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Pecan Pie Bites & Candied Pecans!

Alright… this is going to be the shortest post ever. I’ve been kind of under the weather, and we’re travelling to MD for Thanksgiving tomorrow to spend the weekend with my family. I did bake last weekend, but I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for the past few days so I didn’t get a chance to write the post. I know if I don’t write it right now, it won’t ever get done… and that would be super sad ’cause both of these recipes are worth repeating!
Because (like I said 2x already) I was sick, I didn’t actually write a adapted recipe for the Pecan Pie Bites. I doubled this hand pie crust from SmittenKitchen. Then I used biscuit cutters to cut out circles, and after I greased and floured muffin tins (and a Wilton “small cavity” pan) I placed each circle into the “cavity” of the pans.
Then I used the filling from this Pecan Pie recipe from BigBearsWife. Just follow the directions, then fill your pie crust almost to the top. I baked the Pecan Pie Bites at 350 degrees F, for (I forget how long) maybe 20 minutes for the muffin sized ones… basically, bake until the edges are set. Just like Angie says.
I also made some Candied Pecans that I adapted from AllRecipes. They’re also suuuuuuuuper yummy. Make sure that you pour them into your parchment paper lined cookie sheet right away. And don’t use a silicon/ plastic spatula… it will probably melt. 😉 Spread them out in a single layer if your cookie sheet is big enough. If you leave them clumpy they’ll be hard to break into single pieces. Check out my Candied Pecans Recipe!
Happy Baking!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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