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Red Velvet Snickers Brownies in Someone Else’s Kitchen


So… I hate cooking/ baking in other peoples kitchens. Is that weird? Maybe it is. I don’t know. But I seriously hate not knowing where anything is… and it’s even worse when I’m in another town/ state. Then I have to go shopping and I don’t know where anything is in the freaking store! Aaaarg!
These brownies where a delish exercise in what else could possible go (kind of) wrong.
But I should start from the beginning. We’re visiting Hubs’ family in VA for Christmas and I offered to bake dessert. I don’t know how to say this w/o sounding like a jerk… but his dad doesn’t exactly have a great kitchen set up. It’s kind of wack… It was so bad I had to go buy most of the ingredients (see first paragraph). and then I forgot the danged FLOUR! Lucky for me, Hubs’ Bro lives right next door and his wife was gracious enough to hand over a bag of flour.
Dad doesn’t own a stand mixer. He has a hand mixer. From the 80’s. I now realize how much I love my Kitchen Aid, and I will never take her for granted again. EVER.
But balancing all that out I had helper this time, my SIL gave me a hand in the kitchen, measuring and finding all the things I needed. It was nice to have family in the kitchen helping out.
This recipe was adapted from Tuesday Night Boyfriend. Her blog is adorable and delish!
Finally… we get these delish looking brownies into the oven. I set the time for 25minutes and walk away. After 25 they’re not done. NBD, they’re supposed to take 35. Put the timer on for 10 more… still not done. 10 more… not yet. 10 more… f*ck it! I took them out anyways and went over to Bro’s house for some booze. Bro’s wife listened to me whine for a few minutes, and then offered to let me try finishing them in her oven. So sweet. We preheated and popped that (still delish looking, but undone pan) in her oven for 15 minutes. BAM! BAKED!
You might be thinking “WTF? Was the oven broken? Did you get the bake time wrong?”
What you should be asking is… “Did you accidentally turn the oven off after you checked them the first time?”
The answer to that would be… Yes. I’m pretty sure I accidentally turned the oven off and didn’t realize it. (hashtag)BakingFail. I hate baking in other peoples kitchen and I guess I was probably a little flustered. I really wanted everyone to love these.
And they did come out great. The only problem is that they’re not SUPER chocolately. Other than that I would change 2 things. The first is I wouldn’t cut up the fun sized Snickers. The second is, I’d chop up a king-sized Snicker’s bar and sprinkle it on top of the brownies when they first come out of the oven (maybe with some chocolate chips)!
Happy Baking! Hope you & yours had a  Merry Christmas!
-Hey Waitress!!
 Check out the recipe for these Red Velvet Snickers Brownies!
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Jagermeister Oatmeal Cookies & Candy Bar Red Velvet Cookies!

Sunday Bakery this week was a two-fer. As in, I made 2 different kinds of cookies! What can I say; I like a little variety in my snacking. Or maybe I had some redic craving leading up to today’s baking extravaganza.
I actually started prepping the Jager Oatmeal cookies on Saturday morning by measuring out the raisins & cranberries, then pouring Jager over them until they were drowning in it. Then I covered the container & let them soak for a few hours (or 6), until I made the cookie dough. Drain the Jager from the raisins & cranberries before you add it to the dough. You can brush some of the leftover on the cookies about 2 minutes before they finish baking. I made this dough Saturday night because I knew it had to chill for an hour… so I didn’t think making it the night before would be a big deal.
The flavor from the Jagermeister isn’t too strong. It’s barely noticeable, but (IMO) in a good way. You can tell that these aren’t regular oatmeal cookies, but the Jager flavor isn’t punching you in the face. Know what I mean?
The recipe was adapted from one on AllRecipes. CLICK HERE to check out my version.
Hubs LOVES Red Velvet cake. For everyday eating it’s too rich for me. But sometimes… a girl just wants some rich chocolaty goodness. And sometimes, a girl just wants that chocolate flavor in an awesome red cookie filled with chunks of her favorite candy bars. And some chocolate chips. Because that’s how I roll.
I’ve been dying to try red velvet cookies for a while. I had a few issues though… I really like chewy cookies better than crunchy or cakey cookies, and I really wanted to make them from scratch!
I slightly adapted my cookie dough recipe from one I saw on Unpampered Chef & How Sweet It Is. They use the same recipe… and I’m not sure who get the “credit”. I froze the candy bars after I cut them up, while I was getting the rest of the dough together. It was a little sticky at first, and kind of hard to manage. I ended up chilling it for an hour and that helped! Keep it in the fridge between batches.
Check out MY RECIPE!
I strongly urge you to go make either of these cookies right now. 😉
Happy Sunday Bakery!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Kahlua & Peppermint Red Velvet Cupcakes

I was super excited to make these cupcakes. The idea started when I saw (and forgot to save) a York Peppermint Pattie cupcake online. It looked delish! I also REALLY love peppermint flavored things, Christmas/ the holidays are the perfect season for me to use it in EVERYTHING. So I figured what could be better than adding 2 of my favorite things (Kahlua & Peppermint) to one of my husband’s favorite things (Red Velvet Cake)!?
They didn’t turn out exactly how I planned. Mostly because I forgot to take into account that the York Patties would COMPLETELY melt. It left these (tasty, but…) sticky clumps and holes in the cupcakes, and they totally stuck to the liners in some spots. They still taste delish, but I’m now on a mission to figure out why the patties melted… I really wanted them to have pretty “candy cane” looking stripes in the middles. *sigh* I feel the need to mention that I made the first 12 with crushed York Patties in the middle, then sprinkled more on top. The second batch I made with the sliced York Patties. Those came out much prettier and slightly less sticky (but still melted).
The original batter recipe was for Southern Comfort Red Velvet Cake from The Boozy Baker (Lucy Baker). I obviously modified it by adding the York Peppermint Patties & switching out the SoCo for Kahlua. The frosting recipe is also based on the one in the cookbook. Just add the crushed patties! I’m sure Red Velvet purists are probably in an uproar over the lack of cream cheese frosting… but *shudder* I don’t like cream cheese frosting. Deal with it. 😉
My only other “complaint” is that I can’t really taste the Kahlua. It needs more booze! Of course, I think everything needs more booze! Especially during the holidays. Don’t deny it, you drink more when you’re surrounded by loved ones, and a crazy extend family. Or not, maybe it’s just me.
Either way… Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
Kahlua & Peppermint Red Velvet Recipe Here
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SoCo Red Velvet Cupcakes

Southern Comfort and I go back to college. We’ve always had a great relationship. Especially when Coke (the soda) and a lime got involved. Sometimes I didn’t even need the Coke…  I also love the very Southern pairing of Red Velvet and SoCo. So, naturally when I saw this recipe in the Boozy Baker I had to give it a try.  I suggest you do the same!
(for once) I didn’t change anything in the batter recipe! I’m super impressed with the thickness and the color of the batter, unlike the Red Hot Velvet cupcakes from VD. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Sadly my kitchen looks like I murdered someone, because (somehow) I managed to get food coloring ALL OVER my counters. That’s talent. I know, I know… You’re probably laughing at me right now thinking “Duh, everyone knows that red food coloring stains”. And just incase you needed another reason to laugh… I realized I only have one mixing bowl. And I needed 3. So, yes, my liquids were whisked in a pot. Don’t judge me. I’m too cheap to buy more bowls. The original cooking time was for 2 9-inch round cake pans (baked for 30-40 minutes). It also claimed 24 cupcakes, but as usual I got more (27 this time). After baking for 20 minutes there was a bit of edge overflow… and I’d suggest trimming it if you want them to look “pretty”. I’m not sure if edge overflow is an right phrase. It may be better just to ignore the last sentence.
The original frosting recipe used a minimum of 6 cups powdered sugar, adding (up to 2 more cups) a little at a time, until frosting reached the desired consistency. I was ok with just 6 cups.
Get ‘cha grub on!
-Hey Waitress!!
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