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S’mores Snack Mix and PB&J Pull-Apart “Muffins”

So… sometimes there are weekends when I’m not motivated to bake. This weekend was one of them. We had a cookout on Friday, and my Dad was here all til Sunday. So I was a little worn out by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around.
On those Sunday’s when I don’t really want to bake, but I really want something sweet… I make Puppy Chow/ Muddy Buddy or Monkey Bread. This weekend I made both. But with a Twist!
The Puppy Chow is really more of a “snack mix” because I think it should have Chex in it to be considered Puppy Chow. But it’s still delish. You def need to use a HUGE bowl so everything doesn’t go all over the place when you’re stirring! This is another product of my S’mores obsession. I like it a whole lot… and I don’t think it’s going to last long around here. This is easy-peasy and it doesn’t take me more than 10minutes from start to finish. Check out my S’mores Snack Mix recipe!
The PB&J Pull-Apart Muffins are a spin off of my favorite (and super easy) monkey bread muffins. They’re pretty easy to make… but kind of messy. Seriously… if you have a problem with a messy kitchen, skip these. Use a plastic knife to get these out of the muffin tin. The jelly gets well cooked on the edges, and if you don’t scrape down the sides before you try and take them out your pieces will pull apart before you’re ready. I also didn’t add a glaze or anything to these, but I think they could use a little drizzle of something or other. Ya know?
I’m sure I’m not the first person to try either of these things… but I didn’t google either of them to find out. I didn’t/ don’t want to know if someone’s done ‘em before!
No matter what, I’m pretty impressed with the way they both came out.
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
PS. There aren’t any pictures of the S’mores Snack Mix because it looks like every other puppy chow recipe I’ve ever seen!
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Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes AND Adult PB&J Cupcakes

It’s been about a year since I started blogging about baking. So I decided to “celebrate” by baking my favorite cupcakes for the month of January.  I didn’t bake the weekend of the first… I was “baked out” from all those Christmas cookies! And I was too lazy to post these Caramel Chocolate cupcakes from last week. Er… Honestly…  I got distracted by some online shopping. THEN A Memory of Light came out (Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson).  I’ve waited (what feels like) forever for the book to come out, so I HAD to read and finish that…
Any ways… Last week I made Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes. Because, seriously… you can’t go wrong with chocolate cake (with Bailey’s), and caramel buttercream (with caramel Bailey’s)! I used the Milky Way Cupcakes recipe and subbed regular Bailey’s (I didn’t have enough caramel Bailey’s for the cupcakes & the frosting).
I used my new silicone liners for the first dozen. I was hoping that they wouldn’t, but the cupcakes stuck to the silicone pretty bad… I think it might have been because they are so moist? *shudder* I hate that word. I’m planning some experimenting with them in the near future. 😉
This week I did a different version of the Adult Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcakes. I modified the Peanut Butter Cupcake recipe (so I could use the vodka), and the frosting recipe from the first version of the Adult Peanut butter & Jelly Cupcakes.
I skipped filling them with the Reese’s Cups this time because it I don’t think it was necessary last time. Make sense? This peanut butter cupcake tastes great without the added Reese’s. I filled the cupcake  liners practically all the way full… and they rose up JUST like I wanted them to! I love when that happens.
The buttercream frosting wasn’t as fluffy as I wanted, and I had a bit of trouble getting the taste JUST right. I think it might still need some tweaking… maybe another tablespoon of peanut butter next time…
Happy Sunday Bakery!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Adult PB&J Cupcakes

They REALLY taste like Peanut Butter & Jelly! Hehe, I’m totes pumped that this recipe worked out. Honestly, I was worried that it wouldn’t. All for naught. 😉
So, I used the same chocolate cake base as the KitKat cupcakes (from restlesschipotle.com) and Pinnacle Grape flavored Vodka.
:::Side Note::: I keep saying “flavored” because I’m pretty sure there are vodka brands that “specialize” in vodka made just from grapes. Get me? I want you to use grape FLAVORED vodka, not (necessarily) vodka DISTILLED from grapes. Darn liquor can be so confusing, and I bet I just made it worse.
:::Another Side::: When I bought this bottle of Pinnacle I felt like a Vodka Traitor. Seriously, I felt guilty! I’ve changed vodka brands! I used to drink Three Olives. I realized that 3/4 of the vodka I’ve recently purchased are Pinnacle, and the other was KettleOne! Gasp!
Now that I’ve got all that random out of my system… back to the baking. The first dozen of these I filled 1/2 way plopped the Reese’s Cup in, then topped off with more batter. The PB ended up melting, and caused the cupcakes to sink in the middle. If you fill them 3/4 full, then lightly press the Reese’s cup in they’ll look like the pictures! Check out how the cake batter rose up, and made a perfect place to put the jelly! Make sure you use mini Reese’s, not the bite sized! And, don’ forget to take ALL the paper/ foil off. I baked them for 17 minutes. The toothpick trick doesn’t work very well with these, if you poke a chocolate chip it’s going to look like batter. My suggestion is to poke more than one.
I kind of “winged it” with the frosting (as usual). I started off with the usual base of 1 cup of butter, 3 cups of sugar, and 4+ tablespoons of “liquid”. I used more jelly than vodka because I didn’t want the slightly “fake” taste from the vodka to overwhelm the other flavors. I chopped the Reese’s PB Cups up so they would melt easier, and I melted it so the frosting wouldn’t be chunky. I’m not sure exactly how many Reese’s I used, but it was between 12 & 15.
I think that’s everything…
Happy Baking!
 -Hey Waitress!!
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