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Presidential Cookies Filled with Sprinkles

Dyed Republican & Democrat cookies filled with chocolate sprinkles, and decorated with fondate stars & stripes!!
Presidential Cookies “How To”:
  1. Make the sugar cookie dough.
  2. Divide it in half. Color one half red, and the other blue.
  3. Line a container, approximately the size of your cookie cutter, with plastic wrap.
  4. Put the red half of your dough in the bottom of the container & flatten it.
  5. Shape the blue half to approximately the same size, and place it on top of the red dough.
  6. Cover and freeze overnight.
  7. Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees F, and line baking sheets with parchment paper.
  8. Slice the cookie dough into 1/8 – ¼ inch slices, cut your cookies, saving the excess dough (separated), you can use it to make more cookies! If you use the left over dough stack and freeze it for a little, the firm dough is easier to cut.
  9. You’ll need 3 of each shape, place one of them on the cookie sheet facing the opposite way. That will be so the back side of your cookie (after it’s been put together) won’t be browned!
  10. Bake them for about 6 minutes.
  11. As soon as they come out of the oven, cut a hole in one of the cookies facing the same way. That’s where the sprinkles will go!
  12. Allow them to cool completely before moving.
  13. Make your “glue” to stick the layers together. Using 1 cup of powdered sugar & 2 tablespoons of milk, stir until all the powdered sugar has been melted.
  14. Glue the cookie with the cut out to the browned side of the bottom cookie, fill the hole with sprinkles, then “glue” the top cookie on.
  15. Lay flat for 30 minutes before handling. Now is a good time to make your fondant, and cut out the stars & stripes!
  16. Using the “glue” and a food safe paint brush stick the stripes on, gently flatten them. Then do the stars.
  17. Eat a cookie!
So… I’ve wanted to make these cookies ever since I saw this super duper awesome tutorial for piñata cookies! AND here are my notes:
  • I didn’t have a container as tall as the donkey or as wide as the elephant, so I sliced the dough, rolled it out a little bit, cut the shape, then saved the extra.
  • I can’t stand to waste things, and when they made theirs, they baked the dough, THEN cut out the shapes… It makes sense that way, so all the cookies will be even, and they’ll stand up better, but I just couldn’t waste the dough.
  • I used a small biscuit cutter to make the elephant cut out, and a small rectangle for the donkey cut out.
  • I saved the dough, from the first round of cookies to make more (red on the bottom, blue on the top) cookies, then I used the extra from THOSE to make a few tyedyed cookies!
  • I rolled out the fondant to about 1/8 of an inch thick, and cut out the stars using a small cookie cutter, and cut out the stripes out with a cookie cutter.
  • You probably only need to make half the amount of fondant from the recipe… I had plenty left over.
  • I totally gave myself a blister cutting out all those stars!!
  • The awesome cookie cutters came from CopperGifts.com
Happy baking.
-Hey Waitress!!
PS when I made these cookies I couldn’t think of a fitting name for them. I really want to call them “Your Candidate Is Full Of… Chocolate Sprinkles… Cookies”. You know, because the sprinkles are supposed to look like poop. But it’s too long. Sad face.
I also want to remind people how important it is to vote. I love politics. Mostly… I love the thought that my vote might make a difference. It’s import to get involved, because if you don’t… you’ll have no right to complain when things don’t go the way you want. I’ll stop now, because if I keep going this is going to turn into a craaaazy long rant, and I don’t want to take away from the cookies. Just GO VOTE!
Happy Election Tuesday!! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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