Sacre Bleu (Christopher Moore) “review”

 Ever since 2004 when I borrowed (aka straight jacked and read in 2 days) a copy of Lamb from my roommate (who kept it in the bathroom as his, um, business book), I’ve been in love with Christopher Moore’s books. His characters are fantastically funny/ sarcastic, sometimes dark, and always a little fucked up. I love it. Sacre Bleu didn’t disappoint. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.
If you haven’t read it the rest if this post might be a spoiler (but probably not).
It was a bit slow to start. BUT…
I loved all the famous painters. It got me wondering what they where REALLY like.
Bleu isn’t what I expect a Muse to be. At all. I love her! The Colorman seriously creeped me out. He’s still funny though… “Penis”.
I seriously contemplated hitting my husband on the head with a baguette to test its freshness, while we were in the grocery store earlier today.
Even though it’s not as epic as Lamb, I loved this story.
Nothing else to say… besides “I am a force, the fearsome muse of creation. I am a fucking goddess!”
-Hey Waitress!!
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