Dirty Girl Scout Cookies

I lovelovelove The Boozy Baker. Seriously. I would probably dry hump Lucy Baker because of this cookbook. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I bake with booze. ALOT. One day, I’ll post the reason, and the meaning behind “Hey Waitress”. One day, that is, after I finish the draft folder full of posts. But I digress.
The dough was a little awkward, and sticky. Awkward? In the original directions, she said to beat the flour mixture into the butter/ sugar mixture… My poor little hand mixer wouldn’t/ couldn’t do it. I ended up stirring/ folding/ pressing it all together about 1/4 of the way through. Maybe I just need a nice stand mixer. sigh. She also made bigger cookies, 3 tablespoons each, compared to my 1 “rounded” tablespoon. It would have made approx 32 cupcakes. I got 42 out of this batch. Because they’re smaller, I only baked for 10 minutes, instead of the recommended 15. Did I mention the dough was sticky!? My cookies got SUPER flat, not like the picture in the book! I substituted hot chocolate mix for espresso, because I had it handy. Could it be part of the reason the dough was sticky?! Or maybe the dough wasn’t really sticky and I’m just not used to making cookies…
I doubled the icing from the Boozy Baker. Mostly because I’m a mess in the kitchen, and only a little because I have a booze & frosting/ icing fetish. Yeeeeeeeaaaaah giiiirl. Ms. Baker used a teaspoon to drizzle the icing, then pressed a Junior Mint on top. I left my cookies on the wire racks and used my whisk to drizzle. Does that make sense? Dip the whisk then flick your wrist. Then I pressed the JM on top, and drizzled some more! by the end of the drizzling I used about 3/4 of the icing. It was kind of messy, but very fun. The icing will set (harden?) after a while, so relax for a minute before you put these away. I waited about 30.
NomNom, you naughty little Scouts.
-Hey Waitress!!
Check out the recipe here. A special “Thanks” to Angie @ Big Bears Wife for suggesting I add a link to the actual recipe on the post!
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