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Songs From an Old IPod

My husband and I are taking a trip to Texas next month, and it involves 4 airports and 3 airplanes. This much air travel REQUIRES music. Especially because I can’t stand airplane sounds (coughing, kids, other people’s conversations), small spaces, large crowds, heights… I’m a terrible air traveller, but that’s a post for a different time.

Back to the point… Music. I need music to travel.  Because I don’t want to KILL KILL KILL my phone’s battery, I dug through all our boxes of crap, and found my old Ipod. I haven’t used it since 2009(ish). I’m not sure why. It probably had something to do with being too cheap to buy new music, the fact we subscribe to Sirus/XM, or the invention of Pandora…

What I’m getting at here is that I installed ITunes, hooked up my 2nd generation Nano, and was THRILLED by all the awesome music I haven’t heard in a long time. In celebration of the great music I like I figured I’d share a random sampling of Songs From an Old IPod…

  1. I’d Sure Hate To Break Down Here- Trace Adkins
  2. Renegades Of Funk- RATM
  3. 99 Red Balloons- Reel Big Fish
  4. (sic)- Slipknot
  5. Ch-Check It Out- Beastie Boys
  6. Four Dead Cheerleaders- Dropkick Murphy’s
  7. Kiss My Irish Ass- Flogging Molly
  8. Little Respect- Wheatus
  9. Wrong Way- Sublime
  10. Girls Girls Girls- Motley Crue
  11. Too Close- Next
  12. You’ll Think of Me- Keith Urban
  13. Here It Goes Again- OK Go
  14. Sheena Is a Punk Rocker- Rancid
  15. Click Click Boom- Saliva
  16. Mrs. Robinson- Simon & GArfunkel
  17. You Don’t Mean Anything- Simple Plan
  18. Don’t be Cruel- Bobby Brown
  19. Maneater- Hall & Oates
  20. Spiderwebs- No Doubt
  21. Lady Picture Show- STP
  22. LAst Dance With Maryjane- Tom Petty
  23. Stuck in the Middle With You- Steve Miller Band
  24. I Wanna Be Sedated- The Ramones
  25. After Hours- We Are Scientists
  26. Harlem Shuffle- The Rolling Stones
  27. Electricity- 311
  28. Whiskey Girl- Toby Keith
  29. Cowboy Coffee- The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  30. Down With The Sickness- Disturbed
  31. Wonderwall- Oasis
  32. Cute Without The E- Taking Back Sunday
  33. Metal Militia- Metallica
  34. Youth Of The Nation- POD
  35. Homewrecker- Grethchen Wilson
  36. Coming To Your City- Big & Rich
  37. Clothes Off- Gym Class Heroes
  38. Blister In The Sun- Violent Femmes
  39. Heart Attack- Low Vs. Diamond
  40. Way Away- Yellowcard
  41. Open Arms- Journey
  42. Rape Me- Nirvana
  43. You Don’t Know Me- Ben Folds (fet Regina Spektor)
  44. Blind- Korn
  45. Black- Pearl Jam
  46. It’s My Life- Bon Jovi
  47. The Day I Die- Benjy Davis Project
  48. If I Had A Million Dollars- BNL
  49. Fuck Me Pumps- Amy Winehouse
  50. Louisiana Saturday Night- Alabama
  51. Sweet Tea- Cravin Melon
  52. Tainted Love- The Cure
  53. Beautiful Oblivion- Eve 6
  54. Handlebars- Flobots
  55. Silver and Cold- AFI
  56. Hey Bartender- hed pe
  57. Where The Blacktop Ends- Kenny Chesney
  58. If You Steal My Sunshine- Len
  59. Hella Good- No Doubt
  60. Sex Type Thing- STP
  61. Beat It- Michael Jackson
  62. PunkBitch- 3oh!3
  63. Morning Glory- Oasis
  64. One- Korn
  65. Just A Girl- No Doubt
  66. Watermelon Crawl- Trace Adkins
  67. Never Alone- Dropkick Murphy’s
  68. Come As You Are- Nirvana
  69. I Like To Cuss- Rehab
  70. Welcome to Paradise- Greenday
  71. Do It For Me Now- Angles & Airwaves
  72. Empty Apartment- Yellowcard
  73. Black Friday Rule- Flogging Molly
  74. Vietnam War Song- CCR
  75. Short Skirt, Long Jacket- Cake
  76. Won’t Back Down- Tom Petty
  77. The Dope Show- Marilyn Manson
  78. Baby You Save Me- Kenny Chesney
  79. Nookie- Lomp Bizkit
  80. Head Like A Hole- NIN
  81. Why Don’t You GetiA Job- The Offspring
  82. Wait and Bleed- Slipknot
  83. Starstrukk- 3oh!3
  84. By The Way- RHCP
  85. Plush- STP
  86. Heaven Is A Halfpipe- OPM
  87. The chemicals Between Us- Bush
  88. Yellow Ledbetter- Pearl Jam
  89. About An Hour Ago- O.A.R.
  90. MakeDamnSure- Taking Back Sunday
  91. I Woke Up In A Car- Something Corporate
  92. Summertime- Lost Boyz
  93. Drop The Bombshell- Powerman 5000
  94. Brackish- Kittie
  95. Beast of Burden- The Rolling Stones
  96. Hemorrhage- Fuel
  97. Chairlift- Bruises
  98. Sandpaper & Silk- Hawthorn Heights
  99. Sex Is Violent- Janes Addiction
  100. Love Me Dead- Ludo
  101. Hey Girl- O.A.R.

. <3,

-Hey Waitress!!

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