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Boozy S’mores Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes

I L.O.V.E. S’MORES. Seriously… I have an unholy love for them. I’m pretty sure if I could only eat one dessert type food for the rest of my life, it would be a S’more. Or some variation of a S’more.
This recipe happened when I noticed the cookie dough I used to make the homemade S’mores (a few weeks ago) doesn’t have eggs. Do you know what that means?! That means I can eat it raw! RAAAAAW!
Ok… Confession time. I also really love raw cookie dough. And I love stuffing cookie dough into things. Haha, that sounded bad! I meant to say that I love stuffing cookie dough into other food!
The cookie dough recipe came from Add A Pinch. I doubled it. If you don’t want to make the garnish, only make half the amount I did. Unless you want to eat the rest… it would go great in some chocolate fro yo. Or by the tablespoonful with a glass of milk. Or you could just skip the milk and the spoon….
The chocolate cake recipe is my favorite boozy chocolate cake. I can’t remember when the first time I used it was, or who the “credit” should go to. I’m sure it’s on one of the other posts. I did have to bake these for the full 20 minutes, usually I only bake it for 17. I think it was because of the frozen centers.
The Boozy Fluff Buttercream is the same one I used on the S’more Cupcakes, AND the Boozy S’mores Cupcakes. It’s perfect. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that is uses 4 sticks of butter. FOUR! Eeek.
I made the “garnish” because I had a TON of cookie dough leftover and I really didn’t want to eat all of it by myself… I figured I’d share the love. 😉
Check out the recipe for these cupcakes HERE!
Then check out the Vodka S’mores Brownies, the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes, or Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes that I made!
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Boozy Homemade Hostess Cupcakes

Whelp… I feel like I’ve been slacking a little bit on my posting. I’ve been pretty busy and super preoccupied. Hubs and I starting house shopping last weekend, and we ending up going to a bunch of open houses on Sunday. I’m sooo very excited about finding our new home… and even more excited about NOT renting an apartment anymore! Then this past weekend we drove the 7 hours to VA so I could run in my first 5k race (ever!), and so he could golf in a tournament with his dad, not to mention how badly we missed all our Southern friends. We didn’t get back to PA til pretty late in the afternoon yesterday… I was too tired to bake!
Because all our friends in VA have been really excited about all the baking… I made these Boozy Homemade Hostess Cupcakes Wednesday night and took them down to VA on Thursday.
They got demolished… so I assumed they tasted pretty good! Atleast…no one complained. I enjoyed the one Hubs shared with me. I haven’t had a Hostess cupcake since I was a little kid, so I’m going on hearsay when I tell you these taste like Hostess cupcakes with (of course) a small hint of boozy goodness.
I adapted the recipe from the blog With Sprinkles On Top. I kept the cake batter the same, subbed vodka for the heavy cream, and used my favorite chocolate ganache. I used store-bought cake icing to make the white loops. When I say store-bought I mean the kind that comes in a can with the nozzle on it.  I think Wilton makes the one I bought at the grocery store…
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Boozy S’mores Cupcakes

Ever since I made the alcohol free version of this cupcake I’ve been thinking about making an “adult” version. I also felt the need to redeem myself for not realizing the mini marshmallows would melt. Duh.

I used cinnamon graham crackers for the crust because they’re nice and sweet. If you noticed in the picture I accidentally bought the reduced fat ones. Oops.
Because I got over excited during the crushing, I ended up with 4 cups of crushed graham crackers. I mixed the extra crumbs into my leftover “crust” mixture, and after I put the ganache on the cupcakes I dipped some of them into the leftover graham crackers! Even S’morey-er!
Speaking of ganache, I love this recipe. Even though I’m still not sure if it’s really ganache (there are like a million recipes online for “ganache”). I usually spoon it over the cupcakes, but this time I put it into a pastry bag, snipped the end off, and drizzled it over all the cupcakes. It was less messy, and (in my opinion) makes the cupcakes look a little nicer/ neater. Plus it was good practice for making designs!
For my favorite S’more component (marshmallow!) I used the Fluff buttercream recipe from the alcohol free version, but took out the vanilla, and added 2 tablespoons of marshmallow vodka. YUUUUUMMY. I will say one thing, It’s a pain in the rump to make. My hand mixer has been on the verge of crapping out on me for, like, a month and the Fluff is super sticky so I stirred it, beat it, scraped it, stirred it, beat it, scraped the beater, stirred it, beat it some more… Getting the picture?
This time around it was much easier piping the frosting onto the cupcakes, I used the number 10 tip, and they came out looking pretty nice. I didn’t have nearly as many problems getting it on the cupcakes, as I did the first time I made it. And I have no idea why. But, because I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’m going to shake my head in wonder and move on. 😉
The Teddy Grahams on top of the cupcakes were purely selfish… I needed an excuse to buy some.
Happy Sunday Cupcakery!
-Hey Waitress!!
Boozy S’mores Cupcake Recipe
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