Creamsicle Floats

Ok. So I haven’t baked in like 3 weeks. I feel terrible about it. But the truth is… we just moved into our first house, and I’ve been unpacking and cleaning. I do plan on getting back to baking this weekend. It will happen. I’m super excited to use my “new” kitchen and the nice sized pantry that has room for all my baking “stuff”!
Geez! I think I could talk about the house ALL DAY… But because I felt so guilty about not posting any new baking I’m going to post these Creamsicle Floats!
Buying a house has really made me miss my mom, even though she’s just a few (or 4) hours away, so I thought I’d share our favorite summer “drink”.
I usually use orange sherbet, but I’ve made these with raspberry or rainbow as well. These pictures are of a rainbow one I made yesterday. Mom like Fresca in her float (gross), and I used regular Sprite in mine (Sprite Zero didn’t exist back then)! I call these floats, but they taste the best when you should stir it up really good until everything is blended together… so there’s nothing really floating…
I should also suggest a more “adult” version… maybe with a shot of Grand Marnier or Chambord? Or even your favorite fruity/ dessert flavored vodka? I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s def going to happen soon.
Happy Stirring!
-Hey Waitress!!
Recipe Here.


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