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Cinnamon Apple Hand Pies!!

Oh. Em. Gee. Really, that’s all I can say.
I adapted this recipe from SmittenKitchen’s homemade PopTart recipe.
I used a round biscuit cutter because I couldn’t get the dough to roll out into a rectangle. I’m a little challenged when it comes to dough rolling. I also added the (Empire variety) apple slices and reduced the amount of filling.
I didn’t get my edges sealed quite enough on some of the pies, so the filling leaked out a little. I also didn’t make the holes big enough, so my pies got a little more puffy then I wanted.
I’m not sure how long I actually baked these for, because I forgot to write it down. I think it was closer to the 15 minute mark.
Other than those few small things… these are so yummy! They’re also going to be the last apple recipe for the year, I’m all apple-ed out. 😉
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
Click here to make THIS recipe!
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