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Chocolate Peppermint Cookies!!

These Chocolate Peppermint cookies are just one of the things I worked on in the kitchen today. I’m planning on sharing the rest over the next few days.
I used the same dough as the Thin Mint or Tagalong Stuffed Chocolate Cookies. I doubled the recipe from With Sprinkles On Top. It’s my favorite chocolate cookie dough that I’ve made (so far).
The only problem I had when I was making these is getting the melted chocolate chips combined into the rest of the dough. I think I’ll add it to the after I add the eggs/ vanilla next time. Or maybe I’ll use baking chocolate instead…
When the 8 minute mark comes up, and you’re ready to take these out of the oven, don’t worry if the cookies don’t look done in the middle… they will be. They’ll finish cooling and set up on the cookie sheet.
View my Chocolate Peppermint Cookie recipe!
Some of the other things I worked on today are: Hot Cocoa Mix, Peppermint Infused Vodka, Cookie Dough Fudge, and Cookie Dough Candy Cane “Pops”.  I’ll (hopefully) be sharing them (at some point) soon.
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Turtle Snack Mix & Spiced Caramels

Aaaaaaallright, The original version of this is from Cravings Of A Lunatic. I changed a few things so click on the link to see her recipe!
I didn’t feel like making the caramel part, so I skipped it and added the mini Rolo’s. I stirred them in the mixture while it was still pretty warm so they would melt and get gooey. I also used a combination of milk chocolate chips and semi-sweet (that’s what I had in the pantry).
The next time I make this…I (might) make half the amount of chocolate mixture, and I’m (definitely) not going to leave it in the oven for a full hour. It didn’t seem to need to be in there that long. The corn syrup and chocolate mixture didn’t cook… the coating didn’t firm up until I let it cool for a few hours on the counter. Also, that stuff stays HOT for a long time. ;). Finally I think I’ll put it on 2 large cookie sheets so I can spread it out in a single layer, and see how that works. I didn’t get the cute pieces that the original author got. Mine broke up into bigger chunks.
This snack mix is seriously delish, I can’t stop eating it. Literally. I made this on Sunday, and every time I walk by the bowl I grab a few pieces. Maybe not EVERY time, but definitely every OTHER. Check out my version HERE!

I also made some spiced caramels on Sunday. I used this recipe. Just add 2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice with the salt! Then, line an 8X8 pan with parchment paper, pour the mixture in and let it cool/ set in the fridge. Then cut it into 1 inch squares. I also added about ¼- ½ c of chocolate chips… but it didn’t really do much. i wouldn’t even bother. Hubs said these are good, but I think they could use more of the spice flavors, so I’ll probably add another teaspoonful if I make them again. Because I was giving these away (and the caramel is pretty soft) I wrapped them in squares of parchment paper. It only took me for-ev-er. If I wasn’t sharing them (or if I was serving them right away) I wouldn’t have wrapped them. It took too much darn effort.
Happy Snack Making!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Piñata Cupcakes that didn’t come out (exactly) like I wanted…

So… last weekend was Cinco De Mayo. I used to spend this particular “holiday” in a bar. Not drinking, but working. Slinging Corona and Margaritas to people who really just wanted an excuse to get drunk. Not that I’m complaining (too much), because it was (usually) good money…
This year because I’m not working at a bar, and because I wanted to try something new I decided to make piñata cupcakes for Sunday Bakery. Which, BTW, ended up being on Monday (the day AFTER Cinco), because we went to a TON of open houses. I was going to make an updated Margarita cupcake, but I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to put a recipe together.
Now, these little guys didn’t come out how I wanted them too. I envisioned them with perfect piñata-like layers of color, and adorable stripes on top. I got the stripes right, but the actual cupcake layers… not so much. I didn’t post the recipe for that reason. These look more tye-dye than anything. I think it was because I used a thin cake batter, instead of a fluffy, thicker one. I separated the batter into 5 equal amounts then used gel food color. I pour small amounts into each muffin tin… so, basically I’m not really sure what went “wrong”.
The best part of these cupcakes was the “filling”. I combined ½ cup Rainbow Nerds, ½ mini Chewy Sweet-Tarts, and 3 tubes mini M&Ms together with some plain vanilla buttercream. Cut out a hole in the middle of your cupcakes with a paring knife or a cupcake corer, and then put those pieces to the side (so you can cover the filling). Stuff the candy mixture into the cupcake and put the tops back on. I won’t even lie, I had a bunch of the filling left over… and it’s been topping my fro yo all week. Store it in the fridge and you can do the same.
As for the frosting… I made a regular buttercream, divided it into 5 portions, dyed it, put it in pastry bags, then used the flat (back)side of a basket weave tip (Wilton #43) to put the piñata colored stripes down.
Honestly, if I ever make these again I’ll probably make them using box cake mix and canned frosting. It was a pain in the butt to make everything from scratch than dye it…
Happy Baking.
-Hey Waitress!!
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Homemade Marshmallow Bunnies & Chicks, and Other Easter Treats

Marshmallow Bunnies & Chicks
(adapted from Miss CandiQuik)
I love marshmallows. I mean, I LOOOOOOVE them. I’ve been wanting to try to make my own since the beginning of the winter (hello marshmallow hot chocolate). Because I finally bought a candy thermometer AND that next weekend is Easter (and I also recently bought some really cute Easter themed cookie cutters), I decided that this weekend would be the time to try it!
The recipe has a lot of steps, but it’s not too complicated.
Atleast it wouldn’t be complicated if you used the right sized sauce pan. Do you have any idea what burned corn syrup/ sugar smells like? Nasty. That’s what. My small sauce pan was (apparently) too small. The mixture started to boil, reached about 200 degrees F, then proceeded to boil out of my small sauce pan and burn onto my stove top. Oops. In a moment of pure panic I grabbed another (larger) sauce pan, poured the wicked hot mixture into it, and set it on a different burner on med-high heat. It obviously took a bit longer to heat back up (about 6 more minutes), and I only got the temp up to 230 degrees F. It still worked, so I’m not complaining!
The original recipe said to whip the combined mixtures for 12-15 minutes, mine was fluffy after about 8, so I added the vanilla and kept whipping for 2 more minutes just to make sure.
I used a sifter to get a nice even coating of corn starch/ powdered sugar in the bottom of the prepared 9×13 pan before I spread the marshmallow mixture in it, then sifted some more on top after I got it in the pan. Also… try not to eat all the marshmallow. I had some trouble with this because it tastes just like FLUFF at this point in the process.
I made Bunnies & Chicks, but you could just cut the marshmallow into squares (after it sits overnight, or for 4 hours). Dip the cookie cutters, or your knife into the leftover corn starch/ powdered sugar to keep it from sticking to the marshmallow.
I saved the scraps (I HATE wasting stuff), and cut them into tiny pieces to make bite sized marshmallows.
Click here for the Homemade Marshmallow Recipe!
Other Easter Goodies
I also made a bunch of other stuff this weekend with the intention of making things that Hubs could take to work for folks to share with their families. IE I didn’t use ANY booze this weekend.
First was the super duper cute Cadbury Egg Chicks (inspired by A Mummy Too). I followed her directions, with the exception of the beaks. I cut a yellow candy melt in half, “glued” the flat sides together with melted candy melt, then cut those in half. That made 2 quarters “glued” together, then “glued” onto the Cadbury Egg. I didn’t include tails on mine, and I used candy eyeballs (made by Wilton, bought at Michael’s craft store).
Next was M&M (egg-shaped) Rice Krispie Treats. Check out Will Cook For Smiles for the recipe & directions. I couldn’t get my M&M’s to stick to the sides of my eggs, so I just left them off. I wish mine would have come out as cute as hers! Cut the scraps into small squares (try not to eat them all), and save for what’s coming next.
Bunny Bark ( 2 ways)! Because I needed an excuse to buy my favorite Easter candy. Right? Yes. CONFESSION: I love, love, love Starburst Jellybeans and Mini Cadbury Chocolate Eggs. Like, really LOVE them both.
I used a large bag of white chocolate chips…
For the first kind of Bunny Bark, I melted half of the white chocolate chips, and poured in onto a 9×13 cookie sheet (covered with parchment paper). Then I sprinkled some Starburst Jellybeans (3/4 cup maybe), some of the homemade mini marshmallows, and some of the left over Rice Krispie Treat pieces on top. Then I drizzled some melted dark chocolate over it.
For the 2nd kind… I cut 1 cup of mini (bite sized) Oreos in half, sprinkled them on a piece of parchment paper (on a 9×13 baking sheet), covered those in melted white chocolate, then dropped some Reese’s PB Eggs, Mini Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, and some Easter Pretzel M&M’s on top… then drizzled some dark chocolate over the top.
Allow the bark to chill for 45minutes in the fridge before you break it into smaller pieces.
Have a great Easter!
Happy Making (or Baking)!
-Hey Waitress!!


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