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June Reads

The Oz Chronicles- R.W.Ridley… 4 out of 5 stars.
There are 5 books so far: The Takers, Delon City, The Pure, The Land of the Dead, Banshee Worm King. Excellent YA Indy author!
Oz is a neighborhood bully, who drove a young boy named Stevie to suicide. He wakes up in a world populated by the Takers, characters from a comic book Stevie wrote/ drew. Oh Stevie is one of the original Storytellers, who “worked” with a doctor (that used HMI to “create” the monsters). In an attempt to right the wrongs he did to Stevie, Oz gathers followers and eventually learns that he has to protect a Storyteller, who just happens to be a newborn baby named Nate.  And it gets worse. Each book brings on new bad guys, and new challenges. The bad guys are super creepy. The good guys are, well, good (now). I don’t dislike a single one of them! I really LOVE Lou and the gorillas.  The storylines are good, I just wish each book would “get rid” of the bad guys, instead of just adding more. The series is a great combo of sci-fi, horror, apocalyptic fiction, and fantasy. I liked the Anti-Bully message, and how the writer wasn’t preachy about it. I only have one problem… he constantly called a mare, him/ he. Mares are FEMALE horses. Other than that… love it, plan to buy the series in paperback/hardcover if I can find it.
Winter’s Saga- Karen Luellen… 3 out of 5 stars
3 books so far: Winter’s Awakening, Winter’s Storm, Winter’s Wrath.
Well… This was the first set of books I read in June and I don’t remember too much about them. They remind me a YA version of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein series. Or any Frankenstein for that matter. The bad guy is a super-rich, super-crazy scientist, who is building an army of Super-Humans (Metas). He’s a total nut job. Meg and her brothers were stolen away when they where very young and raised by a doctor who used to work for the Mad Scientist. He wants them back, and the doctor dead. Overall it’s an entertaining series, and an easy read for me (as I’m def. no longer a YA). The major problem I have with the series is Meg. It all goes back to writers feeling the need to give a female protagonist a love interest, or 2 in this case. The love triangle irritated me. Other then that… I liked it. The was some suspense, and I liked seeing the Meta’s grow emotionally.
Scars- Cheryl Rainfield… 3 out of 5 stars
First off, this story was hard to rate. It dealt with some deep shit. Self Mutilation and Molestation.
Overall… I’m not a big fan of the super dramatic ending. I would have like to see Kendra realize who the perp was, then go to her therapist/ the police. I think the story delt with her mom’s homophobia well, but the instant love with Meghan was a bit much for me.
Favorite Wife- Susan Ray Schmidt… ?
This story was impossible (for me) to rate, mostly d/t the fact that it’s a true story. Or at least her version of the events. It’s not my usual reading material but it was free (or maybe $2.99) on the kindle, and I was running out of stuff to read. It”s a horrifying account of what this woman went through . The poverty and isolation hit me the hardest. It def made me think. I’m not bashing anyone’s way of life, I’m OK with polygamy (if you’re consenting ADULTS), just not the poverty, isolation, abuse, and manipulation. God bless her.
The Hangman’s Daughter- Oliver Potzsch… 3 out of 5 stars
It was a decent historical thriller, kept me guessing throughout the novel. Again, not my usual genre. I didn’t particularly care for the wrting style, there was random “modern” language thown in there, maybe d/t translation (it was originally written in German)? I sort of expected to see more of the hangman’s daughter… I thought the story was about her!? overall it gets a “Meh… not reading the second book.”
I also read the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. It’s getting its own post. And not in a good way. Not to mention I would feel kinda skeezey putting it in the same post as all those YA novels.
-Hey Waitress!!
PS… I’m almost finished with my second glass of wine. And I’m a bit of a lightweight. Forgive me if it got sloppy. 😉
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