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Nerdy Kool Aid Cupcakes!

I know this post is late (as usual)… but I didn’t actually get around to baking until Monday, then I had to get these bad boys to my “tasters” (AKA Hubs’ coworkers). I finally got a little feedback from everyone yesterday. Overall they got an “OK”.
The only complaint I got was that the most of the Nerds in the cupcakes sank to the bottom where they melted. I think that’s because the cake batter was too thin. The Fruit Punch flavor in the cake was really good, but it did stick to the liners a little bit.
I used a really simple vanilla buttercream on these because I didn’t want to take away from the delish fruit punch flavor.
The thing I really like about these is how easy they are. You can use any flavor of Kool Aid, as long as it’s in the packet (the kind you add sugar to).
When I first thought of these cupcakes I thought I was being super original. A quick internet search proved me wrong. So… I adapted the Kool Aid cupcakes from Adventures In My Freezer. If you like my simple version of these Nerdy Kool Aid Cupcakes you should check out these adorable (and slightly more complicated) ones from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
Click HERE for my recipe.


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No Machine! PB Cup Ice Cream

Here  in PA we’ve had a of a heat wave this past  week. I shouldn’t be complaining… but I really hate being too hot. Honestly, it’s been in the 90’s, but the heat index puts it around 100. Ugh.
So, because it’s been too hot (and because I needed an excuse to try) I decided to make some ice cream. I don’t have one of those fancy-smancy ice cream machines so (of course) I went in search of some recipes on the InterWebs.
Most of the recipes I saw could be broken down into 3 bases. One with Cool Whip, another with heavy cream, and the last base was heavy cream and some other stuff that needed to be cooked. Now… I was in no mood to cook anything, and I really wanted to do something really simple so I chose to use Cool Whip as my base.
Then I just had to choose what to put in it! So many options… eventually I decided I should make something Hubs would eat, as I’m more of a FroYo girl.
The flavor is pretty good, but I think it should be more chocolatly. Next time I’m going to add more melted baking chocolate.
The texture isn’t as creamy as store-bought ice cream, but I bet if I used the heavy cream as a base it would be. It’s also kind of sticky… maybe I used too much condensed milk?
Overall, the recipe is yummy and with a few minor tweeks it could be heavenly.
Check out the recipe & try it out for yourself!
Happy Sunday!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Creamsicle Floats

Ok. So I haven’t baked in like 3 weeks. I feel terrible about it. But the truth is… we just moved into our first house, and I’ve been unpacking and cleaning. I do plan on getting back to baking this weekend. It will happen. I’m super excited to use my “new” kitchen and the nice sized pantry that has room for all my baking “stuff”!
Geez! I think I could talk about the house ALL DAY… But because I felt so guilty about not posting any new baking I’m going to post these Creamsicle Floats!
Buying a house has really made me miss my mom, even though she’s just a few (or 4) hours away, so I thought I’d share our favorite summer “drink”.
I usually use orange sherbet, but I’ve made these with raspberry or rainbow as well. These pictures are of a rainbow one I made yesterday. Mom like Fresca in her float (gross), and I used regular Sprite in mine (Sprite Zero didn’t exist back then)! I call these floats, but they taste the best when you should stir it up really good until everything is blended together… so there’s nothing really floating…
I should also suggest a more “adult” version… maybe with a shot of Grand Marnier or Chambord? Or even your favorite fruity/ dessert flavored vodka? I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s def going to happen soon.
Happy Stirring!
-Hey Waitress!!
Recipe Here.


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Our First House & A Lack Of Sunday Baking!

Ok! I’m super-duper excited! In just a few short days we’re closing on our first house! It’s been a crazy process, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Because I’m not working all the packing and organizing has been left to me. Of course… it was left to me when we move HERE from VA, and when we moved from Denver to VA, and when we moved from VA to Denver (and I had a job & school)! Jeez, we move a lot, huh? But the thing is… Hubs is a horrible packer, so it’s probably a good thing I’m doing it. If he had it his way we’d throw everything in whatever box we had handy, no rhyme nor reason. And we wouldn’t do it til the day before we move. That doesn’t work for me. I want everything to be neat and organized. I want all my kitchen stuff together (2 large totes and not finished), all the bathroom stuff together, towels together, guest bedroom stuff, my shoes (2 large totes, and 1 large box)… you get the idea?
We weren’t supposed to move for another 2 weeks, I really wanted to paint the house without worrying about our furniture, and I wanted to make sure the new furniture (will still haven’t picked out) would be there before so we could settle in. That’s not going to happen. We’re moving the day after we close!
I had a mini meltdown when I discovered some houseflies in the apt. Gross. The thing is, I keep a clean apt. My kitchen is cleaned everyday, and I vacuum and all that other crap once a week. So, I have NO IDEA how those nasty Mo-Fo’s got in! I freaked out… I mean, there was crying and everything! Fortunately, my hero came to my rescue with a can of fly spray! When you add houseflies to all the other little problems that we’ve had here it equals time to get the heck outta here. I’ll paint around our furniture!
At any rate… I really can’t wait to get moved in, and start (attempting) to redecorate to really make a home for us!
Because of all the packing/ organizing I haven’t done Sunday Bakery  for the past 2 weeks. It’s not that I haven’t baked. I just haven’t baked anything of “my own”.
Last week I made this delish PB & J Coffee Cake from Two Peas & Their Pod. I doubled the PB topping and spread some in the middle with a little extra jelly, then put the rest on top. I won’t do that again. I’m not sure what happened by the middle of my coffee cake didn’t bake right… I think I should’ve left the jelly out of the middle. Stick to the original, or leave the jelly out of the middle!
I also cut up some leftover mini candy bars and some Oreo’s and made Candy Bark. Just lay them out flat on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, then pour melted chocolate (I used white) over them, let it set, and break it into pieces!
This week I made this awesome PB & Pretzel Fudge from Shugary Sweets. It doesn’t have the fudgey texture I was hoping for, but I think some condensed milk or marshmallow Fluff could change that. Sadly, my little pieces don’t look nearly as pretty as hers do! About half of mine broke into strange (not square) chunks. I blame my crappy knife (my “good” set is packed)!
Hopefully, I’ll be back in the Sunday Bakery groove for next weekend! I’ve got a few “new” cupcakes that I’m really excited to try.
Happy Monday!
-Hey Waitress!!
PS. Be forewarned. There’s probably going to be a plethora of “decorating” and painting posts in the future. I will pre-apologize for my lack of sense, and for my love of stupidly bright colors. I’m sure I will be insulting your design sense and your eyes!
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