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Boozy Grasshopper Cupcakes

Boozy Grasshopper Cupcakes are posted on HungryHollyRuns.wordpress.com!

That’s where all my new posts are going to be!


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Irish Car Bomb Truffles & Minty Fudge

I had a lot of fun making these. Actually…
I had a lot of fun making the cake, and eating the edges.
Let me explain… This Guinness cake tastes delish. Perfect by itself, I think it would taste great with a very light frosting of some kind. Maybe a fluffy Bailey’s buttercream? It’s got a really great flavor, with just a hint of Guinness. And it’s super moist. Plus I added the green food color to make it a little more fun. The only downside is that the edges got a little too brown to be considered pretty. So I ate most of them.
I kind of made a booboo and forgot to write down the length of time I baked the cake for, but I think it was about 35 minutes. Be smart and peek in the oven window every so often before that, just to make sure. 😉
I had a lot of fun making sure the ganache tasted “right”. Who wouldn’t!?
Make sure the ganache is COLD before you try to whip it, if it’s still warm it won’t work. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea (that’s what the interwebs say, so it must be true). It took mine about 5 minutes to get as fluffy as I wanted it to be. Just give it time… be patient. This ganache is a little TOO chocolaty for me, the flavor really overpowered the Guinness cake. It’s really good, just a little to stong for such a light cake flavor.
Over all the ganache overpowered the cake crumbles. I used about 90% of the ganache I made. You can probably use less. I think it will depend on how crumbly/ cakey you want your truffles to be. Make sense? This was my first attempt at making truffles using cake so I was kind of winging it.
I didn’t have a particular amount of fun dipping these little guys into the chocolate. It’s a technique I still haven’t mastered. I started off using a spoon, but that was too messy. After the first few I realized that I had some lollipop sticks in the cupboard so I stuck the truffles on those, then dipped them. I used at least a whole bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips AND a little over a cup of white chocolate chips… you my use more or less, depending on how thick you like the chocolate covering, and how quick you get your cake balls/ truffles dipped. Ever notice how quickly white chocolate chips harden back up? I did. 😉
I also made some Minty Fudge this week using the McCormick recipe. The recipe online didn’t specify how much mint extract to use so I used a teaspoon of it. Then I added some mini chocolate chips to the top. You can never have too much chocolate, right?
Happy St. Paddy’s Day and Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
Soo… I though I had posted this on St Paddy’s… (last Sunday) but apparently I only saved it as a draft.  Drat! Better late then never!
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Mint Whoopie PI(e)s… an Attempt

If you’re a Math Nerd (I’m not), or know some nerds or geeks… Then you know that Pi Day is coming up this week (3.14= March 14th)! I consider myself a partial geek.  And if you’re Irish, like booze, or don’t live under a rock, then you know St. Patrick’s day is also coming up…
I really wanted to combine a dessert for both “holidays” so I thought I’d make Mint Whoopie PI(e)s!
It didn’t exactly work out like I thought it would. They came out pretty cute, and Hubs said they tasted good. But not minty. Hmph. I guess I need to back up a little bit…
I recently bought both a whoopie pie pan & a mini  whoopie pie pan. In my defense I plan on multi-tasking with both. The full sized pan can be used for corn cakes, or muffin tops. And the min pan can be used for French Macarons (I hope).
I didn’t post a recipe because I used the Wilton Whoopie Pie version for my cakes, then used my Boozy Marshmallow Fluff frosting (from the Boozy S’mores Cupcakes)  for the filling.
The cakes came out pretty yummy, but they’re much bigger than I thought they would be. The batter rose pretty high in both pans. For the large ones it was OK, but I ended up cutting the small ones in half before filling them. Basically I had double the amount of mini whoopies then the recipe said. Does that make sense?
As for the filling… I made the full amount from the recipe. It was WAAAAAAAAY too much! I’d suggest only making half. I used Crème De Menthe (and added some green food color)… and couldn’t taste even a smidge of boozy mint flavor in the filling. Total bummer.
But the good news about all the extra filling? I used (some of) it, in those neat-o little pretzel bites. Totally inspired by these ones from Shugary Sweets. She is a GENIUS… you should def check out her blog.
Basically I added some melted Candy Melts (about 50 pieces) to about a cup of the leftover frosting. Then I scooped a little bit on to a square pretzel and put another pretzel on top. Then you dip it in some more melted Candy Melt. It’s delish (but not minty). Let the candy harden, then EAT IT!
Happy Almost PI Day!
-Hey Waitress!!
PS I used premade/ packaged decorating frosting to write out the Pi symbol.
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