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Jagermeister Oatmeal Cookies & Candy Bar Red Velvet Cookies!

Sunday Bakery this week was a two-fer. As in, I made 2 different kinds of cookies! What can I say; I like a little variety in my snacking. Or maybe I had some redic craving leading up to today’s baking extravaganza.
I actually started prepping the Jager Oatmeal cookies on Saturday morning by measuring out the raisins & cranberries, then pouring Jager over them until they were drowning in it. Then I covered the container & let them soak for a few hours (or 6), until I made the cookie dough. Drain the Jager from the raisins & cranberries before you add it to the dough. You can brush some of the leftover on the cookies about 2 minutes before they finish baking. I made this dough Saturday night because I knew it had to chill for an hour… so I didn’t think making it the night before would be a big deal.
The flavor from the Jagermeister isn’t too strong. It’s barely noticeable, but (IMO) in a good way. You can tell that these aren’t regular oatmeal cookies, but the Jager flavor isn’t punching you in the face. Know what I mean?
The recipe was adapted from one on AllRecipes. CLICK HERE to check out my version.
Hubs LOVES Red Velvet cake. For everyday eating it’s too rich for me. But sometimes… a girl just wants some rich chocolaty goodness. And sometimes, a girl just wants that chocolate flavor in an awesome red cookie filled with chunks of her favorite candy bars. And some chocolate chips. Because that’s how I roll.
I’ve been dying to try red velvet cookies for a while. I had a few issues though… I really like chewy cookies better than crunchy or cakey cookies, and I really wanted to make them from scratch!
I slightly adapted my cookie dough recipe from one I saw on Unpampered Chef & How Sweet It Is. They use the same recipe… and I’m not sure who get the “credit”. I froze the candy bars after I cut them up, while I was getting the rest of the dough together. It was a little sticky at first, and kind of hard to manage. I ended up chilling it for an hour and that helped! Keep it in the fridge between batches.
Check out MY RECIPE!
I strongly urge you to go make either of these cookies right now. 😉
Happy Sunday Bakery!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Kahlua Caramel KitKat Cupcakes

After spending a whole afternoon (last week) browsing new (to me) cupcake recipes, and adding a bunch of them to my favorites, I realized something… Not only am I obsessed with adding alcohol to my baked goods, but I also like any cupcake that’s got the word “candy” or “cookie” attached. As a secret fat kid, I decided to combine two of my favorite things (alcohol and candy) into this delish cupcake!
Next came the tough part, choosing my booze and candy. After tons of internal debate I ended up with Kahlua & KitKat. I was inspired by a Mocha KitKat cupcake that used coffee (but no booze). What goes better with coffee than Kahlua!? It also used KitKat Bites, which my grocery store doesn’t carry.
 I really wanted to do a “from scratch” chocolate cake, and I found the original version of this recipe at restlesschipotle.com. She used Caramel Vodka (yuuum), which my local liquor store doesn’t carry. The only caramelly (haha NOT a word) liquor they had was this Bailey’s. I figured, what the heck, why not? Originally, there was supposed to be 12 ounces of bittersweet chocolate chips. I don’t like bittersweet chocolate so I would have used semi-sweet anyways. 12 ounces seemed like a lot of chocolate, especially when you add the KitKat’s in. I ended up coarse chopping some leftover Baker’s chocolate squares, and some Nestle chocolate chunks. I had planned on adding the KitKat in whole, but it stuck up way too much! So I froze them overnight, cut them in half and stuck them back in the freezer, in between batches. I don’t know if sticking them in the freezer makes a difference, but it kept me from excessive “snacking” while baking.
The buttercream is my standard recipe… I got about half way through frosting the cupcakes and realized, somehow I didn’t have enough for all 30! I’ve never had that problem before. Maybe I over frosted?! I was also out of unsalted butter. WTF!? I stopped frosting, and made another batch (halved, and with salted butter), then mixed the leftover from the first batch of frosting with the new frosting. So maybe you should consider making more frosting, or frosting your cupcakes less.
Basically… this cupcake was an episode of “what I don’t have (or can’t find)”. Moral of the story: give yourself time to find the booze and keep extra supplies on hand…
-Hey Waitress!!
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