White Sangria Cupcakes!

Summer is close… Well… Spring seems to be here, and that counts for something. I like spring, mostly because it leads to summer. And I LOVE the summertime. Now that the weather’s warming up, I figured it’s time to start with the warm weather recipes (AKA my favorite summer foods/ drinks turned into a sweet snack). And what a better place to start than Sangria!?
I adapted this recipe from Shefs Pantry, check out the original post! I changed the sangria syrup, mostly because I don’t drink red wine. I prefer really sweet white wine (Moscato or Rieslings), and most of the stuff I drink is mid-shelf. I digress. You can use whatever combination of fruit you want into the syrup. I just used what we had in the apartment. You don’t have to use Riesling… any dry white wine will do. And don’t ask me what “dry” means… I have no idea. I just picked a type I like.
I kept the cupcake batter the same… and got 16 cupcakes too! That NEVER happens to me. I usually get more than the recipe says.
I did change the buttercream recipe. I reduced the vanilla, and traded the milk for a smidge of Grand Marnier (which I would add into Sangria if I was making a pitcher) and the leftover Sangria syrup. It came out delish!
I will def be baking these again sometime… BUT… they did come out kind of plain. There wasn’t much sangria flavor. I think I’m going to work in some of the fruit into them next time.
Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!
Check out MY RECIPE for these cupcakes!!
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