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Female Protagonists

I love a strong female lead. Really. There’s something so awesome about a girl who can kick ass, take names, and compete with “the boys”. That being said, I have issues with female lead characters who show “too much” weakness. Why do writers think all female leads need to have a love interest (or two)?
Bella Swan isn’t a strong female. In fact she is (close to, or) the worst female protagonist EVER written. Twi-hards… shut up. Your heroine is a whiney, self obsessed child who can’t see past her need for a “man”. Don’t you dare call her a heroine… what did she actually DO!? Neither is Sookie Stackhouse. Please, Charlaine Harris/ True Blood fans, don’t be offended. You know she’s ALMOST as bad as Bella. She’s constantly whining and always needs a big strong vampire to “rescue” her. She’s neither strong nor independent. But she is extremely full of herself (when she’s not being insecure to secure male help). Pregnant women… if you’ve got the urge to name your baby after a vampire loving girl, try Buffy. At least she consistently kicked ass, was only a little obsessed with Angel, and rarely cried for no reason. Even Katniss, who I liked all the way ’til the very last pages of Mockingjay, gave in to her “motherly” feelings and went back to her district to have a family and grow old. Why didn’t she stay and help the revolution? Couldn’t you still have a family and lead the revolution!?
Meredith from T.W. Brown’s Zomblog books is an awesome protagonist. She knows how she “should” feel, and doesn’t make excuses for NOT feeling that way. She’s a bitch, and I like it. Jules from Hugh Howey’s Wool books is also a great chick.
Rant over. Up next… Movies that are actually better than the book (in my opinion).
-Hey Waitress!!
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