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welcome to the life of a waitress…

let’s start with tipping. an average tip is appropriate for average service. great service deserves a great tip. common sense right!? take this one step further. an average tip should be ATLEAST 10% of your total bill. honestly people… anything less than 15% is kind of insulting.  and a 20% tip is what a good server deserves. we don’t make minimum wage. a typical server get paid LESS then minimum wage, due to the assumption that people WILL tip them. ‘scuze me for sounding like a bitch… but if you can pay me with a hundred-dollar bill, you can tip me $4 on the $20 you just spent! thanks.  oh yah… putting my “tip” on the table as soon as you sit down, taking away from it,  adding back to it, and all that jazz… that’s not gunna get you better service. in fact, it’s going to really piss me off. you know what gets you great service? being a polite. and using my name, which is not “Hey! Waitress!” or “YOU! GIRL!” or rattling your ice filled cup at me. thanks.

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