No Machine S’mores Ice Cream!

S’more S’mores please!? I can never get enough S’mores! Never!
I actually made this LAST Saturday for National S’mores Day. I know… these silly food “holidays” are, well, silly. But I just couldn’t control myself. Any excuse to make some sort of S’mores food is totally acceptable in my mind.
The base is adapted from Gluten Free On A Shoestring and the Honey Cinnamon Cookie Dough is from Add A Pinch.
I really love that cookie dough. It’s pretty much heaven. I actually didn’t use all of it in the ice cream; I saved about a cup for myself… to eat raw like a fat kid. It doesn’t have eggs so it’s OK! You could probably use all of it in the ice cream. If you knead it too much, just break up the pieces back into chunks. No harm done. If you don’t feel like making the cookie dough I think some broken up graham cracker could work. I kinda think they would get too soggy though…
The regular marshmallows were a last minute addition. I saw them in my pantry and figured I might as well toss them in there. The next time this ice cream happens I’ll use mini marshmallows to save myself from the sticky mess of ripping the big ones into pieces.
This ice cream didn’t fit in my regular 64oz freezer container. It was just a smidge too big. It also took longer than 4 hours to set. I ate some at hour 4, and it wasn’t quite there. The next night it was all set up and ice cream like. But that’s a normal occurrence for me. Maybe my freezer isn’t cold enough?
The only problem for me is that the flavor is a little rich. I’ve been mixing it in with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt to fix that. 😉
Check out the recipe!
Happy Making!
-Hey Waitress!!
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