Chocolate Grand Marnier Cupcakes & Slow Cooker Meatballs

AKA Fat Kid Sunday (Slow Cooker Sunday + Sunday Cupcakery)
Slow Cooker Sunday
 So… Autumn is here. I mean, officially, it’s here. And I hate it. I’m a summer girl at heart… give me tank tops, flip-flops, and 90 degree weather. That’s not to say that there aren’t a few things I like about the Fall… more specifically: boots, outerwear (I have a jacket/ coat/ scarf obsession), hot food, and hot chocolate. Yes, I said hot food. Is that a weird thing to say?
I guess what I mean is, I got a slow cooker last winter (for Christmas) and I love it. I started doing “Slow Cooker Sunday” as a way to experiment. Until today, it was mostly soups or stews that I didn’t like enough to post. Try the BBQ Chicken, I make it ALL the time.
We eat a lot of pasta/ spaghetti and meatballs in the winter… usually we buy the meatballs from the deli counter. I just figured I might as well save us the trouble, and make some meatball, then portion them out and freeze them! This way I know what I’m putting in them!
The original version of this recipe was on All Recipes. I subbed the fresh ingredients for dried, mostly because I’m too lazy to chop and dice everything small enough. I also changed the can & jar sizes for the sauce. I’m not sure if that makes this recipe “mine” or not… oh well. They’re pretty delish, and I hope they freeze (and reheat) well enough.
check out the recipe here!
Sunday Cupcakery
 Every year during the holidays Mom gets me a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I love them. Like really, really, REALLY love them. Sadly, I can never find them. EVER. Every holiday season, you can find me trolling the grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Target, even the CVS/ Walgreens type stores to no avail… Quite frankly It makes me horribly sad, verging on depressed.
That’s the reason behind these Grand Marnier Cupcakes. I want a chocolate orange, and I can’t have one, so why not make chocolate orange cupcakes!? YUM! Not to mention I also really like Grand Marnier.
They’re nice and simple to make… I’ve been using the same chocolate cake recipe for weeks (months?). Although… I didn’t have enough  cocoa powder. Oops. Seriously, I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t forget to get something at the grocery store that I need to bake with. I did, however, have a few pieces of baking chocolate, so I just melted that with my butter. Maybe that’s the reason they kinda caved in  the middle!? Or maybe they caved in because I poked them too much… Not sure. They’re still tasty, and I don’t think the GM overwhelmed the chocolate at all, but Hubs claims they’re a bit “strong”. That could be d/t the 5 tablespoons of GM I used in the buttercream. Hehe. 😉 Which, by the way, is the standard buttercream recipe I’ve been using…
One of the things I like about these is how simple they are. Another great thing is that there are a million kinds of chocolate box cake mixes you could substitute (dark chocolate, anyone?), and all you’d need to do is trade out half of the water for Grand Marnier! Or you could leave out the GM in the cake all together and just make the frosting! Here’s a link to the recipe page, just in case you want to make your own!
Now if only Dinner Time (meatballs & cheese on a toasted sub roll) and Dessert Time (GM chocolate cupcake, duh) would get here…
Have a glorious Fat Kid Sunday,
-Hey Waitress!!
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