A Letter to Liberals

Dear Liberals,
I’m tired of y’all bashing conservative women. It needs to stop. Ms. Rosen’s words about Ann Romney are just the latest in a long line of incredibly rude, disrespectful, thoughtless, and mean spirited  drivel from the left. They are the straw that broke this (proverbial) camel’s back.
Why would you say that being a mother isn’t a “real job”!? Ann Romney and her family made a choice. And that was to for her to stay home and raise five children. She chose to give them a parent to come home to after school everyday. She chose to give her children a parent to drive them to practices, go grocery shopping, cook meals, do laundry… or maybe they had “staff”. Is your disdain of them because they have “too much” money or because Mitt Romney is “old-fashioned”?! Why is it a bad thing that Mitt Romney was able to support his family?! Would you rather she worked, and let someone else raise their kids? Probably. This isn’t about “poor” families who can’t afford to have a stay at home parent, or weather or not she actually did laundry.  The issue here is your lack of respect for the views and choices of women who aren’t what you want them to be. Y’all talk about Women’s Rights… Doesn’t she have the RIGHT to be a stay at home mom?! Or, do you only support women’s choices when it lines up with your agenda, with the Right to Choice?!
Your disrespect of Conservative women isn’t limited to sound bytes from Obama’s White House… it comes from Playboy too. Guy Cimbalo wrote a post for their website in 2009 (I think it was called “So Right, It’s Wrong”, but it’s been pulled) about “hate fucking” 10 conservative women. What in the name of (insert name whichever god you believe in) where you thinking, Mr. Cimbalo!? Hate Fuck?! Have a little respect. It’s disgusting, and demeaning. Porn is whatever. I don’t like it, but getting naked for money is a choice. Those 10 women you want to “Hate Fuck” didn’t choose to demean themselves, you did. Here’s a screen shot, incase you need help remembering how disgusting you are.
I don’t have enough time or patience to even start with how Sarah Palin is treated by you folks on the left. Not to mention how Bristol was treated. I don’t like the girl and I think she made some pretty bad mistakes. Would you have treated her better if she had had an abortion? She didn’t abstain from sex, and she’ll have to live with that. I don’t see you condemning every woman on welfare, with children,  who isn’t married. Instead, you pay for them. At least she has a  family, and a support system for her child.
Dear Liberals, I know you’re thinking “But… Conservative make fun of us all the time…”, or maybe “Those women are in politics, they should expect this”.  I try not to bash people. All I ask is that you do the same. Think before speaking. Treat people like you want to be treated… have some decency & respect.
from A Concerned Independent Citizen,
-Hey Waitress.
P.S. I see that I’ve mentioned Abortion 2x. It was not my intention to turn this into a Pro-Life rant. I simply found it to be a good example of Liberal views. In full disclosure… I don’t personally believe in abortion. I also don’t think it’s the Federal Government’s place to tell doctors or states they have to offer the procedure. It is fundamentally a state issue.
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