Bailey’s Black & White Cookies

I’d never heard of Black & White Cookies until I was given the Boozy Baker (Lucy Baker, Running Press, Philadelphia, 2010) as a gift.  I’m a bit tired of cupcakes, and really wanted to try something (a little) different this time. So I figured, why not a cookie I’ve never eaten, or even heard of for that matter?! How hard could it be? I know, I say that a lot. And it’s usually harder than I thought it would be. This time… it wasn’t! These cookie where smoooooooth baking.

Of course it helps that I didn’t mess with the original recipe at all, with the exception of substituting hot chocolate mix for the instant espresso, and Bailey’s for the Kahlua. The recipe I used was Black & White Russian Cookies. I also used a 1/4 cup scoop instead of a 1/3 cup scoop. As for the cookies, they’re very cakey. Almost too heavy for my liking. The flavors are good, with just a hint of Bailey’s. When separating the frosting, I would use a bit less than 1/2 for the chocolate part (adding the cocoa powder and the extra water makes it uneven).

I haven’t posted a recipe page yet. No, I’m not being lazy. I just can’t decide if I should post it. After all, it seems a bit unfair to the author of said cookbook. She must have worked hard, and to give away her recipe for free… wouldn’t that be cheating her? Let the foodie blogger consulting being!

I’m also hatching plans to turn this into an Irish Black & White Cookie recipe. With Jameson’s, Bailey’s, and Guinness. Be excited. I dare you.

Until next time,
-Hey Waitress!!



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