Challenge: Cook one new (to me) thing a week for the entire year

Honestly… I don’t like to cook. I’m not a big fan of putting dinner in the oven. I know, it;s kind of weird. I get very set in my ways, and I’m totally comfortable making the same things for dinner, week in and week out. Hubs isn’t a big fan of eating the same things over and over. And over.
When I was working in the Restaurant I didn’t need to cook. I mean, I was there 6 days a week, and I got to eat for half price. Basically I survived on burgers & fries, bacon cheese fries, fried chicken, and every once in a while a salad. Basically, I was there at dinner time, so why bother cooking before I went to work!? Or when I worked the lunch shift, I’d just bring home dinner. Either way…
Once we moved to PA, I didn’t have that option anymore. Not to mention that (because I’m STILL jobless), I’m home all day, and there’s no excuses. Uh oh! I guess it was time to learn how to cook. Not so much. We ate chicken patties, hamburger helper, burgers, frozen fires, boxed mac & cheese… getting my drift?
Some times I’d get a little inspiration. IE buying a crock pot (Chuck Wagon Stew and BBQ Chicken came into our lives). And I even made Pigs In A Blanket (a lot).
Obviously, It’s time I learned how to use the oven for more than baking sweets. AmIRight?!
So, as part of my New Years Non-Resolutions, I decided to challenge myself to make one “new” dinner item a week. It can and will be anything from a full dish to a side or sauce. My goal is to eventually “cook” dinner every night. Every night except for Take-Out Night, that is. I refuse to give up Take-Out Night. The chances of anything I attempt being complicated, or difficult are very slim… I like my food simple and easy. I’m cooking with the moto- “It’s so easy, even I can do it!”.
Everything that comes out with Hubs’ stamp of approval (he says he’d eat it again) will make the blog posts & recipe pages. I’m thinking I’ll probably only do 1 post a month. Mostly because I’m lazy, or easily distracted. Or both. 😉 The next post will be for January (wks 1-4).
Happy Cooking.
-Hey Waitress!!

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