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Moscato White Chocolate Blondies!

It’s totally possible that I ate one of these Blondies before I even finished cutting them. I’m not saying that I did… but it’s possible. They’re that yummy. IMO, the wine makes these Blondies really stand out. They don’t have a strong booze flavor, but the hint of sweet Moscato def does the trick for me.
The edges came out a little more brown than I would’ve liked. I may bake them in a standard jelly roll pan next time, just because it’s bigger.
I originally had these cut into 24 bars, but I thought they’d be too big, so I cut each bar in half and ended up with 48 (duh) smaller pieces instead.
My only issue with making these was the “frosting”. When I added the wine to the white chocolate chips it got sort of chunky and ugly looking. I think it was because of the stabilizers in the chips? I’d recommend using baking white chocolate (the kind that comes in bars or bricks), or candy melts instead of the white chocolate chips. It might make the frosting into a “drizzle” instead, and I bet that would look much better.
This recipe is another adaptation from the Boozy Baker Cookbook. If you like booze and sweets you NEED to buy that cookbook.
Anyways… that’s it for Sunday Bakery this week!
Happy Baking!!
-Hey Waitress!!
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