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Chocolate (Caramel Filled) Cupcakes with Caramel Bailey’s!!

Confession: I didn’t feel like baking this weekend. I whipped these cupcakes up last minute because Hubs and I crave treats at night.
I used my regular boozy chocolate cake batter. As usual it’s awesome.
The chocolate caramel filling is good. But I don’t plan on using it again. The filling I made for these is too, um, chewy. It came out like Tootsie Rolls! Whaaaa?! I know. Weird. I should have made some homemade caramel. Or used a can of condensed milk to make it more creamy. Live and learn. 😉
I topped these off with a simple buttercream that uses Bailey’s instead of milk.
Overall they came out tasty. The recipe isn’t too shabby for a batch of thrown together at the last minute cupcakes.
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
Check out the recipe for Chocolate (Caramel Filled) Cupcakes.
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Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes AND Adult PB&J Cupcakes

It’s been about a year since I started blogging about baking. So I decided to “celebrate” by baking my favorite cupcakes for the month of January.  I didn’t bake the weekend of the first… I was “baked out” from all those Christmas cookies! And I was too lazy to post these Caramel Chocolate cupcakes from last week. Er… Honestly…  I got distracted by some online shopping. THEN A Memory of Light came out (Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson).  I’ve waited (what feels like) forever for the book to come out, so I HAD to read and finish that…
Any ways… Last week I made Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes. Because, seriously… you can’t go wrong with chocolate cake (with Bailey’s), and caramel buttercream (with caramel Bailey’s)! I used the Milky Way Cupcakes recipe and subbed regular Bailey’s (I didn’t have enough caramel Bailey’s for the cupcakes & the frosting).
I used my new silicone liners for the first dozen. I was hoping that they wouldn’t, but the cupcakes stuck to the silicone pretty bad… I think it might have been because they are so moist? *shudder* I hate that word. I’m planning some experimenting with them in the near future. 😉
This week I did a different version of the Adult Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcakes. I modified the Peanut Butter Cupcake recipe (so I could use the vodka), and the frosting recipe from the first version of the Adult Peanut butter & Jelly Cupcakes.
I skipped filling them with the Reese’s Cups this time because it I don’t think it was necessary last time. Make sense? This peanut butter cupcake tastes great without the added Reese’s. I filled the cupcake  liners practically all the way full… and they rose up JUST like I wanted them to! I love when that happens.
The buttercream frosting wasn’t as fluffy as I wanted, and I had a bit of trouble getting the taste JUST right. I think it might still need some tweaking… maybe another tablespoon of peanut butter next time…
Happy Sunday Bakery!
-Hey Waitress!!
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More Sugar Cookies!!

Because… I wanted to try this recipe. And my new cookie cutters. And some different boozy icing. And because I love sugar cookies. And… If you know me,  you know I’m sort of a political junkie, and with the Republican Convention this week and the Dems coming up, I saw these Republican & Democrat cookie cutters I had to buy & try them! I made some footballs too.
Dough Notes:
  • The dough recipe is from Brown Eyed Baker! It’s delish.
  • I did have to double her recipe, because there wasn’t enough dough for my purposes (tons of cookies for multiple people).
  • I made it Saturday night and left it in the fridge until Sunday, when it was time to bake.
  • Not too sticky… unless you leave it out of the fridge for too long.
  • Cut your cookies from cold dough!
  • I baked mine for about 7 minutes… but I also roll them out pretty thin.
  • This dough spread a little bit more than the Sugar Cookies I made 2 weeks ago, but they’re still very good.
Icing Notes:
  • I used the same icing as the other sugar cookie recipe, just changed the booze… Jager in the brown footballs, Kahlua in the red icing, and Caramel Bailey’s in the blue
  • The red icing was made with Wilton Red No Taste gel food color. Buy it. The regular red stuff is gross. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.
  • I made the recipe 3 times, 1 brown, 1 red, 1 blue.
  • The white “laces” on the football, and the white stripe & stars are made with white “candy melts”.
  • I iced the footballs, then the red halves, then the blue.
  • Next I melted the “candy melts” in the microwave following the directions on the package.
  • Pipe the laces/ lines & stars let them harden then press them gently into the cookie icing. That will help keep it in place. A few of mine fell off before I figured that out.
*Random Thought:  I bought some bag stands a few weeks ago, and I hate them. Maybe hate is a strong word, but I  don’t like them. I’ve been using cups. I have some 16oz tumblers that I “acquired” from the restaurant I used to work at. Put the appropriate coupler and decorating tip on your frosting bag, put it in the cup, and fold the top of the bag over the edge of the cup for easy filling!*
Sadly… I forgot to do a few things yesterday while I was baking and decorating. That includes taking pictures, and counting how many cookies I actually got. OOPS. It sucks ‘cuz this would have been an awesome “tutorial/ how I managed to pull this off” type of post! Damn my forgetfulness and ADD!
Short post today is ‘cuz I didn’t have internet access last night, and I’m about to lose it again. Even the smallest storm knocks out my service. Thanks a lot Verizon. If I had man-junk I’d tell them to “suck it”.
Happy Sunday Bakery! Yes, I know today is Monday… but I baked yesterday. Shush.
-Hey Waitress!!
Recipe HERE!
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Milky Way Cupcakes

In total honesty… this was THE messiest cupcake I’ve ever made. EVER. Obvi, the Fluff is super sticky, and the caramel too… not to mention I’m a bit of a kitchen disaster anyway. By the time I got the nougat in the cupcakes it looked like a sticky bomb had gone off. There was chocolate and sticky Fluff everywhere. Seriously,  I found some on the side of the fridge while I was cleaning (it’s about 4 feet away from my “work surface”). Ugh.
I used my favorite boozy chocolate cake recipe (restlesschipotle.com). It’s my absolute favorite (even better than box mix)! It’s so moist, it made them kind of difficult to “core”. But it’s OK, I have a plan for the left over middles. Besides eating them, I mean. Geez… just call me a FattyPants. ::::Side Note- I hate the word Moist, why do we use it so often when baking!? it makes me shudder:::: In a misguided attempt to save myself from excessive dishwashing, I made a boo-boo, and added the baking powder, salt, and baking soda to the sugar instead of the flour… oops. I don’t think it really made a difference. I can’t tell.
What IS nougat!? I saw like a million different recipes online, and finally settled with the easiest. At first, I only made half the recipe. Then disaster struck. I didn’t realize how messy it would be. And I ran out of plastic decorating bags. I used a small Ziplock baggie, which burst. I also couldn’t get the nougat to stick in the cupcake, as it preferred to stick to my hands and the plastic baggie. Eventually, and with a ton of naughty language, I made the other half, scraped most of the mixture out of the baggie and proceeded to fill my cupcakes with a spoon. I scooped some nougat up, then moistened (dampened?) my fingers with water, squished it into the cupcakes. It worked! I imagine you’ll only need 1/2 the recipe I posted, I had some leftover.
The buttercream frosting was inspired by So How’s It Taste‘s caramel buttercream. Her Milky Way cupcake also looks FANTASTIC! I substituted “caramel topping” (I found it with all the ice cream toppings) for caramel candies, and Bailey’s for the milk. I also forgot the vanilla. Oops. At first I didn’t make enough for all 30 (even though it said makes enough for 36), so I doubled her recipe.  I’m not sure why it wasn’t enough… maybe because  I over-frost sometimes. Don’t judge. It’s not a fluffy buttercream, but it’s not heavy either.
I hate throwing stuff away, and I had a little bit of everything (cores, nougat, buttercream) left over when I made these cupcakes. So, I turned it into a layered “dessert”! Using a small plastic container, I put a layer of cupcake cores on the bottom, then a layer of nougat, and topped it off with some of the frosting. It’d probably look nice in a mason jar, or glassware (neither of which I have in my apt). TahDah! Less waste, more FatKiddery! NomNom!
Happy Sunday Cupcakery,
-Hey Waitress!!
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