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Kahlua & Peppermint Red Velvet Cupcakes

I was super excited to make these cupcakes. The idea started when I saw (and forgot to save) a York Peppermint Pattie cupcake online. It looked delish! I also REALLY love peppermint flavored things, Christmas/ the holidays are the perfect season for me to use it in EVERYTHING. So I figured what could be better than adding 2 of my favorite things (Kahlua & Peppermint) to one of my husband’s favorite things (Red Velvet Cake)!?
They didn’t turn out exactly how I planned. Mostly because I forgot to take into account that the York Patties would COMPLETELY melt. It left these (tasty, but…) sticky clumps and holes in the cupcakes, and they totally stuck to the liners in some spots. They still taste delish, but I’m now on a mission to figure out why the patties melted… I really wanted them to have pretty “candy cane” looking stripes in the middles. *sigh* I feel the need to mention that I made the first 12 with crushed York Patties in the middle, then sprinkled more on top. The second batch I made with the sliced York Patties. Those came out much prettier and slightly less sticky (but still melted).
The original batter recipe was for Southern Comfort Red Velvet Cake from The Boozy Baker (Lucy Baker). I obviously modified it by adding the York Peppermint Patties & switching out the SoCo for Kahlua. The frosting recipe is also based on the one in the cookbook. Just add the crushed patties! I’m sure Red Velvet purists are probably in an uproar over the lack of cream cheese frosting… but *shudder* I don’t like cream cheese frosting. Deal with it. 😉
My only other “complaint” is that I can’t really taste the Kahlua. It needs more booze! Of course, I think everything needs more booze! Especially during the holidays. Don’t deny it, you drink more when you’re surrounded by loved ones, and a crazy extend family. Or not, maybe it’s just me.
Either way… Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
Kahlua & Peppermint Red Velvet Recipe Here
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B52 Cupcakes

I won’t lie… when I turned 21 this was my FAVORITE shot to order at the bar. And I ordered it a lot. Long day shift with shitty tippers? B52. Short night shift with awesome tippers? B52. Some one has a birthday? B52. Your dog died? Have a B52. You get my drift? Anytime was a good time for one of these.
Wait… WHAT!? You’ve never had a B52!? Get your rump to the nearest bar and order one of these. Now.
Alright, now that you’ve tried the glorious layered concoction of Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Grand Marnier… I can continue.
It was good, wasn’t it?
I’ve been tossing the idea of making these around for a few months, but I wasn’t sure HOW. I couldn’t decide how to get all the flavors layered. At first I thought maybe little mini layer cakes. But it was going to be too much work. Then I thought of just combining the Kahlua & Bailey’s in the cake and the Grand Marnier in the frosting. But then I wouldn’t have the pretty layered look! Sigh…
This week I buckled down and decided to just do it. Actually… I picked B52’s this week because I wanted to find a “from scratch” yellow cake and another chocolate cake to add to my recipe book. I found both on All Recipes, then used the serving size button and divided it in half. Then I substituted the alcohol for half of the liquid in each. Tah-Dah! Sadly… I can’t really taste either the Kahlua or the Bailey’s. Boo. But, they’re still yummy! I was also a little disappointed about the way they rose. I was hoping it would be more even, but I guess that was probably because of the different densities…
The Grand Marnier buttercream is just a variation of my standard recipe. It’s YUMMY! Actually, I think it’s close to perfect. I love the flavor! In fact I can’t wait to use it on some chocolate cupcakes. Drooooooool.
Now, go bake something! I’m going to eat a cupcake.
Happy Cupcakery!
-Hey Waitress!!
Recipe here.
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More Sugar Cookies!!

Because… I wanted to try this recipe. And my new cookie cutters. And some different boozy icing. And because I love sugar cookies. And… If you know me,  you know I’m sort of a political junkie, and with the Republican Convention this week and the Dems coming up, I saw these Republican & Democrat cookie cutters I had to buy & try them! I made some footballs too.
Dough Notes:
  • The dough recipe is from Brown Eyed Baker! It’s delish.
  • I did have to double her recipe, because there wasn’t enough dough for my purposes (tons of cookies for multiple people).
  • I made it Saturday night and left it in the fridge until Sunday, when it was time to bake.
  • Not too sticky… unless you leave it out of the fridge for too long.
  • Cut your cookies from cold dough!
  • I baked mine for about 7 minutes… but I also roll them out pretty thin.
  • This dough spread a little bit more than the Sugar Cookies I made 2 weeks ago, but they’re still very good.
Icing Notes:
  • I used the same icing as the other sugar cookie recipe, just changed the booze… Jager in the brown footballs, Kahlua in the red icing, and Caramel Bailey’s in the blue
  • The red icing was made with Wilton Red No Taste gel food color. Buy it. The regular red stuff is gross. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.
  • I made the recipe 3 times, 1 brown, 1 red, 1 blue.
  • The white “laces” on the football, and the white stripe & stars are made with white “candy melts”.
  • I iced the footballs, then the red halves, then the blue.
  • Next I melted the “candy melts” in the microwave following the directions on the package.
  • Pipe the laces/ lines & stars let them harden then press them gently into the cookie icing. That will help keep it in place. A few of mine fell off before I figured that out.
*Random Thought:  I bought some bag stands a few weeks ago, and I hate them. Maybe hate is a strong word, but I  don’t like them. I’ve been using cups. I have some 16oz tumblers that I “acquired” from the restaurant I used to work at. Put the appropriate coupler and decorating tip on your frosting bag, put it in the cup, and fold the top of the bag over the edge of the cup for easy filling!*
Sadly… I forgot to do a few things yesterday while I was baking and decorating. That includes taking pictures, and counting how many cookies I actually got. OOPS. It sucks ‘cuz this would have been an awesome “tutorial/ how I managed to pull this off” type of post! Damn my forgetfulness and ADD!
Short post today is ‘cuz I didn’t have internet access last night, and I’m about to lose it again. Even the smallest storm knocks out my service. Thanks a lot Verizon. If I had man-junk I’d tell them to “suck it”.
Happy Sunday Bakery! Yes, I know today is Monday… but I baked yesterday. Shush.
-Hey Waitress!!
Recipe HERE!
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PB Cookie Cups and Sandwiches with Kahlua Chocolate Buttercream

Last week I decided to give the rest of the month a Cookie theme! I got the idea for the Cookie Cups from a tweet a foodie friend sent out about the version found on Sarcastic Cooking. Rather it came from Jen, of Juanita’s Cocina who was guest blogging.  EEK! Confusing much? Just trying to credit all the right people. 😉 I did however use my mother’s Peanut Butter Cookie recipe, and the buttercream was adapted from Savory Sweet Life.
Starting with the dough… The original recipe my mom gave me said “makes 30 doz”. So I halved it. And I still came out with extra cookies, or maybe not enough buttercream. Hmmm… solution- decrease the cookie recipe by half (again), double the buttercream recipe, or eat regular peanut butter cookies (like I did)! I got about 36 “cookie cups”, and 64 cookies (24 that I made into “sandwiches”).
The Cookie Cups look a little brown… but I think it’s just because I use my phone to take all the pix. Or maybe they are a little brown and it’s just a  hazard of the light greasing and large amount of dough?! Once they cooled off they hold their shape pretty well, no cookie cups falling apart here!
The buttercream is just the right thickness that if you don’t squish the cookies together too hard the sandwiches will hold up well.
With the exception of breaking my cookie scoop (again), my (only) mixing bowl not being quite big enough for all the dough, and my trusty hand mixer being on her (his/ its) last leg, I had a remarkable easy Sunday. Woot.
Happy Baking,
-Hey Waitress!!
You wanna see the recipe?
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