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Homemade Caramel Filling/ Sauce!!

This recipe is from CakeCentral.com. I think it was created to fill in cake layers…
I’m so excited I made this caramel! Like, really, really excited! I’ve been putting off making caramel for a long time ‘cause I kept hearing about how hard it is! But (surprisingly) it wasn’t! AAAAAAND I only splattered myself once w/ the boiling mixture… just one teensy tiny burn on my finger! HA! Take that Ye Silly Gods Of Kitchen Dangers!
I think if I had let this keep cooking, it would’ve turned into a denser (thicker?) texture, and once it cooled, I probably could’ve cut it into caramel candies… but I’m not sure so don’t quote me. 😉
The directions call for a “heavy saucepan”… I think that’s code for “not cheap”. Haha! I used a regular metal pot with non-stick coating on the inside.
I also Did. Not. Stop. Stirring. I really got an arm workout. But I’m going to do it again… if I ever run out of this batch. 😉
Happy Making!
-Hey Waitress!!

 Check out the recipe here!

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Sunday Bakery & Running Outside On The Weekends.

Sunday Bakery this week is  these Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bars from Mom On Timeout. They are AAAAAH-MAAAAAAA-ZING. Seriously… the goeyness from the caramel, all those chocolate chips… so awesome.
I didn’t post a recipe because I didn’t adapt it enough. The only thing I changed was the chocolate chips. I used 1 cup of dark chocolate chips, and 1 cup of peanut butter chips. I also sprinkled about a half cup of each on top of the caramel after I poured it on top of the cookie dough.
There’s 2 things that I’m planning on doing differently when I make these again. 
First- I’m changing the cookie dough recipe.  I had a little issue with the amount of oats. Personally, I’d like there to be more, OR none at all. There wasn’t quite enough to make the cookies oatmealy, but there was enough to make the cookie texture a little, um,  different. I’m planning on making these with my favorite peanut butter cookie dough OR my favorite oatmeal cookie dough.
Second-  I’m only making half the amount of caramel sauce. it’s sooo rich (and delicious) I felt like the cookie part of the bar got lost. And no cookie dough deserves to get lost.
No matter what… I’d suggest you try these out, and as soon as I bake my version it will def be posted!
I actually baked these bars yesterday because I though I had a lot of “grown-up” (AKA BORING) stuff to do today. Turns out… I don’t. the only thing I HAD to do was go for a run. Usually I run at the gym on the weekends… These are a few of the reasons why.
  • There’s so much traffic on Saturday & Sunday. And if you run on the street/ sidewalk, you probably know how annoying it is to have to constantly stop and wait for a car to go by. I had a fit today trying to avoid any of the main roads, my route looks like a 3 year old drew it! Basically,  cross streets suck and don’t you people want to sleep in on the weekend?!
  • Then in the spring/ summer/ fall there’s the yard sales. Seriously people, if you see me huffing along the least you could do is scooch (scootch) your cheap ass over a little so there’s room for both of us on the sidewalk! I’d rather not get hit by another (cheap) guy who is cutting across a lane of traffic so he can get that stupid rooster clock they’re selling for a dollar.
  • And finally… it seems like there are way more dogs out on the weekends. I love dogs, and (so far) I’ve never been attacked by a dog. But dogs… they don’t like runners. Maybe its their chase instinct? but whatever it is… UGH. the worst is when it’s close and barking but you can’t see it. it’s like “IS THIS going to be the dog that comes out of nowhere and mauls me”?! The other thing that drives me crazy is dogs that are off-leash. I got chased by a tail-wagging, tennis  ball weilding labradoodle today. After I stopped and accepted the slobbery tennis ball deposited at my feet his owner says “He just wants to run with you”. Well, Lady, I might not LIKE dogs. And I might not be nice enough to stop, and your dog could have run into traffic… Fortunately for me that dog was well behaved. The point is- if you HAVE to let you dog off it’s leash in an unfenced area please call it back to you, or exert some sort of control over it!
Ooops. That got a little more angry than I intended. I think I need to go calm down and eat a gooey caramel cookie bar.
Happy Sunday!
-Hey Waitress!!
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Guinness & Choc Covered Pretzel Cupcakes w/ Caramel Buttercream

I won’t lie… when I drink beer I craaaave salty things. So what could be better than beer cupcakes with pretzels baked right in?! Add caramel. BAM!

My original plan for these was to make chocolate stout and pretzel cupcakes. But I was too lazy to go out and find chocolate stout. Then I remembered that I had a bottle of Guinness and a wonderful beer cake recipe! Tah-Dah! I thought about making these with a chocolate cake, but I wasn’t really in the mood for it this week. Gasp! Weird, right? Anyways…
The cake batter is delish. But not very Guinnessey. That seems to be a “normal” problem when I bake with beer though. The beer flavor doesn’t come out very strong. I’m not sure why… I’ll bet it has something to do with chemistry or some shmarmy gastronomical stuff. 😉
As for the buttercream… weeeell… it’s a recipe that I’ve made before, but for some reason it didn’t come out as good as usual. It looks kind of like it’s separating, and it’s not as fluffy as I expected. Normally, when I use “caramel”, I use the Smucker’s brand that comes in a jar. I think it’s called “caramel sauce”. This time I used “caramel sundae syrup” in a squeeze bottle. It has def got a different texture/ consistency. I also made the effort to reduce the rest of the bottle of Guinness to use in this buttercream… it wasn’t really worth it. I’ll probably use a tablespoon of (not-reduced) Guinness if I make this again. The buttercream flavor is ok, but overall the frosting needs another try.
These cupcakes are fun, but I think they could use a few tweeks. Back to the oven I go. See my recipe here.
Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!


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