Guess What!?

Hey! Guess what!?

I’m moving!

Ok, I’m not moving, but the blog is! Within the next few weeks (or months, because I procrastinate like a boss), it’s going to be moving to So save that address.

I don’t think there’s a way for me to “import” my followers from wordpress, so… bookmark!

I’ll be purchasing the Site Redirect from WordPress, if you forget to follow

Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out this “import” and “export” stuff from WordPress. I’m REEEEALLY not technologically handy.

It took a lot of thought, and I’m kind of sad to let Unremarkable go, but the name just doesn’t fit my little blog anymore. Ya know? It’s grown into a food blog with a little extra life on the side. I also want to write more on the (attempts at) running. I think it’ll be fun to blog about my upcoming 10k training. Maaaaaaybe?

So… the moral of the story is: Unremarkable is going to be moving to

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