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New To Me Cooking Challenge September

Week 36- Bacon & Jalapeno Cheddar Stuffed Turkey Burgers
We finally got a grill this weekend! So of course I had to make some burgers! I usually just toss a slice of cheese on top of mine, slap some mustard on it and call it done. BOOOOOORING. I know! I usually opt for turkey and not beef because it’s leaner and I don’t really like red meat all that much. However, I LOVE ground Bison! But it’s easily double the cost of beef or turkey! Yikes. So that’s why I went with the turkey.
I used the chipotle seasoned breadcrumbs and the jalapeño cheddar for Hubs because he likes spicy. They’re actually pretty perfect. They’re not spicy but there’s some action… a hint of hot.
I really like the way these came out. I can’t believe I haven’t thought about making something like them before! Geeez! Hubs is excited ‘cause he wants to try some with mushrooms, Swiss, and onions. I’m not sure those will ever happen… I have an intense dislike for mushrooms. Like, really intense. *shudder*
Anyway… def thumbs up from both of us. This might be the only way I make burgers ever again.
Week 37- Skillet Steak Enchiladas
This recipe was adapted from Add A Pinch. Go here for the original.
There isn’t much to say about it because it came out so darn good! I literally didn’t have one single problem making this. Except for the enchilada sauce… even the “medium” flavor from Chi-Chi’s was too hot for me! But, I AM a huge baby when it comes to spicy. I just don’t deal w/ it well. Hubs said the flavor was perfect. Personally… I think I’ll try the “mild” flavor next time.
NOTE: I weigh ingredients instead of using “cups” because it’s more accurate when I’m trying to figure out calorie counts. I also use low-fat/ reduced-fat/ low-calorie options when I can. AND I’ve been buying blocks of cheese instead of the preshredded kind (it has a few less preservatives)… no big deal, but it will probably affect your calorie count if that kind of thing matters to you.
Week 38- an awful attempt at BBQ Mac N Cheese
Lets just say… it didn’t happen. Well… it happened but it was horrible. I don’t even want to talk about how horrible. I’m not even going to tell you more than that.
Week 39- Spicy Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo
Ok… you’ve probably noticed by now that I like chicken. And broccoli. And pasta. I’m not sorry. 😉 I’m doubly not sorry that I made this recipe for dinner. It’s awesoooooome. I slightly adapted the recipe from Flour On My Face… just a smidge. I like that she used milk instead of cream, and I reduced the calories a smidge more by using 2% milk instead of whole milk. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to eat Alfredo sauce (darn calorie counting), and this sauce didn’t disappoint me at all, it’s a billion times tastier than the store bought kind!
I didn’t have any problems making the sauce; it went off without a hitch! I (smartly) had everything measured out ahead of time (for once). I will admit that my arm started to get tired from the constant whisking though. I guess I’ll just chalk that up to building up my arm muscles. Haha!
The next time I make this I’ll cut the recipe in half… there’s only 2 of us after all. I might try it with plain chicken, and use taco seasoning in the sauce.
That finishes up My New 2 Me Cooking Challenge for September!
Happy Making!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Apple Cider Cupcakes with caramel filling & peanut butter buttercream!!

I have a confession. I made these the same day I made the caramel sauce but Netflix seems to have sucks my spare time into a mindless void of watching all my favorite shows. I’m not sorry.
I’m also not sorry I made these cupcakes. Not even a little bit. ;)I picked this combo because I’m super excited for autumn flavors. Unless it’s something pumpkin. I’m already totally sick of pumpkin spice things. When did pumpkin spice become the end all be all of Fall!? Geeeeeez.
Aaaaaaanyways… the cupcake is from Something Swanky. I doubled that recipe, and put the ingredients together a little differently.
After the cupcakes cooled, I cored them with a paring knife, and set the tops to the side. You can put them back on after you fill them with the caramel if you want. I did. I used about a tablespoon of filling for each cupcake and had some left over. If you don’t put the tops back on you’ll probably use all the filling.
The peanut butter buttercream is my standard buttercream (and probably my favorite flavor).
I used apple cider in both the filling & buttercream, but you can just use milk if you want. I really wanted to make sure there was plenty of cider flavor throughout the whole cupcake!
Overall… I really liked the way these came out. The cake is moist, and none of the individual flavors are so strong that they overwhelm the others. These get thumbs up! And it’s been hard for me to control the urge to eat more than one at a time.
So, skip the pumpkin spice stuff and go make these!
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Homemade Caramel Filling/ Sauce!!

This recipe is from I think it was created to fill in cake layers…
I’m so excited I made this caramel! Like, really, really excited! I’ve been putting off making caramel for a long time ‘cause I kept hearing about how hard it is! But (surprisingly) it wasn’t! AAAAAAND I only splattered myself once w/ the boiling mixture… just one teensy tiny burn on my finger! HA! Take that Ye Silly Gods Of Kitchen Dangers!
I think if I had let this keep cooking, it would’ve turned into a denser (thicker?) texture, and once it cooled, I probably could’ve cut it into caramel candies… but I’m not sure so don’t quote me. 😉
The directions call for a “heavy saucepan”… I think that’s code for “not cheap”. Haha! I used a regular metal pot with non-stick coating on the inside.
I also Did. Not. Stop. Stirring. I really got an arm workout. But I’m going to do it again… if I ever run out of this batch. 😉
Happy Making!
-Hey Waitress!!

 Check out the recipe here!

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Dark Chocolate & Cayenne Cupcakes, with a smidge of Bailey’s!!

I have no idea why it took me so long to make these cupcakes! They’ve been on my “To Bake” list for months! Honestly… it’s probably because I never thought cayenne & chocolate would go together. But apparently it’s actually a real thing, and pretty common! My internet browsing brought up a ton of different recipes for that combination! There was even a few hot chocolate recipes!
So… I used the ingredient list from bitchin’ kitchin, but modified the way I put them together (a little bit). I had just enough batter to make 24 cupcakes, but it was cutting it real close. It has a great texture, and is really moist.
The buttercream is adapted from my standard recipe.
Overall I was really surprised by how well these came out. They might be my favorite. Seriously. I thought they would be too “spicy”, but they’re not. The cayenne is almost an aftertaste. It starts off with a really great chocolate flavor, and by the time you’re done with the cupcake, there’s just a hint of spicy from the cayenne. It’s pretty freaking awesome. Not that I’m bragging or anything.
You should go make these. Right. Now. Click here to see my recipe!
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!


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