No Machine! PB Cup Ice Cream

Here  in PA we’ve had a of a heat wave this past  week. I shouldn’t be complaining… but I really hate being too hot. Honestly, it’s been in the 90’s, but the heat index puts it around 100. Ugh.
So, because it’s been too hot (and because I needed an excuse to try) I decided to make some ice cream. I don’t have one of those fancy-smancy ice cream machines so (of course) I went in search of some recipes on the InterWebs.
Most of the recipes I saw could be broken down into 3 bases. One with Cool Whip, another with heavy cream, and the last base was heavy cream and some other stuff that needed to be cooked. Now… I was in no mood to cook anything, and I really wanted to do something really simple so I chose to use Cool Whip as my base.
Then I just had to choose what to put in it! So many options… eventually I decided I should make something Hubs would eat, as I’m more of a FroYo girl.
The flavor is pretty good, but I think it should be more chocolatly. Next time I’m going to add more melted baking chocolate.
The texture isn’t as creamy as store-bought ice cream, but I bet if I used the heavy cream as a base it would be. It’s also kind of sticky… maybe I used too much condensed milk?
Overall, the recipe is yummy and with a few minor tweeks it could be heavenly.
Check out the recipe & try it out for yourself!
Happy Sunday!
-Hey Waitress!!
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