Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies

I wish I had thought this recipe up myself. I really do. The original recipe came from the Food Network site. Now, if I could only find a way to add booze to it, this recipe would be perfect.
I was a little worried when I first decided to try these out, but it’s not NEARLY as complicated as the recipe looks.
However, I did have a few issues getting the brownie layer out of the muffin tins. As usual. Every time I make brownies in the muffin tins they ALWAYS get stuck. I’m not sure if it’s the pan, the non-stick spray grease, or even the recipes I use.
I cooled the brownie layer for almost 40minutes, and then took them out of the muffin tins (and put them into paper cupcake liners) before I added the peanut butter cookie dough layer. The PB layer is kind of sticky, so I used my trusty 1.5” scoop and plopped some of the PB “dough” on top of the brownie. Then in a fit of genius (if I may so so), I used a butter knife lightly coated in flour to flatten it! I’m pretty proud of myself for thinking of that. 😉
After I got the peanut butter cookie dough layer on, I made the ganache. This was the first time I’ve made ganache without booze in it! After stirring for a while I noticed the chocolate chunks didn’t melt al the way, so I ‘nuked it for another 10 seconds. Still not melted all the way! So I just left it with a few very small chocolate chunks. I’ll say it’s because I wanted the extra texture, not because I was too lazy to keep ‘nuking. After spooning the slightly cooled ganache over the cupcakes, I sprinkled the chopped peanuts on top, and (TAAAAH-DAAAAH!) all done!
I could barely wait the hour these needed to set in the fridge before I dived in and ate one!
The original recipe from Food Network was for half of what I made, and the author put it in an 8×8 pan. I like to make mine in the muffin tins, because they’re easier to share and package for the people I force feed sweets to on a weekly basis…
Eat up! Happy Sunday Bakery!
-Hey Waitress!!
Click HERE for my recipe.
PS. I’m totally aware that I have a peanut butter obsession. I’m OK with it.


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