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Grand Marnier Madeline Cookies & Amaretto Fudge

Hey! Guess what!? It’s Sunday and I’m actually posting my Sunday Bakery! Wow.
Ok, So I’m super duper wicked excited about how yummy both these recipes came out today! There really isn’t much to share, but I’m going to break it down anyways. 😉
I based the Madeline Cookie recipe off of the one in The Boozy Baker Cookbook (Lucy Baker), with only a few small changes. I added the orange zest, and changed the liquor. I also changed from a glaze to a frosting. In my copy of the Boozy Baker there’s a misprint and the amount of powdered sugar isn’t specified. Ooops. I just kind of “winged it”. I also added a teaspoon of melted butter, but you could probably switch that out for an extra teaspoon of vanilla. This frosting is VERY boozy, and a bit thicker than the glaze pictured in the book.
I’d also like to note that this is the first time I ever greased & floured a pan! Hah! I’m pretty proud of myself. However, I think I over-floured. A few of my shell sides didn’t get as defined as I hoped. I’m almost positive that’s because there was too much flour in the grooves.
One last thing with the Madelines is… they kind of stuck to my wire racks a little bit, so put the “non pretty” side on the wire rack, and move them once or twice while they’re cooling…
 click here for my version of  the Grand Marnier Madeline Cookies recipe
NOW, on to the fuuuuudge! I used the recipe for THIS Amaretto Fudge from Crazy For Crust. I just defined what chocolate chips I used, and added a frosting.
I started melting my chocolate on the low (2 on my stovetop); some of the chocolate was starting to stick to the bottom of my sauce pan, so I lowered the heat to simmer. Then my chocolate started to firm up! Drat. I just added  the Amaretto & vanilla, turned the heat on back up to 1 on the dial (still low of course), and it finally finished melting! After I poured and spread it in the pan I sprinkled the almonds on top and started making the frosting. I should have gently pressed the almonds into the fudge, because most of them didn’t stick to it when I started spreading the frosting. Ooops.
Speaking of frosting… I also “winged it” when I made this one. I basically dumped ALL the ingredients together then attempted to whisk it. I should have beat it in the stand mixer. I wrote the recipe like I should have made it. It’s a very thick and very sweet frosting, just how I like it…
 Click here for my version of the Amaretto Fudge recipe
Happy Sunday Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
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