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Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce- N2MCC3

Alright… I made this Bourbon Apple BBQ sauce for week 3 of 2014’s New 2 Me Cooking Challenge. I went to bed thinking about bourbon/apples/pork one night last week and I couldn’t get it out of my head. So of course I had to try it this week.
I adapted the recipe from THIS website.
I had 2 problems when I made this. The first is… my onion chopping is horrible. I left them in pretty big chunks, but it’s all personal preference. Chop ‘em real small if you have the patience. The second issue I had was the reducing… it takes FOREVER. At least that’s what it felt like. I eventually got too hungry to wait for the sauce to reduce any longer, so I whisked in a tablespoon of cornstarch. I think I waited about 30 minutes before I added the cornstarch.
I used this sauce with some pork chops I cooked in a skillet. I cooked them almost all the way done, and then I added the (hot) BBQ sauce and some sliced Granny Smith apples to the skillet. The next time I make this I’ll be using sweeter apples instead of the GS. I’d also like to find a way to get boozier flavor. Overall the BBQ recipe was a win. Hubs ate all of his, so I assume he liked the combination. He did say the sauce was “really really good”…
Happy Making!
-Hey Waitress!!
Click for the Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce recipe.
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