Cookie Dough & Vodka Cupcakes

let me start with the FULL description “Whipped (Pinnacle) vodka cupcakes filled with cookie dough and topped with cookie dough and Whipped vodka buttercream”. Be jealous. I’ve been dying to try using a flavored vodka in my baking. I really love the new flavored vodka fad! I used to drink the Three Olives Cherry (or Grape) with Coke (or Sprite). And since then there’s been a crazy increase in flavors! I was in the Liquor store and had so many options… I ending up picking the Pinnacle Whipped Vodka on the recommendation of a friend. I know you’re probably thinking that it’s silly to use vodka because it’s “flavorless”… don’t judge, just enjoy.
The cool thing about these cupcakes is how easy they would be to make without the vodka…
The cookie dough filling I used was originally a Cookie Dough Truffle recipe from Angie ( a friend, sorority sister, and food blogger extraordinaire) over  at Big Bear’s Wife. You should check her out!! It was sort of sticky, so I kept a little water on the side and dampened my fingers/palms every few dough balls. It worked out pretty well.
If you’re more daring than I am, you could probably use store-bought cookie dough… supposedly the preservatives make it relatively safe to eat raw (as long as you keep the finished cupcakes in the fridge). I’m not a big fan of taking chances with raw eggs. Can you say, Salmonella?! I can, and I’d rather not.
The Vodka cake was a weeks worth of comparing Harvey Wallbanger cakes. Yes, I typed Harvey Wallbanger. All the recipes online where basically the same, so  I  just substituted extra vodka for the other liquors, and SHABANG! a Whipped Vodka cake was born! The batter was wicked thin, but that seems to happen a lot when I use boxed mixes. It thickened up a bit the longer I beat it, but it’s possible that was wishful thinking! The bottoms of these cupcakes came out a little more browned than I like, but (again) baking them for less time didn’t bake the cake batter all the way. You know what I mean!? They weren’t burnt (haha, it rhymes), just a shade darker than I wanted.
If you don’t want to use the Vodka, you can just use a regular box of cake mix (follow the directions on the box). Try chocolate. Then let me know how they taste.
The buttercream frosting was adapted from lovin the oven. I used Angie’s eggless cookie dough recipe instead of the one on that site. I doubled the recipe, and used vodka instead of milk. This recipe is by faaaaaaar my favorite buttercream to date. I also didn’t use cold butter, I actually ‘nuked it for about 16 seconds to soften it a bit. It took me a hot minute (I didn’t check the time, but it felt like FOREVER) to get the powdered sugar and butter smooth and well mixed.  Finally, I recommend taking the cookie dough out of the fridge before you start working on the frosting, or else it’ll be harder to smooth out the buttercream in the last step.
Enjoy with a whipped on the rocks. Or a whipped hot chocolate. Or a whipped coffee…
-Hey Waitress!!
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One thought on “Cookie Dough & Vodka Cupcakes

  1. bigbearswife says:

    ooo Lovely!!! I have not ventured into baking with much alcohol, but these sound and look very tempting!

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