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Modeling “Chocolate”, Fondant, and PB Cocoa Krispie Treats put together makes…

Sheep! On “grass” squares!
This was my first attempt at making modeling chocolate AND fondant! It was an experience for sure…
the modeling chocolate isn’t really chocolate… it’s candy melts! The recipe is pretty straight forward, the only thing I would say is to make sure the candy melts are MELTED all the way! I realized this afternoon that I had some chunks, and you could see some of them after I colored the part for the faces/ legs.  Speaking of dying… I would dye a little less than 1/4 of the modeling chocolate black. you can always dye more later! Don’t forget gloves, the food color will come out if you scrub hard enough… but who wants to do that!? I tended to over work the modeling chocolate, and it got super sticky and melty… if that starts to happen to you, just leave it alone for a little bit and work a different piece. The heads were about the size of a cherry tomato, and the four legs together about half that. Make an indent in the body piece, and gently press the head into it. Give your sheep a small topknot of white, press it down, and blend it into the body. Then take a tiny tiny piece and stick it on the rump for a tail! Now flip Sheep over, and stick on the square for its legs! I stuck sprinkles in its face for eyes, but only because I forgot to save some white/ black to make eyeballs!
Now, the fondant… was… difficult. My marshmallows didn’t melt all the way. Of course, I melted them in the microwave on the defrost setting, for one minute, stirred, and then in 30 second intervals until they were melted. It took FOREVER! I should have just ‘nuked them on the regular setting. Ooops. The recipe said it would be very sticky, so I put some gloves on. Bad idea. The fondant stuck to my gloves so bad I ripped one of the fingers off! Try digging that out of sticky marshmallow/ powdered sugar! I took the gloves off, and then got COVERED in the sticky concoction. It was supposed to become less sticky when you worked it, but I ended up putting some more powdered sugar into it. I didn’t measure exactly how much. Sorry! I got my fingers/ hands a little damp and that made it easier to work.  I rolled it out in small pieces, just big enough to drape over each Rice Krispie Treat. Sadly, I rolled some of them out too thin, which caused it to tear. That being said… I can’t wait to try making it again. Maybe I’ll get the Hubs to take a few pictures. OH! The fondant recipe was from Angie at Big Bears Wife. She rocks!
As usual I used Wilton gel food colors to color the sheep faces/ legs and  to make the fondant green.
I made the Rice Krispie Treats using a recipe that’s all over the web! I don’t know who to credit it to because it’s on a billion websites. I frosted them with Duncan Heinz Chocolate Buttercream, so the fondant would have something to stick to!
My first attempts at modeling chocolate and fondant were… fun? Kinda. Interesting? Def. Cute? I think so.
Happy decorating!
-Hey Waitress!!

Modeling Chocolate Recipe, Marshmallow Fondant Recipe, and Peanut Butter Cocoa Krispie Treats

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