A List of Small Things that Peeve Me Daily

off the top of my head there’s a short list of things that irritate me on a daily basis. due to a lack of employment, I have lots of spare time to think (and share) those things. I’ve divided them into subsections for easier reading. 😉
My husband. Yeah. I said it.
    •  He uses too many cups. I mean… he uses 3 or 4 cups a day. Then I have to wash them all! Why can’t he just rinse the same one, and use it all day?!
    • He leaves his dirty socks underneath the coffee table… ew. Just put them in the laundry basket dammit!
    • He never fixes the couch cover when he messes it up.
People… I know, you may be socially awkward, I am too. You don’t have to be nice. Just don’t be rude.
    • Please & thank you go a long way.
    • If I say something to you, respond.
    • It’s not THAT hard to hold a door.
    • Yelling & fighting is something for behind closed doors, not the grocery store.
    • Baby-talking to your pets. You look and sound redic. Why can’t you just use a “happy” voice?
    • There’s no excuse to not say “Excuse me” after a bodily noise. No excuse at all.
    • Being on your cell phone in the checkout line or while ordering in a restaurant is so disrespectful it makes me want to slap you. Hard. With your own phone.
    • Condescending tones & pretentious people. Can’t deal with it.
    • My dog isn’t muzzled. That’s a Halti. And it makes it possible for him to walk on leash without choking himself. No, he’s not dog friendly. No, he won’t bite you, but he will bite your dog. Dumbass, that means don’t bring your dog closer!
My Apartment/ Personal Space:
  • Dirt (not clutter) drives me nuts.
  • So does the massive amount of pet hair. I can’t deal with it. Seriously.
  • Dryer lint drives me insaaaaaane. It’s worse here because the washer and dryer are in my very, very small kitchen.
  • When someone finishes the toilet paper, and doesn’t put a new roll on the dispenser thingy. Esp when they get a new roll out, but leave it on the counter!
Other, Random Things:
    • When I can’t find something I “know” I left someplace.
    • Twi-Hards… super Twilight fans. They freak me out. They could go in the people section, but sometimes, I don’t think they’re real people.
    • When the cat meoooows at me and I don’t know why. I wish I spoke Cat.
    • Anything with more than 4 legs. Specifically gnats, houseflies, bees, centipedes, spiders… Shit what am I saying!  ANY BUG. If it has more than 4 legs and is anywhere near me, it gets squished.
    • When the fingerprint scan on my Droid doesn’t work multiple times in a row. Nothing makes me want to throw my phone more.
    • The dog frothing at the mouth (while wearing his Halti), spinning around in circles, yipping, and otherwise making me look like a hot-mess while he’s trying to get a squirrel (or motorcycle, or bike, or the UPS truck)…
I’m sure there are more… but I think 500 words is plenty for now.
XO (or a punch in the face, depending if you’re one of “those” people),
-Hey Waitress!!
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