Wool, Ramblefoot, & City of the Falling Sky (Reviews)

Sooo… I’ve recently decided to start making some effort and reviewing the books I read. It’s not like I have anything else to do. hmph. Now the problem becomes whether to post said reviews in batches, or by themselves? at any rate… here are the most recent 3! I suggest you buy them all.
Wool (Omnibus Edition 1-5), Hugh Howey… 4 of 5 stars
I originally ignored this book on my Amazon (or was it Goodreads.com?) suggestions, but finally bought it because I’m in a bit of a book funk. I love Dystopian Fiction, so it’s my fallback when I can’t find something else to read. I was worried this one would be more of the same… strong female lead, moral dilemmas, bad guys with all the power, etc. It was. But, it was much more.
I fell in love with the characters. All of them. I teared up when (if) they died and cheered for their triumphs. Jules is an awesome Dystopian Heroine.
The writing was excellent. I like experiencing the stories through each person’s point of view.
I enjoyed the cliff hangers… sorta. If I had read each book separately, and had to wait in between, it would have driven me crazy. In a good way. Like I couldn’t wait to continue on with the story. The ending was satisfying. I like that it was very hopeful for the future, but still left a bit of tension between Luke, Peter, and Jules. Mr. Howey left it open, like we should expect more stories from the silos.
OH! A big plus for me was the editing… a lot of the Kindle books I read are sloppily edited with weird breaks/ misspellings, etc. This one wasn’t!
Ramblefoot, Ken Kaufman… 4 of 5 stars
I loved this story! It was well written and felt true to nature.  I wanted to howl and run with the pack! However, I don’t think my husband would have appreciated that. I found myself sympathizing with the characters, even the antagonists! Poitu strengthens my wish to have a companion raven before I die!  I enjoy the relationship that she and Raspail develop. I’m not sure if this is an Adult or Young Adult story, but I don’t think it reads well for the under 13 category. Some points were dark (the pregnant coyote), and it has some adult moments. It was written in the same style as Watership Down (which I am very attached to). I’m honestly surprised that this is Mr. Kaufman’s first novel. My major complaint with this book (the Kindle version, atleast) was the editing.
City of the Falling Sky (Book 1 of the Seckry Sequence), Joseph Evans… 4 of 5 stars
This isn’t my typical reading material, it being more “gamer” oriented then I usually read. That being said, I found it hard to put my Kindle down. I enjoyed the multiple storylines, it kept me involved. This story has all the makings of a great YA series. I especially enjoyed the ending! For fear of spoiling it, that’s all I’ll say. City of the Falling Sky is back-filled with things that matter now.  Does that make sense? Things like religion, school budgets, genetics, corporate responsibility/ greed…
My only complaint is the (somewhat) tacky romance scenes.
Get to readin’!
-Hey Waitress!!
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