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A List of Small Things that Peeve Me Daily

off the top of my head there’s a short list of things that irritate me on a daily basis. due to a lack of employment, I have lots of spare time to think (and share) those things. I’ve divided them into subsections for easier reading. 😉
My husband. Yeah. I said it.
    •  He uses too many cups. I mean… he uses 3 or 4 cups a day. Then I have to wash them all! Why can’t he just rinse the same one, and use it all day?!
    • He leaves his dirty socks underneath the coffee table… ew. Just put them in the laundry basket dammit!
    • He never fixes the couch cover when he messes it up.
People… I know, you may be socially awkward, I am too. You don’t have to be nice. Just don’t be rude.
    • Please & thank you go a long way.
    • If I say something to you, respond.
    • It’s not THAT hard to hold a door.
    • Yelling & fighting is something for behind closed doors, not the grocery store.
    • Baby-talking to your pets. You look and sound redic. Why can’t you just use a “happy” voice?
    • There’s no excuse to not say “Excuse me” after a bodily noise. No excuse at all.
    • Being on your cell phone in the checkout line or while ordering in a restaurant is so disrespectful it makes me want to slap you. Hard. With your own phone.
    • Condescending tones & pretentious people. Can’t deal with it.
    • My dog isn’t muzzled. That’s a Halti. And it makes it possible for him to walk on leash without choking himself. No, he’s not dog friendly. No, he won’t bite you, but he will bite your dog. Dumbass, that means don’t bring your dog closer!
My Apartment/ Personal Space:
  • Dirt (not clutter) drives me nuts.
  • So does the massive amount of pet hair. I can’t deal with it. Seriously.
  • Dryer lint drives me insaaaaaane. It’s worse here because the washer and dryer are in my very, very small kitchen.
  • When someone finishes the toilet paper, and doesn’t put a new roll on the dispenser thingy. Esp when they get a new roll out, but leave it on the counter!
Other, Random Things:
    • When I can’t find something I “know” I left someplace.
    • Twi-Hards… super Twilight fans. They freak me out. They could go in the people section, but sometimes, I don’t think they’re real people.
    • When the cat meoooows at me and I don’t know why. I wish I spoke Cat.
    • Anything with more than 4 legs. Specifically gnats, houseflies, bees, centipedes, spiders… Shit what am I saying!  ANY BUG. If it has more than 4 legs and is anywhere near me, it gets squished.
    • When the fingerprint scan on my Droid doesn’t work multiple times in a row. Nothing makes me want to throw my phone more.
    • The dog frothing at the mouth (while wearing his Halti), spinning around in circles, yipping, and otherwise making me look like a hot-mess while he’s trying to get a squirrel (or motorcycle, or bike, or the UPS truck)…
I’m sure there are more… but I think 500 words is plenty for now.
XO (or a punch in the face, depending if you’re one of “those” people),
-Hey Waitress!!
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Shatter, Render, The Children of Men (Reviews)

Ok. I think you need to know a few things that I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before (and I’m too lazy to go back thru the posts and find out). When I review a book it’s 90% about how the story makes me feel. I’ll give a book a good review based solely on the fact that it made me feel ANYTHING. If a writer can get me into a story, make me love (or hate) the characters I’ll give it a good review. I don’t really care about prose or the general style of a writer, just that they give me the opportunity to become invested in the story. That being said… when I do notice a bad editing job it totally irks me. I just can’t deal with terrible formatting. It’s MUCH worse because I use a Kindle. What can’t Ebook publishers make the effort to format a book!? Ooops. I think I digress. Let’s move on…
Shatter & Render (Children of Man, books 1 &2), Elizabeth C. Mock… 4/5 stars each
I stumbled on Shatter when I was looking for The Children of Men on Amazon. At the time it was free so I figured “What the Hell? It’s not what I wanted… but it’s freeeeeeeee!!” I don’t usually have very high expectation when I get  free Ebooks, but Shatter one sure didn’t disappoint me. It’s a great start to a series (I think she’s writing 4). Ms. Mock has an interesting take on magic. I love how she uses the colors. I appreciate how each character is very different, with their own special “voice”. The geography is written well, and the descriptions make me feel like I could be there. The end of this story was HEARTBREAKING. I mean really, really, soul-crushingly heartbreaking.
As for Render… I really enjoyed how the series is fleshing out. Ms. Mock is really building  her characters. I’d like to point out that I’m worried about Jair is going to turn out… it seems that the author is setting him up for a major, life changing, turning point, and it makes me nervous. He’s probably my favorite character so far, and I’d hate to lose his of humor and the comic relief he provides.  Ms. Mock also seems to be setting up Eve for a big change. I can only hope she realize the error of her ways and go back. Having said that, the storylines are coming along nicely, but it’s a little predictable.
Unfortunately… the editing of both books left something to be desired.
The Children of Men, P.D. James… 3/5 stars
Whelp, I’m not sure how I really feel about this story. I mean, I liked it, but… I have some issues. The writing style was a bit hard for me to get used to. I think that it’s possibly because I have trouble processing the British words/ style. No offence Brits. I actually liked to movie better than the book. Ugh, that hurt (and it almost never happens). I found the characters to be kind of flat.
Other than that… I love the premise. it’s a great take on a Dystopian society. my favorite part, though, was the end. It made me wonder how Theo would handle Power. Will he keep the power? Will he end up like his cousin? The end sort of left me with more questions than answers, and I can only assume that this was intentional. Will they keep testing sperm? Will they find more “breedable” people? Is England going to repopulate? What happens to Julian now?
“We all hurt people. That’s universal. We’re all broken and those shards will cut those around us. ” -Tobias from Shatter
“Man is diminished if he lives without knowledge of his past; without hope of a future he becomes a beast.” -Carl Inglebach from Children of Men
-Hey Waitress!!
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SoCo Red Velvet Cupcakes

Southern Comfort and I go back to college. We’ve always had a great relationship. Especially when Coke (the soda) and a lime got involved. Sometimes I didn’t even need the Coke…  I also love the very Southern pairing of Red Velvet and SoCo. So, naturally when I saw this recipe in the Boozy Baker I had to give it a try.  I suggest you do the same!
(for once) I didn’t change anything in the batter recipe! I’m super impressed with the thickness and the color of the batter, unlike the Red Hot Velvet cupcakes from VD. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Sadly my kitchen looks like I murdered someone, because (somehow) I managed to get food coloring ALL OVER my counters. That’s talent. I know, I know… You’re probably laughing at me right now thinking “Duh, everyone knows that red food coloring stains”. And just incase you needed another reason to laugh… I realized I only have one mixing bowl. And I needed 3. So, yes, my liquids were whisked in a pot. Don’t judge me. I’m too cheap to buy more bowls. The original cooking time was for 2 9-inch round cake pans (baked for 30-40 minutes). It also claimed 24 cupcakes, but as usual I got more (27 this time). After baking for 20 minutes there was a bit of edge overflow… and I’d suggest trimming it if you want them to look “pretty”. I’m not sure if edge overflow is an right phrase. It may be better just to ignore the last sentence.
The original frosting recipe used a minimum of 6 cups powdered sugar, adding (up to 2 more cups) a little at a time, until frosting reached the desired consistency. I was ok with just 6 cups.
Get ‘cha grub on!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Wool, Ramblefoot, & City of the Falling Sky (Reviews)

Sooo… I’ve recently decided to start making some effort and reviewing the books I read. It’s not like I have anything else to do. hmph. Now the problem becomes whether to post said reviews in batches, or by themselves? at any rate… here are the most recent 3! I suggest you buy them all.
Wool (Omnibus Edition 1-5), Hugh Howey… 4 of 5 stars
I originally ignored this book on my Amazon (or was it suggestions, but finally bought it because I’m in a bit of a book funk. I love Dystopian Fiction, so it’s my fallback when I can’t find something else to read. I was worried this one would be more of the same… strong female lead, moral dilemmas, bad guys with all the power, etc. It was. But, it was much more.
I fell in love with the characters. All of them. I teared up when (if) they died and cheered for their triumphs. Jules is an awesome Dystopian Heroine.
The writing was excellent. I like experiencing the stories through each person’s point of view.
I enjoyed the cliff hangers… sorta. If I had read each book separately, and had to wait in between, it would have driven me crazy. In a good way. Like I couldn’t wait to continue on with the story. The ending was satisfying. I like that it was very hopeful for the future, but still left a bit of tension between Luke, Peter, and Jules. Mr. Howey left it open, like we should expect more stories from the silos.
OH! A big plus for me was the editing… a lot of the Kindle books I read are sloppily edited with weird breaks/ misspellings, etc. This one wasn’t!
Ramblefoot, Ken Kaufman… 4 of 5 stars
I loved this story! It was well written and felt true to nature.  I wanted to howl and run with the pack! However, I don’t think my husband would have appreciated that. I found myself sympathizing with the characters, even the antagonists! Poitu strengthens my wish to have a companion raven before I die!  I enjoy the relationship that she and Raspail develop. I’m not sure if this is an Adult or Young Adult story, but I don’t think it reads well for the under 13 category. Some points were dark (the pregnant coyote), and it has some adult moments. It was written in the same style as Watership Down (which I am very attached to). I’m honestly surprised that this is Mr. Kaufman’s first novel. My major complaint with this book (the Kindle version, atleast) was the editing.
City of the Falling Sky (Book 1 of the Seckry Sequence), Joseph Evans… 4 of 5 stars
This isn’t my typical reading material, it being more “gamer” oriented then I usually read. That being said, I found it hard to put my Kindle down. I enjoyed the multiple storylines, it kept me involved. This story has all the makings of a great YA series. I especially enjoyed the ending! For fear of spoiling it, that’s all I’ll say. City of the Falling Sky is back-filled with things that matter now.  Does that make sense? Things like religion, school budgets, genetics, corporate responsibility/ greed…
My only complaint is the (somewhat) tacky romance scenes.
Get to readin’!
-Hey Waitress!!
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