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Goldshlager Truffles!!

Hubs and I don’t really do the whole Valentine’s Day thing… I like to think that we show each other love everyday and there’s no pressure to show “extra”  love on a silly holiday.
HOWEVER, when V-Day gets close I get a ridiculous urge to make everything “pretty” and pink or red and sparkly with hearts and sprinkles. I can’t help myself.
ANYWAYS, I’m super excited because I just bought my very first food processor! I had to use it right away so… I thought TRUFFLES!!
I based this recipe off of one for Bourbon Balls. Then I f*cked with it (a lot).
I think the next time I make these I’ll probably use some frosting instead of all that corn syrup. Maybe 50/50? These Goldshlager Truffle didn’t stick together very easily. I really had to squeeze the balls into their shape. I think a little frosting might help. Maybe. I’m planning on crushing the cinnamon imperials instead of leaving them whole next time. They’re a little bit too crunchy, I feel like if I didn’t warn people that there was candy inside they might chip a tooth. These don’t taste very much like Goldshlager, I’ll probably use more next time.
Also… IMO the pink Wilton candy melts look peach. Not pretty, pretty pink. I used ¾ of a bag of pink and ¾ of a bag a red candy melts to cover 42 truffles.
*RANDOM THOUGHT* Have you ever had those little cinnamon heart candies that appear in the grocery store around V-Day? No?! Why doesn’t anyone know what I’m talking about!? Wait… maybe it’s because they’re called Cinnamon Imperials. Have you heard of those!?I picked up a few bags of them this year because I really, really, really love them and I’ve been dying to bake something with them since I made THESE cookies from adapted from Mom’s Test Kitchen. That’s how they ended up in these truffles.
On that note…  please excuse all the YELLING and the exclamation points? It’s possible pretty “holidays” and caffeine might have me a little worked up this afternoon. 😉
Check out the recipe for Goldshlager Truffles!
Happy Making!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Red Hot Cookies w/ Goldshlager Frosting

Seriously, I LOVE these cookies. I love cinnamon. I also have an… umm… affection of Goldshlager that dates back to my college/ partying days.
When I saw these on Mom’s Test Kitchen last year… this happened: “SQUEEE! Cinnamon! Valentine’s Day! Sprinkles! Pretty!”
Followed by this: “Cinnamon! GoldShlager! NomNom FROOOSTING!”
I changed the recipe a VERY small amount, and added the frosting. I used Hot Tamales because I couldn’t find “Red Hots”, but I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing. I also tried to find those little cinnamon heart-shaped candies, but I haven’t seen those since I was a little kid.
At the risk of sounding weird (and un-baker-y) today was the first time in my life I ever used corn starch. And I learned that you can use it to make “homemade” cake flour. Yup, I totes got excited about that.
When I made the frosting I didn’t want to cream it, so I melted it most of the way in the microwave. When I say “most of the way” what I mean is microwave for about 10 seconds until it is liquidy, but not yellow and clear. If you melt it all the way the frosting will be thinner (more like an icing). If you don’t melt it enough it will be too thick to whisk. I dipped the tops of the cookies directly into the frosting/ icing when I made it… mostly because I was too lazy to find a knife to spread it.
But the number one reason I love these cookies is the texture. They’re the perfect bite sized cakey cookie! The dough is delish, I’m already thinking about other cookies I can make with it… pretty much anything with candy in it. Or maybe cereal box cookies…
Happy Sunday Bakery!
-Hey Waitress!!
click here for MY RECIPE!
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Red Hot Velvet Cupcakes

When I think about Valentine’s Day (or VD as I like to call it), I always want Red Hots or those little cinnamon hearts that they sell… which makes me think about Goldshlager. I loved Goldshlager the very first time I had it. There’s just something about cinnamon and gold flakes that makes my chest warm. Or that could be the liquor burn. hmmm. So, I scoured the web looking for bakeable (I know, it’s not a word) recipes that had Goldshlager. NONE! I couldn’t believe it! I was in shock! Horrified! Then, I found hints, signs of Cinnamon Red Velvet cupcakes, mentions of Goldshlager in frosting, but still no recipes…

BAM! It hit me! How hard can it be to “create” a Goldshlager Red Velvet cupcake?! Especially because I cheat. I use a pretty simple “formula”… take out water, put in liquor. At the grocery store, The Duncan Hines Red Velvet was my only option. I guess it’s not as popular here as it is in the South. There were a million boxes of chocolate and vanilla flavors, but I didn’t feel like it would be decedent enough for VD! No laughing, but I panicked a little when I opened to box, and the mix wasn’t red! The boxed mix was SUPER clumpy; it took me forever (or like 5minutes) to get it broken up.  After mixing I found the batter was thin, but RED! They also didn’t rise as much as I hoped, but maybe I didn’t fill them enough?

The buttercream was a little bit tougher for me, because browsing my recipes, they’re all slightly different. I also didn’t want the cinnamon to be overpowering, so I added the vanilla. As usual, I don’t think I used a whole pound of powdered sugar. Oh, Red Velvet purists probably aren’t happy with my use of buttercream instead of traditional cream cheese. Get over it! I’m not a big fan of cream cheese frosting.

Overall the cupcakes are very cinnamony(also, not a word). Hubs said they taste like Big Red… I think they taste like happiness.

Happy VD!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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