore, and heroes to love.
To my grandparents- 
For showing me what 50+ years of marriage looks like. For fighting for our country. For sacrificing your dreams to raise a family. For your compassion and love. For your strength. Thank you for pancakes, fishing, summers at the lake, vegetable gardens, apple jelly, and live trapping chipmunks (which we released a few miles down the road). For
To my first “real” boyfriend-
For my first heartbreak. It was horrible, I cried, and I thought my life was over. Because of you, I learned how to put myself back together.
To my Phi Sigma Sigma sisters, and the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi-
 For “the college experience”. Beer Pong, house parties, parliamentary procedure, gossip, all night cramming, and Sheetz food. Thank you  PSS sisters for taking me in me despite the fact that I wasn’t a typical sorority girl. I truly love you girls. Thank you to some brothers for “protecting” me, and some for helping me go wild.
To my best friends in college- 
For keeping me sane,  welcoming a silly Yankee into your lives, and for late night talks while chain-smoking . “This might sound bad, but…”
To my Department Head @ AU- 
You where right, I never amounted to anything in that field. But that’s because it is full of people like you. People who didn’t give me a chance, and that’s OK. If I had stayed, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I probably wouldn’t have gone to work at the restaurant, met my husband, or gone to CO to finish school. Thank you, for helping me become who I am.
To the first guy I lived with-
You taught me that I need to love & care about myself, before I could do it for someone else. You broke my trust and opened my eyes to how relationships should work.
To a very good friend, & former roommate-
for AppleTini nights. Need I say more? She talked me out of moving back to MA for good, and into a cop costume for Halloween. Even though we’ve grown very far apart, you’ll always be in my heart.
To my restaurant family- 
Y’all took a huge chance on me… You gave me a job, some of the best friends a girl could have, and a reason to call D-Vegas “Home”. You had faith that I would get better, broke me out of my shell, scolded me when I fucked up, and praised me when I did “right”. You truly are my family…
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Captain & Coke Cupcakes II

I have an unholy love for Captain Morgan. It dates back to my college days. I have an aaah-mazing sorority sister, J, who used to carry a pint with her when we went to house parties… and then there was another sister, C, who drank Capt & Coke’s. I also have another wonderfully amazing friend, A, who spent many drunken nights with the Captain and I. Not to mention, it’s delish! sigh… Capt & Coke was always a good time!
Back to the subject at hand. I made the first batch of Captain & Coke cupcakes over a year ago, when my alcoholic baking obsession started. At that point I was bringing them into work, so they had to be “non-alcoholic”! BOO. This time around, I could do what I wanted! So… they’re chock full of Captain.
The Coke Cake recipe was from “The Big Book of Cupcakes”, and was originally an orange soda cupcake. It was for 12 cupcakes, so I double it, and ended up with 34 cupcakes. Huh? I don’t know either. I filled the cups 2/3 full, as usual. I also added the Captain to the cake, because, as we’ve already established, I love Captain.
I cored these the same way as I did the JagerBomb cupcakes… you should check out THOSE too. I filled them with the Capt filling (duh). I ended up adding the vanilla to the filling to tame the Captain’s bite. Then I put the tops back on, and frosted them with the Capt & Coke frosting (double duh).
The cake is springy & moist. Ugh, I really hate that word, moist. All around this batch was better than the first.  Yummy.
I hope these cupcakes bring happy thoughts, and wonderful memories to you.
-Hey Waitress!!
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Misunderstood Animals

I constantly have random thoughts. All the time. In fact it’s hard for me to pay attention during conversations. For shiz, when I was younger (before it was cool) I was “diagnosed” with ADD. Yah. I like shiny things.

Which leads me into my current “random thought” and post title. Misunderstood animals. Y’all know what I’m talking about, there are animals in this world that are rarely liked, much less loved. I have an odd affection for misunderstood animals. There’s often something ominous, ugly, or they have terrible reputations… but, I still have a soft sport for them. Oh!  Feel the Looove…

A group of Ravens is called an Unkindness.
They feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, fish, carrion, small animals, food remains and garbage. They even dig on snow to inspect plastic bags with waste.
Raven’s calls can express tenderness, happiness, surprise, emotion or rage.  Some say they can be even taught to learn the human speech (Nevermore!!).
They’re highly intelligent.  Ravens have a high learning ability & problem solving logic.
Celtic and Germanic tribes, as well as American Indians and Siberian people, once believed the raven to be the creator of the visible world.
According to legend, if the ravens leave the Tower of London, the fortress and the British kingdom will fall…
Form strong family groups, pups are taken care of by both parents.
Are strong swimmers, and have colonized the Elizabeth Islands off the coast of Massachusetts.
They’re omnivores.
Coyotes walk on their toes! Sneaky bastards.
Coyotes use a lot of vocalizations to communicate with one another. Howls, yelps, and high-pitched cries are best known, but they also bark, growl, wail, and squeal sometimes. Family groups yelping in unison can create the illusion of a dozen or more performing together.
Are North America’s only marsupial mammal!
They have more teeth than any other land mammal (50).
They eat roaches, rats, and dead animals. Many refer to them as “Nature’s Little Sanitation Engineers”.
‘Possums are highly resistant to Rabies, and have a very strong immune system, and a very low body temperature. They also show partial or total immunity to Rattlesnake & Cottonmouth venoms.
They can “play ‘possum” for up to 6 hours.
The tail isn’t strong enough to hang from.
Yup. I could go on and on  about misunderstood/ underappreciated animals… But I see a something sparkly outside and I’m dying to figure out what it is!!
-Hey Waitress!!

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