Thank You…

For  all the people who made me who I am today… THANK YOU.
To Mom- 
For keeping a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food in my belly (even when I was a bratty teenager). Thank you for working 2 jobs while raising us and going to school, you taught me determination. Thank you for NOT taking advantage of the system, and teaching me how to work for what I want. From rescuing squirrels and pigeons, stray cats, a dumpster dog,  and a worm infested Pitty mix you taught me responsibility and instilled a love of animals that will last me til the day I die.
To Dad- 
Where do you think I got it from, Father? And by it, I mean  sarcasm. You changed the way I thought about music. Without your hundreds of CD’s I’d still be listening to Billy Ray. ugh. You showed me The Beastie Boys (Ill Communication- Sabotage), The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and soooo many more amazing bands. You bought me my first “Parental Advisory” CD’s (Limp Bizkit, and Blink 182), which I hid from Mom, and only listened to in headphones. For introducing me to the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres. Through Robert Jordan, Tolkien and the rest of them,you gave me a place that I felt safe, worlds to explore, and heroes to love.
To my grandparents- 
For showing me what 50+ years of marriage looks like. For fighting for our country. For sacrificing your dreams to raise a family. For your compassion and love. For your strength. Thank you for pancakes, fishing, summers at the lake, vegetable gardens, apple jelly, and live trapping chipmunks (which we released a few miles down the road). For
To my first “real” boyfriend-
For my first heartbreak. It was horrible, I cried, and I thought my life was over. Because of you, I learned how to put myself back together.
To my Phi Sigma Sigma sisters, and the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi-
 For “the college experience”. Beer Pong, house parties, parliamentary procedure, gossip, all night cramming, and Sheetz food. Thank you  PSS sisters for taking me in me despite the fact that I wasn’t a typical sorority girl. I truly love you girls. Thank you to some brothers for “protecting” me, and some for helping me go wild.
To my best friends in college- 
For keeping me sane,  welcoming a silly Yankee into your lives, and for late night talks while chain-smoking . “This might sound bad, but…”
To my Department Head @ AU- 
You where right, I never amounted to anything in that field. But that’s because it is full of people like you. People who didn’t give me a chance, and that’s OK. If I had stayed, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I probably wouldn’t have gone to work at the restaurant, met my husband, or gone to CO to finish school. Thank you, for helping me become who I am.
To the first guy I lived with-
You taught me that I need to love & care about myself, before I could do it for someone else. You broke my trust and opened my eyes to how relationships should work.
To a very good friend, & former roommate-
for AppleTini nights. Need I say more? She talked me out of moving back to MA for good, and into a cop costume for Halloween. Even though we’ve grown very far apart, you’ll always be in my heart.
To my restaurant family- 
Y’all took a huge chance on me… You gave me a job, some of the best friends a girl could have, and a reason to call D-Vegas “Home”. You had faith that I would get better, broke me out of my shell, scolded me when I fucked up, and praised me when I did “right”. You truly are my family…
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2 thoughts on “Thank You…

  1. Mark Tufo says:

    Hello Miss 20 something female, my name is Mark Tufo author of the Zombie Fallout series. First off I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do your review, obviously I wish it was a little higher, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. The ONLY thing I took exception to was the length of the book, it is just as long if not longer than any other story in the series, other than that, Thank You!

    P.S. As for the Indian Hill sighting, I was merely having fun, honestly wasn’t trying for a cheap plug.

    • hey waitress! says:

      Mr Tufo!
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! I feel like I should explain a few things.
      Like, how much I enjoy the Zombie Fallout series as a whole. I REALLY like them! I recommend them to everyone!
      The thing about Indian Hill… is an issue I blame on Steven King’s Dark Tower series. Ever since I read those books, it’s been a bit of a sore subject for me!
      As for the length, obviously you’re right!
      Oh, and I’m planning on starting Indian Hill soon. 😉
      Thanks for keeping me entertained, and for being such a great example of independent writers everywhere!
      -Hey Waitress!!

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