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Sunday Bakery & Running Outside On The Weekends.

Sunday Bakery this week is  these Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bars from Mom On Timeout. They are AAAAAH-MAAAAAAA-ZING. Seriously… the goeyness from the caramel, all those chocolate chips… so awesome.
I didn’t post a recipe because I didn’t adapt it enough. The only thing I changed was the chocolate chips. I used 1 cup of dark chocolate chips, and 1 cup of peanut butter chips. I also sprinkled about a half cup of each on top of the caramel after I poured it on top of the cookie dough.
There’s 2 things that I’m planning on doing differently when I make these again. 
First- I’m changing the cookie dough recipe.  I had a little issue with the amount of oats. Personally, I’d like there to be more, OR none at all. There wasn’t quite enough to make the cookies oatmealy, but there was enough to make the cookie texture a little, um,  different. I’m planning on making these with my favorite peanut butter cookie dough OR my favorite oatmeal cookie dough.
Second-  I’m only making half the amount of caramel sauce. it’s sooo rich (and delicious) I felt like the cookie part of the bar got lost. And no cookie dough deserves to get lost.
No matter what… I’d suggest you try these out, and as soon as I bake my version it will def be posted!
I actually baked these bars yesterday because I though I had a lot of “grown-up” (AKA BORING) stuff to do today. Turns out… I don’t. the only thing I HAD to do was go for a run. Usually I run at the gym on the weekends… These are a few of the reasons why.
  • There’s so much traffic on Saturday & Sunday. And if you run on the street/ sidewalk, you probably know how annoying it is to have to constantly stop and wait for a car to go by. I had a fit today trying to avoid any of the main roads, my route looks like a 3 year old drew it! Basically,  cross streets suck and don’t you people want to sleep in on the weekend?!
  • Then in the spring/ summer/ fall there’s the yard sales. Seriously people, if you see me huffing along the least you could do is scooch (scootch) your cheap ass over a little so there’s room for both of us on the sidewalk! I’d rather not get hit by another (cheap) guy who is cutting across a lane of traffic so he can get that stupid rooster clock they’re selling for a dollar.
  • And finally… it seems like there are way more dogs out on the weekends. I love dogs, and (so far) I’ve never been attacked by a dog. But dogs… they don’t like runners. Maybe its their chase instinct? but whatever it is… UGH. the worst is when it’s close and barking but you can’t see it. it’s like “IS THIS going to be the dog that comes out of nowhere and mauls me”?! The other thing that drives me crazy is dogs that are off-leash. I got chased by a tail-wagging, tennis  ball weilding labradoodle today. After I stopped and accepted the slobbery tennis ball deposited at my feet his owner says “He just wants to run with you”. Well, Lady, I might not LIKE dogs. And I might not be nice enough to stop, and your dog could have run into traffic… Fortunately for me that dog was well behaved. The point is- if you HAVE to let you dog off it’s leash in an unfenced area please call it back to you, or exert some sort of control over it!
Ooops. That got a little more angry than I intended. I think I need to go calm down and eat a gooey caramel cookie bar.
Happy Sunday!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Running Fall & Gym Annoyances

Fall Down. Ouch?
I’ve been running outside 2 or 3 times a week since September, when I started the CouchTo5K plan.  Go me. If you don’t know, I have a Love/Hate relationship with running. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but If I miss a day I feel guilty. I’m also a bit clumsy. I mean, I can trip on air, I constantly bump into things, and I usually manage to burn myself or spill something at least once a week. So,running outside and clumsy… 2 things that don’t usually go well together. That being said, since September I hadn’t fallen once. Until last Friday. Lucky for me the only thing seriously hurt was my pride. As I sat there on the sidewalk, doing an inventory (pain, no. phone, whole. watch, not broken. sunglasses, just a few feet away)… I had to laugh. I just imagined what the people driving by must have seen… me (windpants, jacket, gloves, puffy vest) cartwheeling through the air, skidding a foot on the sidewalk… I would have laughed if I was driving by. Just sayin.
So… my first fall was pretty traumatic, but when I finished the run (50 minutes, 5.08 miles, 9’50” pace) I realized how lucky I was. I was wearing layers so my knees only got bruised/ slightly skinned (no blood). I only got 2 small holes in my pants, and a BIG hole in my glove. I didn’t break/ strain/ pull/ tear any bones/ muscles. I wore my contacts & cheap sunglass, so my “good” frames didn’t go flying off and get ruined. I didn’t land on my cellphone OR my GPS watch…
As bad as my pride was hurt… I’m glad I got my first running fall over with. Now all I can do is hope it doesn’t happen again for a loooooooong time.
Oh… and the only thing that convinced me to finish that run was The Bollox followed by Nirvana, Cake, Trapt, Dropkick Murphy’s, and the other rockin tunes that made my playlist that day.
Annoyance in the Gym
I should preface this rant by  clarifying something- When I say “gym” I mean the “fitness center” at my apartment complex. It’s pretty basic, a nautilus machine, 2 treadmills, stationary bike, elliptical, and a few medicine balls…
I dislike January at the gym. There are always a ton of people getting their NY Resolutions in. It’s a total bother. I know that makes me sound like a total gym rat, but so be it. In general it bugs me when there are too many people in the gym. I always feel like I have to rush through my routine, or hurry to claim my favorite treadmill. Not to mention the enclosed space with all those (potential) virus/ common cold/ flu carriers. *shudder* I go to the gym everyday at the same time, and it always messes up my flow when there are to many other people there…
I think it’s partly because I feel like people are wicked judgey. I don’t particularly want to know if that guy is staring at my ass in a good way.. or a bad way.
Yesterday… the lady who cleans the “fitness center” in my apt complex talked to me for (at least) 30 minutes while I was trying to get my workout in. I got to hear half her life story, why she hates working for the apt complex, and got admonished for not having children yet. All I wanted to do was workout. Seriously… unless it’s an emergency, don’t talk to me until I stop doing whatever I was doing. If I had lost count of my reps one more time I might have screamed! I mean, she’s a nice lady, and probably just wanted someone to talk to…but DAMMIT, I’m not the kind of person who tells someone to leave them alone. Then she cleaned the treadmill belt as I was getting on it. REALLY.
One more thing… I really dislike people who listen to music w/o headphones while they’re working out, while other people ar in the gym. It’s rude. I don’t want to hear whatever kind of crap music motivates you, just like I’m sure you don’t want to hear the crap I listen to. Invest in a pair of headphones. Or listen to me heavy footing the treadmill and deep breathing during my yoga & stretching. I ALWAYS put my headphones in when someone else is working out. If you need an extra pair I have one…
Eeeh, (kinda) sorry if that rant was snarky.
-Hey Waitress!!
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I’m currently jobless (still, since we moved to PA over a year ago), and it kinda sucks. I get bored, and antsy. And then  I eat a lot. So to continue eating like a FattyMcFattyPants I started working out (running, light lifting, yoga, cardio) when we moved here…
I started out on the treadmill, just kind of “winging it”. You know, going with the flow. I was on that thing 6 days a week, plus getting on the elliptical for 3 of those days. Eventually I got my mileage and speed up to pretty good numbers. Then it happened. One day in the beginning of February, I went for my run, finished, and that night, my chest started to hurt.  I felt like there was a small elephant sitting on me. It was so uncomfortable, almost painful, like my heart was going to beat right out of my too-tight chest. I went to the urgent care, and the Doc told me it was “inflammation of the chest wall, probably caused by trauma”. And then proceeded to ask me in a variety of way if my husband beat me. For the record: the answer was no. Anyways… they suggested less caffeine (for my heart), less (or none) cigarettes, and to take some time off to heal. Oh, I forgot to mention, at this point I was drinking 2 (16oz) cups of coffee in the morning and at least one 16oz bottle of coke a day, and smoking about half a pack of menthol (light) Camels. Ooops. So, I quit drinking caffeine (except for a cup of half-caff), cut back my smokes to 4 a day, and took a month off.
gradually after that month off I starting working out again, mostly on the stationary bike, then the elliptical. Eventually I started running again, but only one day a week. I soon realized that I missed running. The mindlessness of pushing my body as hard as I could go, it gave me time to clear my head and NOT think, unless I wanted too.
So the first point of this post was to say that this summer I realized I needed goals. I didn’t want to push my body (too far) past what it could do. BUT I needed something to be proud of. Somehow my warped mind came to the conclusion that I want to run a half marathon by the time I reach 30. That’s about 3 years away. EEEK! I just dated myself, I guess I’m not just a “20 something” anymore. In order to run a half marathon, I figured I’d need to start running outside. And get serious about it. To work myself up to getting outside in( public, where people could see my jiggly rump, and gasping) I needed to start small. Like running 5k. Inside. Then outside. Then a 10K. I intend on running a 10K race, then starting to “train” for a half marathon!
I finished the CouchTo5K treadmill version in the middle of September! Then I relaxed a little bit, and worked on my pace/speed until the first week of October, when I started to outdoor version (3 runs a week, for 9 weeks)! I bought myself a new pair of sneaks, and a Nike+ GPS watch. Speaking of Nike+, I seem to be having accuracy issues when I use it on the treadmill (which I still run on 2x a week), and I’m not sure why… But it does match (pretty close, down to the 0.01 range) of the MapMyFitness app on my phone…
The other point to this post was the following mini rant:
“running” outside is much diff than running on a treadmill. Between the wind, uneven sidewalks, and acorns… It’s hard. Not to mention I actually need to pay attention (for fear of getting, umm, lost), and my near inability to “run thru” shin splints. Flailing around all elbows and ankles, and jiggling in all the wrong places, panting and gasping for breath like I just RAN (not “ran”) a marathon… all to end up with shin splints and a runny nose.
rant over. the good news is I “ran” 3.32miles in 35:42minutes, which makes my average pace 10:44min/mi. Not too shabby for week 3.
I have a love/ hate relationship with running, can’t you tell?
Now that I got all that off my chest I need to choose which body part needs an ice pack to most…
-Hey Waitress!!
PS. More sweat now equals less jiggle later. (words to live by)
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Random thoughts on running, and the gym.
Toes straight, elbows in, engage your Abs, open your chest, head up… That’s what I think about when I’m running (AKA jogging or jiggling like a fatty macfatty pants). Running sucks. I seriously dislike it. Hate almost. But, it’s important to me to feel “active”.  Being unemployed, miles on the treadmill is the most activity I get all day. I used to love running, pushing myself for one more minute, just another tenth of a mile, just a bit faster… lately though, I’ve had ALOT of trouble convincing myself to go. It might have to do with the “chest wall inflammation”, the doc told me I have, makes it feel like I’m constantly in a bear hug. That was back in February. It’s depressing, I went from running an 9:30mile, to a 12+ minute mile. This 12+ minute mile is the low light of my running. A seriously low light.  
Another thing about running, is the wiggle jiggle. You know, when you see yourself in the mirror, and you’re like “WHOA! Is that supposed to shake like THAT?” That’s why I end up wearing shorts over my running capris. It makes the jiggle look less… um, earthquake causing, and shorts by themselves rub me the wrong way. Literally. My thighs rub together and it’s uncomfortable.
In an effort to get out of the gym, I’m planning on doing some training for next years 5 & 10Ks! I’m pretty pumped, outside of course! Sadly… It sorta messes up my routine. I work out in the afternoon. But, Duh, it’s summertime, and there’s no way in heck I’m running outside in the summer at 11 in the afternoon. Guess I’m going to have to get motivated to get my jiggle up in the morning! Ick. I’m not a morning person, I like my computer & coffee in the AM.
So… I’m kind of quirky (if you haven’t noticed), and a stickler for “gym etiquette”. I’m on the treadmill in the gym most days (convenience), and I like to be alone. Mostly because I can’t stand when people “heavy foot” the treadmill. You know, when they slam their feet down and shake the whole damned thing. It messes up my rhythm, and distracts me.  Or  the inappropriately dressed people.  The ones that wear clothes that don’t fit. I’m OK with chicks in sports bras… as long as they contain your boobs! And the same thing for guys. Dudes, I don’t want to see your man junk. EW. Wear compression shorts, or at least not boxers under your gym shorts.  As for the “stinky” person. I get it, sweat stinks. Personally, I’d rather smell sweat than sweat and some nasty ass perfume/ cologne. This woman was running next to me the other day, and not only was her boobage popping out the front AND sides, she was slathered in the stinkiest lotion/ perfume EVER, and playing slow jams I could hear  even though I was wearing headphones! It’s called gym etiquette, bitch!
Yup. I’m most certainly quirky.
-Hey Waitress!!
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