New 2 Me Cooking Challenge November

Week 45- Beer Mac N Cheese
Wow. Just wow. This recipe is awwwwesooooome. I literally devoured my portion. Sadly… this is another one of those recipes that is so far from “light” it probably won’t be happening very often. Even with all the RF items & the light beer it still tops off at 502 cals per serving.
I adapted the recipe (slightly) from How Sweet It Is. I added the chicken because we were eating this as a meal, not a side. I seasoned the chicken w/ Spicy Southwest seasoning from McCormick, and then cooked it on the GF Grill.
The next time I make this… I’ll probably leave the chicken out, and sub the parmesan for a lower calorie cheese. Speaking of parmesan, I used a container of pre-shaved cheese from the grocery store.
So, despite the extra calories, this Beer Mac N Cheese gets 2 thumbs up from Hubs. He is, after all, allowed almost double the calories I am!
Week 46- Taco Pizza
Ok… So there’s no recipe for this because I just didn’t like it. I won’t make it again unless Hubs asks for it.
Basically I cooked 1 lb of ground turkey (seasoned with taco seasoning), then I threw some salsa on a pizza dough crust (this homemade version from BH&G), topped it with Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese & the turkey and baked it.
I know it’s not reeeeeeally taco-ey. I do plan on redoing it with fresh veggies, regular pizza sauce, and HALF the amount of ground meat. We’ll see how it goes.
Week 47-Red Wine Spaghetti Sauce and a Spaghetti Squash
Last week one of my FB friends posted a picture of his dinner. It was Spaghetti Squash and tomato sauce! I was all like… “WHAT!? Squash instead of carb loaded pasta!? I have to try this.”
So I did! Overall it was ok. To be totally honest, it doesn’t compare to the carby, calorie laden pastas I love. As a side item spaghetti squash would be just fine. It would be great. As a pasta substitute… no.
The sauce was adapted from So How’s It Taste. It tastes great. ;). Hubs ate 90% of it. I’m not a huge fan of cooked onions, and I can NEVER get then chopped really fine, so I only had one serving. I think I need a Slap-Chop (What’s a Slap-Chop? It’s one of those stupid As Seen On TV gadgets).
This sauce would be great on my favorite pasta… siiiigh.
Week 48- Roasted Potatoes
I (barely)adapted this recipe from Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom. It’s so freaking good (and EASY) I wish I had thought of it myself. They’re so easy I don’t even have anything to say.
Honestly, I don’t think there’s any way that you can go wrong with potatoes. That is, unless you don’t cook them long enough and they’re still hard in the middle… Maybe that happened to me the first time I ever baked a potato. Maybe it didn’t. I’ll never tell.
At any rate, these potatoes are probably going to go into our weekly rotation. Between the two of us, we devoured the whole pan!
That wraps up the New To Me Cooking Challenge for November.
Happy Making!
-Hey Waitress!!
 PS. I didn’t take any pix of the Taco Pizza, ’cause I think all pizza looks pretty much the same. I also accidentally deleted ALL of the pix for week 47. That was def a FML moment. Also, click on the headers to see that weeks recipe!
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